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Solavei Marketplace Is Live! | Solavei Marketplace Review

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Solavei announced this month that the Solavei Marketplace is Live and ready for its member to save. You need to read this quick review if your current Cell Phone company is not paying you back cash rewards!

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Solavei Marketplace Is Live! | Solavei Marketplace Review

  1. 1. Solavei Marketplace Is Live! Solavei Marketplace just launched to its members this month, just twelve months from Solavei’s National Launch in 2012. Solavei Marketplace is a new program pays them Cash-Back rewards for its members for using their Solavei Purple Card to make purchases from a large group of participation retailers. What is different with Solavei’s Marketplace rewards program compared to others is that you see the actual cash back on your Solavie Card the next month, and its actual cash, not gift cards or points.
  2. 2. There are currently 16,000+ vendors and merchants now participating in Solavei’s Marketplace rewards program and it’s at No Charge to get these benefits! That is correct; there are no extra hidden costs to acquire these discounts like many other rewards programs. How To Get Access to Solavei Marketplace? To get assess to Solavei Marketplace, you simply have to be a “Social Member” with Solavei. You might ask what is Solavei? Solavei provides National cell phone service at an extremely discounted rate of $49 monthly using the T-Mobile 4G Network currently to 250,000+ members
  3. 3. Although there are other deals that are inexpensive but none of them offers the total package like this - Solavei’s monthly service includes true “Unlimited” Data, Text and Voice for no additional fees. Another major difference with Solavei and the other major providers is that you can refer your friends and family to use Solavei and you get paid every time they pay their cell phone bill each month, How cool is that? And one more thing about Solavei – No Monthly Contract! If you do not want to continue the service, you can cancel your service with Solavei at anytime.
  4. 4. How To Use The Solavei Purple Card The Solavei Card is just like your ATM, it’s a cash card that has the Vise logo on it so you can use it at ATM’s, Local Merchants and for Online Purchases. And you’re not restricted to specific vendors to use the card, you can use the Solavei Card anywhere. To get the Cash Back rewards, you just need to shop at participating Local and National vendors. There is a large ever-changing list of Local and National vendors to choose from. If you do not have funds on your Solavei Card, you can add funds by PayPal, Direct deposit, online bank transfer or at any one of the thousands of reload locations.
  5. 5. Solavei Marketplace Is Open - Start Saving Now! Click Here to get more information on Solavei’s $49 No Contract, 4G Unlimited Text , Data and Voice Cell phone Service and get access to the Solavei Marketplace for even more savings! To Your Success! (410) 739-7370 Email: Connect with Us on Facebook Visit my blog for more of my Review of Solavei Marketplace