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Richter Insights Book

This book is comprised of the tips and insights that have been sent out by 
Robert Cornish, CEO of Richter, ...
Table of Contents 
Preparation is your weapon 
It’s a problem with the goal.... 
Last minute panic 
Where is...

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Richter Insights Book

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Introduction This book is comprised of the tips and insights that have been sent out by Robert Cornish, CEO of Richter, to our subscribers on our mailing list. Because we receive consistent favorable feedback from these mailings, we decided to put them all in one place for you to read or re­read as desired. We hope you enjoy them. Should you need anything, reach out to us: 727­447­3600 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents Introduction Preparation is your weapon It’s a problem with the goal.... Last minute panic Where is Your Marketing Budget Going? Get In Control to Make Forward Progress Movie Trailers Work Know Your Target Public Stay Engaged A Senior Focus Abundance Will Take Care of It Alignment Get Them Focused Finish the Race ­No Matter What Making Informed Decisions Know Your Target Public Are You Irresistable? Battling Noise... Be The Prospect Before You Do Anything... BofA Uses Them... Business Doesn’t Stop Campaign Like It’s For an Election Communicate… A Lot Distraction is the Enemy of Growth Doing the Basics Don’t Chase Success… Chase Greatness Effort Has Increased Excitement Fuels Sales Follow through… 3
  4. 4. Fresh business Get Focused Get In Their Head Go To Them Graphics Are Worthless Here’s What We Know How Does This Relate to Me? I’m Busy... Intention Drives Sales A Drop in the Ocean It’s a Process Waiting Solves Nothing Know The Public Know What Wins Lack of Follow Through Let It Do Some of the Heavy Lifting... Make the Communication Count Making Stories The Homework Prior to Sales Creating Motivated Buyers Massive Assault More Isn’t More More... Mountains, Not Budgets Muscle your growth Not Enough Effort, Work or Action Last Two Days The Window is Small Next Week Becomes Next Week The Answer is “Yes” One Video? Pfff... Having One Video Perseverance 4
  5. 5. Play Like the Scouts are Watching Play to Them Products Need Evangelists Revenue IS your Venture Capital Run, Don’t Walk Sales Controls Budgets See it Through Conclude Your Cycles Sell Better Than They Can Object Sell From High Ground Apple’s New iPhone Video Developing New Business Speak to Someone Spotlight the Products Stars Never Align...But They Don’t Need To Strategic Growth Subtle Selling Survey Them Promo Email ­The Way It Helps There’s a Stat They Need an Excuse Three Key Points Three Sales In Selling Thunderous Forward Motion Time to Hustle Two Phases of Sales Urgency Dictates Budget Viewer’s Choice Demo it for the prospect What does it really take? You Create Urgency Your Story Case Study Videos 5
  6. 6. It’s an Equation Considerations Bog Sales What You're Trying to Avoid Why Multiple Videos It’s in the writing A Different Origination Point Change Is Constant Cows Meander Don’t Run Out of Fuel Focus on Outflow Turn a Spark Into a Bonfire More of Everything at the End of the Year While Your Competition Procrastinates Keep the Team Energized Attention Works Piggy Banks Can’t Work Power of Focus Apple and Google Take Products to Market with Video Who Are You Communicating To? You Want the Right Relationships What Your “About Us” Should Be It’s Not About Price ­It’s About Value.... Always. Why Isn’t It Closed? Business Doesn’t Stop in Summer Follow through The Time is Now It’s Always More Run, Don’t Walk Why So Urgent? 6
  7. 7. Preparation is your weapon In any given week or day, the thing that you can depend on to ensure success is preparation. Back in the day when I played competitive hockey, our 5AM practices each morning were the thing that led to a successful game. The game is won before it ever started. Being prepared is a core part of success. If you plan for each day and each week and get completely ready for it, the odds will turn in your favor. I see people on a daily basis under prepared if prepared at all and it shows in their performance. They scratch their head and act bewildered when things don’t work out for the day or the week but it only comes down to their lack of preparation for the task at hand. So prior to any day or week, prepare yourself fully for what needs to be executed the next day or throughout the week. This includes things like: ● Having a daily list of targets that need to be executed in a detailed, doable manner that will align your actions and keep you organized. ● Preparing any calls, appointments or details you need for the week to make a definite agenda that you can focus on and simply execute. ● Studying any training material or reading relevant books that will help you be mentally prepared and trained for what you need to do. Few people put enough time and energy into studying and training on relevant material that will allow you to excel in your position. ● Drilling any processes or in sales, patterns and objection handlings that will help you smoothly execute your tasks. Drilling can be enormously effective because it makes you perfect. It fully prepares you and makes your work and actions become second nature. So drill until you know your position cold. Actors do it. Top athletes do it and you need to do it. The bottom line is ­be ready. In sports, training and being prepared is everything. When you’re fully trained and prepared, you're competent when the game comes and playing at your best is a natural course of action since the training and preparation has been done. I can’t stress this enough! Be prepared. 7
  8. 8. In an interview with Usain Bolt when asked where his self confidence came from, he replied, "I trust my trainer, myself, and the hours and hours of sweat that I put in." Bolt's trainer Glen Mills added, "I see too many athletes having to try too hard on the day, because they've not done the work. The result is their muscles are too tense and they can't flow. If you put in enough of the right practice, the execution becomes automatic, and the result will take care of itself." So train and be prepared and your goals will be realized and your work life will become easier. ­Robert 8
  9. 9. Thank you! First and foremost, Happy New Year! I genuinely hope that you have the most productive, exciting and adventurous 2013 imaginable. Next, I want to truly thank you for your support. If you’re reading this it means that you are a client, contact, partner or friend and we are very thankful to have you as part of our group. Richter has grown by 60% in 2012 over the previous year and we know that we only attain that by partnering with our clients to help their companies grow which in turn allows ours to grow. So thank you! We’re genuinely excited about 2013 and have been working on some services that will help drive your business into the stratosphere. It’s why we exist. Our basic purpose here at Richter is as follows: “to apply our ideas, strategies, knowledge and care to our clients' companies as if they were our own to help them attain their goals which can be directly measured to our efforts.” So in simple terms, our purpose is to help our clients strategically grow their revenue and their companies through our efforts. Whether that be with really well crafted and written video trailers or with our strategic relations programs ­that is what we do. 9
  10. 10. It’s a Problem With the Goal When dissecting a video to gauge its effectiveness, the way we see it here, it comes down to the goal of where you start. In other words, what are you trying to solve and what is the key goal of the video? We see a lot of videos out there and we tend to feel that an ineffective video or one that lacks punch is a problem with the goal itself. See, a lot of videos are starting with a goal of trying to explain a product or service and in doing so, they do indeed explain it and leave the viewer no motivation to “reach”. The failure is in where they begin with the video. The mission is not to explain but must be geared toward who the target public is and how to create the urge to reach. This means that the urge to explain or define everything needs to held back and the focus needs to be on who the target public is (who’s clicking play), what their motivations or needs or problems are and how to communicate in such a way that the end result is the viewer saying... “we need to call them asap!” ­that is reach. So what we tackle here is how to create reach and it starts with asking the right questions and starting with the right goal. 10
  11. 11. Last minute panic Let me walk you through a familiar scenario.... you're very busy with what you're doing right this minute, you have deadlines and tasks to get done and anything off in the future is a bit of a distraction at this moment. You then push off any planning needed for the coming months and then are faced with a time lets say in mid to late November where you urgently need to get some promo or marketing material out and are now in a squeeze because you neglected to prepare for it and have nothing to send out to help bolster and improve the sales numbers when you need it most. I'd like to help circumvent this entire scenario. Plan now and get a few wheels in motion that will arm you with items needed for the future because the future quickly because the present and the need goes from "then" to "now.....urgently" 11
  12. 12. Where is Your Marketing Budget Going? Unfortunately, the field of Marketing, PR and Advertising have become games of sales to push products and services onto their clients that appear to be bright ideas or the latest fad for promoting a company but few have any workability comparative to the costs. It's been said that companies lose 50% of their advertising and marketing budgets but they don't know which 50%. We saw this as a problem when we started our agency and set out to change it. Whether we're doing a video trailer that communicates our clients products or services in a crystal clear fashion that impinges to get a reaction causing an email or phone call or developing a strategy using our Strategic Relations methods to zero in on the exact right target public for our client to help chalk up new relationships that have the highest probability of being sold and closed.... we've cut through the fluff and created the most workable method to develop new business. I just returned from an international business conference and found that the number one thing companies are looking to accomplish is how to get their company to the next level. How to expand and drive new business that will fuel growth. Many companies are excellent at what they do. They have incredible products and services but they are not driving consistent business that will result in quarterly growth. They throw money at marketing and advertising methods that work to some degree but are clearly not doing the trick. 12
  13. 13. Get In Control to Make Forward Progress I think these days with the pace that things run and the amount of things to do…. it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed. It sometimes, at least to me, feels like a tsunami of work or things to do when I review my emails, task lists, phone calls and on and on… It’s also amazing how often I hear a client or prospect use the word busy. To me, it’s a clear indication that we live in a busy, sometimes frantic and on occasion overwhelming environment. So the challenge then, is getting in control of it all to make forward progress. You can write down all the key objectives and then how to handle them and knock them out one by one methodically or you can look for what will help unburden you. In other words, where are you spending more time than you need to? What can be delegated? What’s repetitive as a process that you can find a better process for? Start looking for any areas of waste or inefficiencies and work to get those areas handled so you can focus on what’s important. This then, happens to be one of the key reasons we created the video campaign product we now offer. We’ve found that sales is a methodical process that goes through specific steps bit by bit. There are many elements of this process that are repetitive or repeatable. The sales and marketing team of most companies are already up to their eyeballs in work so why add to the workload with things that could be taken off their plate to unburden them. The campaign does that. By building these 12 videos that follows the exact sales sequence, we have essentially taken that part of the sales process off the sales teams plate and made it into a model that can be sent to the prospect to nurture them bit by bit and ensure follow up and follow through is occurring which helps bring in more business overall and leverages the sales and marketing teams time allowing them to do more. 13
  14. 14. Movie Trailers Work Think about this for a second. Movie trailers are the number one form of getting you to go see a movie. They run between 1 minute and 2 minutes on average. They show a glimpse for what the movie will be and use very effective copy, great visuals and follow a flow that entices you to reach (“I’m going to see that movie!”) Business is no different. You have an audience. You have a message that needs to be artfully composed to create a video that will have an emotional impact on that audience to cause them to reach (I’m going to call/email this company.... we need this!”) When done correctly, a video trailer is one the best tools to drive a response/reach for your company, product or service. Here’s a question though: how many trailers are created for one movie? Many! Don’t think for one second that one is enough. You need to be firing on all cylinders. Present your company, products and services in smart video trailer pitches from many angles that will inspire interest and reach. If something works, use it! The fact is that movie trailers work and so do business trailers. This should be the leading strategy for your business development efforts not an afterthought. You need to be heavily invested in trailers for your company and have many of them that pitch the company, products and services from all angles which are being used all over the internet. 14
  15. 15. Know Your Target Public If you know your target public, you can know how to control and drive sales. It's a critical element that most companies completely neglect. While they may know the broad strokes of their demographic ­that won't cut it. You need to know who's buying from you, who you're speaking to and how to communicate with them. Your target public will go right into communication with you with interest when you communicate the right things while ones who aren't, really couldn't care less. Yet many companies spend hoards of time and money communicating to the wrong public simply because they have no idea who their target public really is. Here's an example: If I walked up to someone who loves golf and is a Titleist fan who uses Titleist clubs and golf balls and I said, "did you see that new Titleist putter?...." that person would immediately go into communication with me with interest and I could then control the dialogue and direct it as needed. On the other hand, if I walked up to a Microsoft fan and said, "that new iPhone 5 is gorgeous!..." they would most likely make some critical remark and that would be the end of it. So when developing new business, it comes down to knowing the target public as a critical element to reducing effort and increasing results. Knowing your exact target public for your company is a game changer. When you don't, it's an uphill crawl to try to grow new sales and revenue due to the hit and miss nature of it. I’m always amazed at how many marketing, PR and advertising strategies or campaigns occur that never truly take the time to understand who their communicating to. It’s the equivalent of walking down the street on a megaphone telling people about your product or service with the hopes that the right person hears it and comes flocking in. Focus on the people out there that are already most likely to buy from you. Every company in the entire world has a target public ­this I assure you. 15
  16. 16. Stay Engaged This week I’m on vacation with my family and it reminds me of how easy it is to have people, tasks and cycles fall of your radar or agenda when you’re not actively in the game. :) I always tell that to our prospects because people forget how easy it actually is for a prospect to forget about you or just get distracted by other things in life. They certainly don’t intend to and are not actively trying to evade you but more often than not, they’re simply distracted by work or life and you have fallen out of sight for them. So you need to remind them and ensure that you stay connected with them in some way. Does this mean you have annoy them and push them? No. It means that you need to creatively stay on their agenda. Rather than just calling or emailing saying you’re “following up…” you can send them a video from your company in a link in an email and say, “I realize you're tied up this week so I’m sending this short video that you can share with the key people you mentioned and I will send a calendar invite for a call the following week…” The key here is to remind them and ensure your company and products are firmly insight for them so it gives you a much better chance to conclude the cycle with them. Remember that you forget about things all the time. Just think about any time you went to a mall and had an initial interest to buy something and then decided to walk around the mall to “think about it” and then became distracted by other things and forgot about the item altogether. The same happens with your prospects by work and life everyday. The recommendation is to have a campaign of videos that go over things like about us, your value propositions, a case study style video, a testimonial video, a product video, company story or culture video, your basic purpose, our people etc. It sounds big but it’s very effective. If you have a campaign of 8­10 videos, your sales team will have a whole set of tools to use to keep the prospect engaged and will have a reason to follow up. A Senior Focus 16
  17. 17. Over the weekend my dad came in town to visit for my son’s birthday and we discussed business as we typically do and while discussing I was asking him questions about how their company was doing and he mentioned that they had revenues around $200M so far for what is still a relatively new company. His previous business built to $2B and then they sold it. This lead me to the question of how they did it and what he felt was key. His reply was unequivocally sales and driving new accounts to grow revenues which then allows you to do all the other things you want to do but nothing is senior to that. It definitely got my gears turning even though I push that item very heavily here, I realized that I don’t push it near enough and neither does 99% of the companies I come in contact with. It’s so incredibly easy to get distracted by all the other areas of a company but if you don’t have a strong sales effort which includes prospects, sales material, videos, outreach strategies, websites, sales team, training etc ­then your growth will be slow if any at all. It’s time to look at your current sales operating basis and write down what the existing scene looks like. Then write down what it should ideally look like or how it would look if you did 10 or 20 times what you’re doing now. Do you have a large accounts strategy? Do you have introduction products to entice new buyers? Do you have a strong position and defined target public? What’s your outreach strategy like? Does your sales team have sufficient prospects to flood their pipeline? If you acted as a prospect and walked through the sales process, is everything covered and is the sales team armed with material to handle your every concern? If not, it’s time to seriously ramp up your sales efforts. That’s what we do here. We help augment our clients current sales strategy to drive new business, revenue and growth through what we do so we make their sales teams lives a lot easier which impacts the overall company growth. 17
  18. 18. Abundance Will Take Care of It If you're not focused on abundance in all areas of your company, you're going to be caught off guard by adversity. Things happen everyday that companies don't plan for and the result is a hiccup or contraction on some level which no one enjoys. While you're busy focused on day to day tasks, you need to peer into the future to view possible problem areas and then overcome them regardless of whether they occur or not. Things like losing a key salesperson, holiday seasons that cause dips in revenue, unplanned events etc can all be avoided by simply focusing on abundance. In other words, think in abundances not in normal and usual levels. There's safety in numbers. We always push our company and people to operate in abundance. We focus on doing and having more than we need when it comes to prospects, proposals out, videos, sales reps etc and then we drive all of our numbers forward with intention to ensure we don't miss targets. The truth is, most people are pretty terrible at correctly estimating the amount of effort something will take to accomplish a specific target so always ask yourself, "Is this enough?" I hear people say things like, "Well, we have a video and it's on our site..." to which I reply ­“ you need a new video every single month that promotes your company from many different angles and arms your sales team with an excuse to follow up with active prospects to get them consistently closed!” The expense is nothing compared with the income earned from this sort of action. So think and operate in abundance. When it comes to sales, never let off the throttle. Abundance is the very makeup of our Prime Strategy. Things like videos, elevator pitches, defining the target public, reaches (sales prospects), copywriting, pitch pages, etc are all included components of the Prime Strategy. So my suggestion is that we jump on the phone to discuss what we can do and how we can help drive your fourth quarter results. Here's a recent quote from a client: “The Richter10.2 Media Group reach strategy drives 80% of our sales in the door. There were many other services and processes we tried and would result in some sales, but nothing like this. 18
  19. 19. We have used this to get in touch with the exact target public we are reaching for and it has 4X our sales in the past 9 months. We continue to drive in new business and are expanding as a direct result. Thanks Richter! RP” 19
  20. 20. Alignment An aligned company is a successful one. By aligned I mean having everyone on the same page with the same goals and a clear picture or vision of where you are going, what you stand for and what your message or position is. Every person in the company should be able to clearly state who you are, what you do and where you are going as a company. If you can accomplish this and everyone is articulating the same picture and future vision, you have alignment and with alignment, things flow well and the company will flourish. We recently had a meeting with our executive team to coordinate our vision, position and products further and it truly works magic once everyone’s aligned. Once the key execs are aligned you can then get everyone else in the company aligned through a meeting or brief or even better.... a video! So here’s an idea for you... take your goals or vision or what you stand for as a company and where you’re headed and create a video that’s meant specifically for your own people to watch to get them focused, fired up and motivated and …. aligned. 20
  21. 21. Get Them Focused You know, there's the external benefit of having outward facing material that promotes your products, services and company to your audience to drive fresh business and revenue but there's also an X factor that most don't really consider. Think about this for a second; what's it worth to have your people fired up? Your sales team reinvigorated and enthusiastic about your company and it's products or services. We all know that the first step in selling anything is to be sold yourself so it would lend to the idea that the first thing to do to drive revenue is to sell your people. Get them energized and excited for the new year. Let's face it, most come back with a Christmas hangover after January 1 and the remedy is to get them focused. Get them excited about 2014 and their future. That enthusiasm is contagious. So keep in mind that when you create a new video that communicates your message to your audience making your company and it's products irresistible, it also reinvigorates your people. The very first thing to do with the video is to show your people and specifically your marketing and sales team to give them a shot in the arm that reminds them why your company is great and remind them why they need to go hard to sell to your prospects and clients. This is one of the quickest ways to drive new sales revenue from a video project before any email is ever sent to promote the video to your audience. Just showing it to your people will drive morale and boost action which in turn will expand revenues. Works like magic. 21
  22. 22. Finish the Race - No Matter What When I was a kid, I was a fast runner and loved to race. I raced my dad one day and he was beating me …. so I stopped. He crossed the finish line… won the race, and then came back to tell that I must never ever ever stop running. Anything can happen. The other runner could trip and fall or take a misstep or get winded and I could catch up …. etc, but never to stop running. Finish the race no matter what. I never forgot that. To this day I still apply that lesson. Even if we’re behind target, I keep running and keep the integrity of our goals in sight and pursue them. The important thing isn’t hitting the target or winning the race ­it’s that you went all out for it. That’s what matters. Sometimes you’ll hit it, sometimes you won’t but the key is to go for it. I’m still a runner today and have a monthly target to hit 100 miles for June. I’m a touch off pace and three times had the thought cross my mind that ... “if I hit 90 miles, that’s pretty good…” or “I don’t really need to hit 100 miles…” and each time I’ve corrected my thoughts on it and re­focused on the target to go for 100 miles. It’s incredible how easy it is to mentally give up on a target. So my message is this, it’s the end of the month and quarter ­stay focused on all targets and push them through. Then, make new ones for Q3 and go after those. Hopefully this helps inspire action toward your goals and targets for this ending quarter and for the new one coming. 22
  23. 23. Making Informed Decisions A big part of selling is helping your prospect make an informed decision. It's pointless to spin your wheels and spend hours trying to convince a prospect through emails and calls if you haven't taken the time to send them material that will help give them enough knowledge to make a decision. Think about any decision you ever made. Did you have the knowledge prior to making it? I'm assuming the answer is yes. And now, think about any decision you were going to make but didn't have enough knowledge. It made you stall and delay the decision right? So, to help expedite the process and get your prospects to make a decision, arm them with knowledge. This can be in the form of a PDF, case study, video that clearly explains the product or service etc. 23
  24. 24. Know Your Target Public A big part of sales has to do with knowing your target public. A lot of people get this confused with demographics or think that it’s the same thing ­it’s not. Target public is who ideally aligns for your company based on past successful clients. Demographics tells you who has been doing business with you and it’s a broad scope range such as women from age 20 to 40 etc. Target public is who’s right for you. So for the purpose of really building your sales and company, demographics are useless. Not all clients are good for your company and truthfully, the ones that are not right and cause problems or are a abrasive within your company ­you want to get rid of as fast as possible. When you identify and focus on the target public, good things happen. Your products and services will get better by catering to the needs and wants of the exact right clients. Your company and people will flourish because you’re taking on the clients that work and mesh well for your company. Your sales and revenue will soar because when you only focus on your target public it becomes effortless. When crafting a video or working with our clients on our strategic relations program, we obsess about target public. We get our clients focused on identifying who their target public is and how to communicate with them because we know that by doing this, our services become a heck of alot more effective and we tend to look like magicians in the process. 24
  25. 25. Are You Irresistable? When looking at your company, message and products or services, the question to ask is; are you irresistible? In other words, is the overall message and position of your company and products so strong that it creates a gravitational pull with your target public that they can’t seem to resist? That’s the bar. That’s where you need to go. Sales can become a natural course of action and a sales team can essentially become order takers if your company and products are irresistible. So the mission then becomes, how do we make our products, marketing and our message so good that it’s at that level? Work with and from that goal and you can’t lose. Think about other companies or products that are absolutely irresistible to you. When you think of them you’ll probably find that you want to either buy their products or work with them or partner with them or be associated with them in some way because you feel drawn to them. A lot of this starts with a great product or service but also keep in mind that a lot of it has to do with incredible communication, position, marketing and message. You want to invest a lot in becoming irresistible because it will fuel sales and revenue that allow you to make your company, products and services better and better so you can reinforce that position. Here, we work to make our clients irresistible through the copywriting, video trailers, case studies, message, elevator pitches, positioning etc. We always work with this goal in mind. We want the clients company to be irresistible so sales becomes effortless and most of that irresistibility is derived from communication in some form which we happen to specialize in. 25
  26. 26. Battling Noise... I had a call the other day with one of our new strategic relations clients and we we’re discussing their existing sales and marketing strategy and it was apparent how much confusion there was as it related to their strategy. Just hearing the client talk about their clients, audience, approach and all of the details related to their existing scene, it was amazing how fragmented and disjointed it all felt. They’ve been around for many years and are well into the double digit millions in revenue but the amount of effort that needed to go into landing new business and the level of confusion related to their strategy was significant. It reminded me how much noise and confusion there is these days with things like social media, constant pounding of ads, email traffic, sales teams trying to hunt for prospect and deals, lack of strategy, new websites needed, marketing approaches and on and on. The average company has to try to make sense of all this noise and develop a clear and workable sales strategy that uses the least amount of effort and creates the biggest impact to drive strategic revenue. But that’s a nearly impossible task with all the ideas and noise surrounding marketing and sales these days. So while it can feel like a sea of confusion, I assure you, there's a calm, focused and sane approach to developing new business that strategically grows revenue. We help clients every day implement and apply these methods with what we refer to as our strategic relations program. We’ve created what’s arguably the most focused, workable method to develop new business that’s ideally suited for your company. We’ve combined all the ingredients like research, creative assets, communication strategy and relations work to develop strategic business for our clients companies so they can spend time catering to the right clients and focus on growing their company strategically. We just completed what we refer to as a “process flow” video for our strategic relations program so if you’d like to learn a little more about what we do and how we bring a drop of sanity in the storm of confusion to your strategic growth efforts, shoot me an email and I will send the video link along. 26
  27. 27. Be The Prospect Communicating your message in a way that really impinges with a prospect can be challenging. It so easy to communicate from the origination point of your company. In other words, because you’re excited about your company, it’s products or services, you end up wanting to communicate all about it along with benefits and anything else you can fit in that will make you sound better. It’s really hard to hold back from doing this. Everyone is trying to talk about why they’re great and why they’re better than the competition and so on…. but this approach often loses sight of the most important aspect, the prospect. So you need to “be the prospect”. By that I mean, really work to take on their viewpoint and work to be them, to see from their eyes. What would they need if you were them? What will communicate to them? We tend to obsess over this viewpoint here for our clients with every communication we craft. It’s not always easy but the results are far superior to what’s typically crafted by most. Communication should be tailor made to a specific audience or target public. 27
  28. 28. Before You Do Anything... We have hundreds of phone calls with clients and prospects alike that come to us for communication related work such as our videos and frequently the prospect or client has ideas about what they want to have the topic be for the video. In other words, they’ve been talking to their sales team and have concluded that because of some of the barriers the sales team is running into… they’re going to do a video that talks about benefits and explains the product or service. Now… this sounds logical for sure…. only…. it’s addressing the problems the sales team is having handling the prospect which certainly may be a training issue but who does the video then become for? The sales team. But who is it supposed to be for? The prospect (viewer). So with that, you end up with a video that is decent but not one that communicates the exact message to the prospect that will get them to reach or help close the sale. Instead, you have a video that handles the objections or questions or misunderstandings and the prospect goes on their way. What’s truly needed is to obsess over who is actually watching the video. Who is clicking play. Why are they watching it? What are they trying to handle or what do they need or want. Lets not waste their time. We need a concise message that resonates with them in simple terms and causes an urge for them to reach out (call or email) while being mindful to not address and handle everything so they have no reason to. So while crafting a video seems simple enough, keep in mind that the copywriting can change the effectiveness from something that is pretty good to something that works like magic and it all revolves around who you’re communicating to and how well it’s done. So with that, we would love to obsess over crafting a really impactful communication for you that will truly work to help handle what your sales team is trying to handle making everyone’s (including the prospects) lives better. 28
  29. 29. BofA Uses Them... I logged on to the Bank of America site the other day and noticed a button at the bottom that said “Better Money Habits” with a video play icon and so I clicked it. It lead to a site that was filled with whiteboard style animated videos that educated people about money. We’ve found that using the whiteboard style animated video is a winner for explaining a concept which either educates or sells or both. Visuals help sell a concept and many people tend to need help visualizing what you’re describing in sales. It’s fine to talk to people over the phone or send them an email to read but there comes a time when you need to show them in some way so they can get the idea visually which helps sell them. Most people are quite visual which is why this works. 29
  30. 30. Business Doesn’t Stop Although many vacation through summer… the fact is that business doesn’t stop moving. It can’t and won’t wait for anyone. Your company and it’s message needs to be in front, top of mind, working to sell your company and its products or services…. even while you’re not there. That’s where we come in. We’re here to ensure that our clients have their company in front of their audience at all times. And during the summer months, it’s truly not the time to ease off the pedal ­it’s a time to triple the efforts so there’s no lull. Here, we don’t agree with the concept of “peaks and valleys”. It tries to make reasonable sense or excuses for why the numbers go down. We don’t. We remind our clients to push ahead, triple their efforts and stay ahead because…. we care about their growth and are unrelenting about keeping their numbers up. Factually, the better they do, the better we do. So we’re all in it together. So let’s push your growth through summer. Yes, you may be on vacation. Yes, they may be on vacation. But business doesn’t stop. Sales still need to happen and efforts need to increase through summer. 30
  31. 31. Campaign Like It’s For an Election With the elections coming up I’ve been driving around lately and noticing all of the signs and promo for candidates in the running which made me think about the level of promotion that’s really needed to get attention. From what I observe on a day to day basis with various companies, it’s clear to me that most companies do not put enough emphasis on their promotional strategy. Think about a political campaign for a second and imagine if you took your strategy to that level. Constant outflow and constant attention that gets you noticed, talked about and drives your sales and revenue. The political campaigns use signs, billboards, online ads, videos, emails, TV commercials, TV interviews, magazine interviews, 3rd party interviews, social media, blogs, etc So when creating a strategy for your company, you should think of it in large magnitudes like this that will really get traction. Sure it costs money but it makes money too.... more than it costs if done correctly. Keep hammering your promotional strategy to get the word out about your company and it will pay back tenfold in the form of sales and revenue. We would love to help so get in touch to discuss our Prime Strategy or Videos. Here’s a recent client commment about our Prime Strategy: “The Richter10.2 Media Group reach strategy drives 80% of our sales in the door. There were many other services and processes we tried and would result in some sales, but nothing like this. We have used this to get in touch with the exact target public we are reaching for and it has 4X our sales in the past 9 months. We continue to drive in new business and are expanding as a direct result. Thanks Richter! RP” 31
  32. 32. Communicate… A Lot It takes a lot of communication being sent out to result in communication sent in to your company. Nature of the beast I suppose. So with that in mind and being that this is the beginning of a brand new month, you need to ensure you have a communication strategy that has sufficient floods of communication going out to your target public this month to result in new interest, sales and ultimately revenue. Hitting all time highs in terms of sales and revenue doesn’t just happen ­it’s caused. A large communication strategy will help drive new business and current business and will help ensure that May is a successful month. So be thinking in terms of: ● Sending effective email communications to your mailing list and schedule them out for the month ● Having your sales team send email follow ups and ideally a video or several videos that communicate your message and value proposition ● Sending active communication to your social networks to post videos, updates, news, messages, client successes etc ● Reaching out to brand new potential clients to make introductions ● Sending out PDF’s or case studies to current prospects in your pipeline that help move their interest forward ● Send a press release out for May to update the public on recent news ● Ensuring new blogs are created weekly or daily and posting them on social networks as well. You can also post your videos to your blogs. This is just to get your gears turning here. Mass communication going out to your target public will absolutely help drive new sales and revenue so ensure for the month of May that you’re team has a communication strategy and is doing it daily. As always, I’d recommend having several well crafted videos that communicate your message that you can put in the hands of your sales and marketing team to get out broadly and keep posting to grab the attention of 32
  33. 33. your target public. It flat out works! 33
  34. 34. Distraction is the Enemy of Growth Distraction is the enemy of growth. In other words, when you can’t focus, it hurts your ability to grow at the pace you want or need. This infects all areas of the company. We chant the beat of “focus” here in everything we do and look to snuff out distractions when we find them. While this can be applied as an overall management rule throughout the company, this also seeps into your messaging and sales strategy. When creating a sales pitch or messaging for something like a video, you need to be able to stay focused. Know and select one target public with a specific goal of the message to that audience. Don’t attempt to add in everything you do in one pitch or try to communicate to many audience in one message. Get focused. The more focused you are, the more effective the message or pitch. You need the audience to feel as though you’re speaking to them. So I’d advise that you stay aware of distractions in your messaging and sales strategy and if found, work to cut out anything that distracts until you’ve accomplished something that is focused and by doing so, you will see the effectiveness increase. 34
  35. 35. Doing the Basics It's quite astonishing to me to see how often the basics are dropped out and it tends to crash the stats. In other words, basic actions that are known to be successful and that lead to new business consistently tend to be forgotten and simply neglected. In sales, basics include things like: ● Making a detailed lineup of active prospects for the week ● Setting up and having discovery calls ● Sending proposals ● Sending follow up emails ● Following a process and executing next steps ● Using effective material to sell the prospect such as videos, PDFs, websites, articles etc We know these to be successful and yet, they get dropped out or forgotten. So, it's key as one who's in sales or one who manages sales to have a checklist or system to remind you of the basics and ensure everyone sticks to it... religiously. Success in driving revenue involves pushing all successful actions at all times and consistently. Being that we're in the business of driving sales and revenue for our clients, we tend to study and obsess over what works, what does and how to maintain and expand successes. One thing we know for sure is that a steady flow of fresh content needs to be going out and being put in front of your prospects if you really want to drive sales consistently. Video is arguable the best way to do this these days. The truth is, prospects have become a little lazy or impatient or perhaps they're just overwhelmingly busy so it results in them being antsy and not wanting to read content on your site or anywhere else but they will watch a video. In fact, it's one of the most likely things they'll do. With a really well done communication and aesthetic delivery, your chance of getting their attention and interest is very good. So I say all this for two reasons, 1. keep the basics in and 2. create smartly crafted video pitches, demos, overviews, case studies, testimonials etc that you can get in front of your prospects consistently. 35
  36. 36. Don’t Chase Success… Chase Greatness I read a quote about Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike, that he had a phone call with Steve Jobs and asked advice for how to improve Nike and Steve's reply was this, “Well, just one thing,” said Jobs. “Nike makes some of the best products in the world. Products that you lust after. But you also make a lot of crap. Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.” Mark waited for a chuckle from steve but he didn't laugh. He was serious. And he was right. I think this is true for any company or any position. People lose sight of it along the way but the level of your craft and caliber of the products you produce is everything. I see a lot of people and companies chasing "success" which I feel is misguided. If you chase success, as in just revenue growth, profit etc, you end up with a revenue hungry, passionless mediocre company. Focus on chasing great. Start with great products and work through to attain great talent, great marketing, great sales and a great organization. It's easy to market or sell a great product. In fact, they nearly sell themselves. It's hard to market and sell a crappy product. Very hard. It's tough to get your heart in it and your people behind it. Focus and work to only accept great products and marketing and sales becomes a real joy. It's filled with passion resulting in messages that are irresistible. Here at Richter, we constantly critique our products and continue to push ourselves to only have great products. Nothing less. It's a constant evolution with a bar that keeps raising. While it can frustrating to continue to tighten standards, we know that everything else revolves around and counts on great products. So we're here to communicate your great products to the world to make them absolutely irresistible by ensuring that our products are also great in doing so. 36
  37. 37. Effort Has Increased In the current and coming months, November, December and January, people tend to check out a little mentally. They get into the holiday mode and things tend to get delayed, people drag their feet or operate in a more distracted fashion. Every year it also seems that companies fail to predict this trend and fail to take the correct amount of effort to offset it. For example, if you went to a basketball court and shot hoops everyday on a 9 ft net and could hit virtually every shot and one day I changed the height to 10.5 ft and you maintained the same effort you were taking for the 9 ft height.... it’s easy to see that you would miss a lot of shots. In other words, you can’t take the same amount of effort in times during the year when the effort required has actually gone significantly up. Make sense? People talk about it being slow around Thanksgiving and Christmas but what’s really happening is that the effort required has gone up and they have not increased their efforts to match the amount required and so things seem “slow.” So take a look at how much effort you realistically need to take between now and the end of January to blow through the end of the year with strong numbers and start the new year off right. Juice up every outflow and sales related activity like crazy and you’ll be thankful you did by Thanksgiving, wishing seasons greetings to all the new business you’ve created by Christmas and setting a new resolution to do it again in the coming year by New Years. 37
  38. 38. Excitement Fuels Sales If you can excite a prospect, you can sell them or at the very least make the sale a lot easier. But how? By communicating to them and about their company, product or service. Get them visualizing how their company, product or service could be better. Discuss ideas about their company, product or service for the future or how it could be improved with your products or services. The prospect only cares about their problem or ideas or challenges they’re trying to handle. They’re speaking to you because they feel there’s a chance you can help. Your job is to get them excited about their company, product or service while showing them how your company, products or services remedy their exact problems to create alignment. When we write copy for a video, we focus on the viewer who will be seeing the video. We write the copy to impinge on the viewer to get them excited about their company, product or service so they recognize how your company, products or services will be exactly what they need. It all boils down to effective communication and how to correctly address the prospects needs or wants. So arm your sales and marketing team with video trailers that communicate to your audience to get them excited and fired up which will cause them to reach (call or email) and help fuel your sales. 38
  39. 39. Follow through… One of the biggest barriers related to sales is follow through. It plagues both sales and marketing teams. Because the marketing folks work like crazy to get quality leads and then the sales team needs to see those through from start to finish to conclude sales. Only, many times the follow through doesn’t happen. Why? Because the team gets distracted, is unorganized, moves on to other things or is not armed with tools that will help them enlighten and sell the prospect from start to finish, so they run out of gas and just let it drift off into the darkness…. This costs companies a fortune in lost opportunities and revenue. We’re here to prevent and stop that from happening. Our job is to help you get the tools your team needs such as videos, that will help sell prospects and arm your team so they can use these tools to follow­up and follow through on the active cycles. So when you’re considering budget as it relates to creating a video project, also consider how much is currently being spent and lost from lack of follow through on active cycles. You’ll see that having really strong communication tools is one of the best investments you could make. 39
  40. 40. Fresh business When viewing all areas of the company, it’s obvious that every single division and component of your company is critical but ultimately, none of it really matters unless the company is bringing in fresh revenue in high enough volume to pay for the overall company and help it grow. It’s not everything but it is a critical focus and without it, there’s no company, products or services whatsoever. We’ve built Richter around the mission of driving new fresh business for our clients that align with their company strategically. We focus on two key things, knowing everything about our clients target public and then crafting the best communication possible to impinge with that audience and help drive new business. But with our strategic relations program, we cultivate the communication to what we call a “reach” and essentially walk ideal candidates through our clients front door. We’re not concerned with volume here, we focus on precision. In other words, when you look at the companies that are best suited to be a client for you and you know you need to get to them but aren’t sure how, that’s where we come in. We handle this component for our clients to essentially be their ideal relationship maker. There’s a huge amount of ideal clients out there for your company but you need to know who they are, how to get to them and how to get them interested so they’re reaching and are ideal sales candidates ­which is what we do. 40
  41. 41. Get Focused The concept of focus is a very powerful one and one that I feel needs to be used quite a bit more in most businesses. It’s challenging and takes discipline to use but powerful when applied. By focus I mean getting all areas of the company to have laser precision on what it is or what they do or what they sell or what the message is etc. This can be applied across a company to make it better. Here’s a few ways: ● Getting your products or services more focused so you only sell the best ones and get rid of any that are not that workable, helpful or profitable ● Getting the sales team focused to make them specialized and only have them sell a focused product or service. You’ll see dramatic improvements by doing this. ● Making your marketing focused to a very specific audience that communicates solely to them and no one else. ● Crafting your message to be focused to a specific audience about specific products or services that is completely crystallized and clearly communicates. ● Deciding on and focusing your efforts on who you sell and who you need to pursue rather than trying to go to anyone and everyone. ● Getting all of your people in the company focused on exactly what they do, what their role is and what their end results need to be for their area so there’s absolutely no confusion on what they need to work on day in and out. These are just a few examples to show that focus applies across the board. I’m fairly obsessed with this topic and have found that getting a company more and more focused helps drive expansion and success. It’s a strange thing because people tend to think that … “well, if I had more products to sell, we would bring in more revenue...” but experience tells me that this isn’t the case. Less products that a company puts all of their creativity and talent behind to make them world­class is actually a more profitable and successful strategy. Salespeople that only sell one thing as opposed to 5 different things is a more successful strategy. Marketing that communicates one message is 41
  42. 42. better than 5 messages jammed into one..... etc That’s a big part of what we do here at Richter. We get our clients focused, we make their message focused and by doing so, we help drive their sales revenue. 42
  43. 43. Get In Their Head It can be exasperating trying to get your prospective clients to understand that what you're offering is completely in line with what they need enough so they do in fact buy. But a big part of the problem is that a lot of companies are beating the drum for their companies, who they are, what they do, how long they’ve been around, the benefits of the product or service and so on…. and the prospects are being hammered with this from many companies at all angles, not just from you. So the focus needs to change. You need to really plant yourself in their shoes. Who are they? What are their needs or wants and motivations or problems and why? When communicating, you need to adopt their view so you can imagine receiving your communication as them and this will give you a better idea for how to communicate to them. It’s certainly a challenge and one that we obsess over daily. So while it appears that we produce videos here, the reality is, we develop communication strategy that comes in the form of a video because video is the chosen platform these days to view messages and is the easiest way to spoon feed that message to your prospective clients in a way that will make them reach (call or email). 43
  44. 44. Go To Them When your audience is a higher level position like the VP or C­level, you can’t wait for them to come to you rather you need to go to them. Why? Because they aren’t searching. Think about it for a second. This is a very busy group of people that are focused on their daily objectives and typically aren’t online searching for products or services to buy or invest in. There’s a lot of strategies that promote improving your search results, ads, etc but if your audience isn’t typically searching then it becomes wasteful or pointless. You need to go to them. Find the audience and reach out directly to them to get their attention. They may have the exact need for your product or service but aren’t specifically searching which requires you to directly reach out to them to make your product or service known. Our audience is solely focused on key executives or key people so we know that we need to go to them. We use things like video to communicate our value proposition in a clear and simple way (and short way so we don’t waste their time) in order to spark their attention and get them engaged. It works.... well. So first identify exactly who you are trying to get to and then craft a video that communicates to them in a simple but clear message that will entice their interest. Being that you're most likely not going to catch them on an elevator these days, this is the online equivalent and the pitch will be more refined through video. 44
  45. 45. Graphics Are Worthless Ultimately graphics are worthless…. without effective messaging. Strong statement, but true. It’s easy to get caught up in the visuals or animation of a video project and lose sight of the copywriting that forms the message itself. The visual work of a video is meant to hold the attention of the viewer while the message sinks in. If the message is poor, the visuals will simple entertain and nothing will really happen from the video as a result. On the other hand, if the message is really strong, the visuals will hold the viewer's attention while the communication woos them to take action. So never underestimate strong copy. Ultimately sales is in fact just communication. Great communication to an exact target public will move the needle. This isn’t to say graphics or visuals don’t matter because they really do, but without incredible copy…. the effectiveness dramatically decreases. 45
  46. 46. Here’s What We Know Here’s what we know about sales ­it takes a heck of a lot of follow­up and follow through in order to make things happen. Why? Because people are busy, distracted, overwhelmed, not totally sold, have other things to attend to ….. and the list goes on. But it doesn’t mean they don’t need your product or service and aren't interested. The truth is, most salespeople seem to fall off the face of the earth after 2 to 3 attempts to communicate with a prospect. When the prospect doesn’t reply, they chalk it up to reasons like “it’s dead” or “they're not qualified” or “they must not have a need right now” and so on. These reasons only really work to serve the salesperson so they feel better about stopping there and not continuing with the cycle. But there’s still a lot more work that needs to be done. To help support sales and help remedy this issue, we created our campaign strategy. Here’s the latest video in a series that explains what it is:­campaigns/ video/101248090 The bottom line is, there’s a lot of sales revenue left on the table because sales teams often don’t follow­up and follow through at the level required, which the campaign helps arm them with tools and organizes the process so they’re ready to persist through the cycle, helping them capture the sales revenue that was previously lost. 46
  47. 47. How Does This Relate to Me? Yesterday I had a sales call with a company that was presenting an online platform to me that is meant to help manage a company's analytics. Prior to the call I watched their video and the thing I noticed was that the entire video was showing the platform and it’s benefits and attempting to explain using jargon terms that, if the viewer was not clear on what they meant, caused the viewers eyes to glaze over …. I then had the call with the sales rep and it continued along the lines of what their platform can do and it’s benefits and features and I couldn’t help but wonder, how this relate to me and is this company actually closing sales and making money from this pitch? I then asked the sales rep to walk me through how this actually relates to me… which he couldn’t necessarily do. This isn’t to rant about that company. In fact, it’s a great company and they have a great product but they have a communication problem. While on the call, I was visualizing how I would tell their story to their audience to actually show a real life setting of a real company using their platform to manage their day and make their company better. They had a case study of a company that found $250,000 in lost revenue so I would incorporate that story to really impinge with the viewer. Because the only thing that matters is the viewer. Your audience and what their problems or pain­points or motivations are. When you're crafting your communication strategy, you need to obsessively focus on them. How does your company, products and services relate to them? The more time you spend on answering and delivering communications related to that question, the easier sales will become. Don’t rant about your product and it’s benefits or your company on and on and don’t pitch right out the gate without taking the time to get to know and understand your prospect (audience). Commit to understanding them and clearly articulate how your product or services relates to them and then deliver your message via things like videos and your sales pitch in a way that is completely tailored to them and you’ll see your sales numbers improve. 47
  48. 48. I’m Busy... I find it interesting how common some phrases come up in sales like “I’m busy... not a priority right now.... next week..... follow­up next quarter..... not in the budget.....” but truthfully, all of these statements are a bunch of baloney. You know it and I know it and if you realized that your competition says it too, well, you’d be in a position to take advantage of it. In other words, let your competition use stall tactics, delay projects, add time into every equation, delay, procrastinate etc ­but don’t do it yourself. Be swift. Act fast and get things implemented immediately that are going to help drive the business forward. Otherwise, when you push things off because you’re “busy” you miss opportunities which slows your growth or tends to bottleneck your work making you all the busier. Heck, we’re all busy. I haven’t met one person who isn’t these days. It’s how you take advantage of situations, how you mold time to fit your needs and how to be efficient to out­pace, out­smart and out­work your competition that counts. So now that we got that resolved and out of the way, I’d like to sell you a video that will drive fresh interest to your sales team because they need it! Just go and ask them if they would like a video that helps them pitch and sell your products or services and I can assure you the answer will be resounding “yes”. 48
  49. 49. Intention Drives Sales Almost more than anything else, intention drives sales. You have to intend to sell something and you have to intend for your prospect to buy. Part of that intention comes in the form of communication. When you communicate with your prospects, the intention needs to come across to them and strike them in a way that grabs their attention. The dictionary defines intention as: “an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.” So with sales, you first and foremost have to intend to sell your audience and from there your communication needs to come across with intention that results in action. The question then is, does your current communication (website, video, emails etc) come across with intention that results in action from your audience? If not, then we have some work to do. We tend to be obsessed with the topic of communication here and we’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years. If you feel you need to ramp up your communication efforts in a way that delivers your message with intention and gets your audience to take action ­lets have a call. It’s all we do all day, everyday around here.... 49
  50. 50. A Drop in the Ocean I think we can all agree that the internet is the equivalent of an expansive ocean that never seems to end. So using that as the analogy for getting attention for your company, I would then state that you can’t toss pebbles on one side of that ocean and hope to make an impact. Being that it’s such a big place it requires sufficient action to gain attention and traction. Of course, you don’t want to take any action willy nilly. You need to be strategic and efficient. So here’s a few recommendations: 1. Define who your target public truly is. In other words, who are you going after. 2. Do some research to understand where they’re located online. 3. Survey them to understand what their pain­points and motivations are as it relates to your products or services. 4. Create videos or other tools to communicate to that target public where they spend time online. 5. Focus your time and energy on staying active in the places your target public is online rather than aimlessly promoting anywhere and everywhere to be efficient with your time and resources. 50
  51. 51. It’s a Process There’s a line in the movie Moneyball where Brad Pitt is coaching the team in the locker room and he says, “it’s a process..” This is true in baseball and it’s true in business and very true in selling. It’s a process. With everything, there’s a sequence of steps you have to go through. Your job is to control each step as well as you can and handle them expertly to provide the prospect with the information needed so they become enlightened, excited and sold on your company, products or services. So then knowing that it’s a process, you need to know the sequence steps in that process and ensure each one is handled fully toward concluding the cycle. After years of studying the sales process combined with our communication work toward a given target public, we married the two up to create the campaign product. The campaign is a series of videos that follow the process to help the sales team handle those steps fully so each step can be done leading the prospect to being interested, informed and ultimately, sold. 51
  52. 52. Waiting Solves Nothing It’s a new year and we all have a lot to get done. It’s relatively easy to fall into old habits and delay critical moves that will take your company further into the future so I wanted to send a quick message to encourage you to keep your sights firmly planted on your goals for 2013. What’s urgent to you? Are you correctly estimating the amount of work and time needed to pull off your targets? In terms of using things like video, if I had it my way, our clients would do no less that 12 videos this year (one for each month) because I firmly believe that they will make well more than what the video costs and the amount of attention they would get from the videos and uses are valued much higher than the cost. Just imagine for a second if you armed your marketing and sales team this year with 12 new videos that communicated the story of your company, details about specific products, announcements for events, a trailer about working at your company for prospective new hires, a quick 30 second pitch that spikes attention, a 2 minute explainer whiteboard video that walks someone through your product or service.... and so on. The impact of that level of outflow and promotion would greatly impact your inflow and bottom line for 2013. Check any latest movie coming out and you’ll see that they have no less than 4­5 trailers or teasers for it. You need to think big and act big to make a dent. The internet is a big place. It’s easy to get lost or drowned out by the noise of it so take big action to get big attention and it will pay off big in 2013. 52
  53. 53. Know The Public Let’s say you drew a triangle upside down. So, wide part at the top and sharp part at the bottom. Then you drew sections in the triangle to break down things related to marketing material, outreach, leads, qualification and sales as steps. Most companies operate this way. The focus gets narrower and narrower toward the bottom and the step before sales is qualification after leads have come in. Now, flip the triangle the other way. Point at the top and broad base at the bottom. Target public should be the first section. From there, you can do research, material, messaging, reaches and sales. Think about it for a second. If you don’t do your homework upfront, you’re potentially wasting enormous amounts of time, money, energy and resources doing it the other way. You need to know your target public as objective number one and from there, you can know where they are, what to say to them and work toward selling them thereby cutting the waste and executing a focused and effective approach. Whether we’re creating a video, campaign or executing our strategic relations program, we’re always addressing it with this approach. Qualification is not second to last…. it’s first. 53
  54. 54. Know What Wins Do you ever inspect your numbers or stats to see what's working? It's an incredible process and it reveals key data that will help you build a winning formula. About a week and a half ago I was thinking about the weeks when we had our highest ever weeks and started to ask myself questions related to those weeks. Questions like, how many times did we hit above a certain number which made our highest ever? Who sold the most? Why? What did we sell? Where did the revenue come from? I then started to dig up our data to find out what weeks we hit a certain range or better. We keep each week on a google doc spreadsheet that we then turn into PDFs and save. So I found those weeks and then looked at the data to see if I could find commonalities. I did. I then took those commonalities and made a basic profile for our best week. I then reported what I found to our executive team and our sales team to make it clear for them so they could put their attention and focus on doing the things that would lead to our highest ever week. I kid you not, the following week, we went on to produce our second highest ever week. I was blown away. So I thought I would share this little tip with you to do the same. We then want to play a role to help you with your winning formula by crafting strong communications through our videos or a full campaign or our end to end strategic relations program all focused on pushing your strategic revenue and growth to much greater levels. Hope this helps. Have an incredible end to your July. 54
  55. 55. Lack of Follow Through Often I’ve observed that prospects don’t become clients simply because there was a lack of follow through on the part of the salesperson. If there were 10 steps to go through in order to sell the prospect through the sales cycle, the salesperson only really executed 4 or 5 of those steps. To me, this is one of the most wasteful areas in sales and results in a lot of lost potential business for a company. Often though, the sales team is not armed with tools that help organize the process and that assist them to follow up and follow through. So, they get distracted by new cycles or opportunities and with prospects that are active. So this ends up creating this enormous amount of lost potential business that builds and builds unless addressed. We created the campaign to help handle this issue. The truth is, most salespeople don’t really have the time, attention or organization ability to ensure that these prospects are not lost. So the campaign is a series of videos that helps ensure the follow through is done and continues to stay on the prospects radar to enlighten and sell them bit by bit. 55
  56. 56. Let It Do Some of the Heavy Lifting... We all know sales can be a tough game and if sales are down, revenues are down and revenues are arguably the most important part of your business. So part of your role is to make sales easier and faster. The more you cater to your sales team to make their job easier, the bigger payback you’ll get. You shouldn't have to rely on a team of rockstar salespeople to handle everything. Load them up with ammunition and tools that does part of the selling for them. Take a company like Apple for example, they've done a brilliant job with their videos to communicate the emotional appeal of their products. They've done such a good job that they've turned their sales team into order takers rather than having to actually sell something. I don’t see too many people in the Apple store hard selling anything. :) Of course the products are great but that’s not enough. The communication and marketing of those products needs to be equally brilliant. With fantastic videos, not just one but many that communicate your products or services in an aesthetic way with a powerful message, if done correctly, will do a lot of the selling for you making your sales teams life easier which then drives revenue. You need an arsenal of beautifully crafted video trailers that communicate your message. Here's a few questions to ask yourself to help you think in terms of messages that need to be communicated: ● To demo your product or service ● To pitch possible new employees for recruiting purposes ● To thank your new clients for their business ● To handle a specific barrier or objection your sales team is hitting up against ● To pitch your company, products or services in an enticing way that elicits reach ● To provide a 30 second message that’s used to open up initial conversations 56
  57. 57. ● A case study to highlight your value proposition 57
  58. 58. Make the Communication Count We’ve all experienced in sales where you’re trying to communicate with a prospect and they just sort of…. neglect to communicate back. It’s certainly frustrating but what’s the real issue here? The issue is that your communication is not penetrating. You’re not hitting home to address the prospect in a way that sparks their desire to communicate back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a salesperson communicate along these lines: “Hi John, I’m following up to see if we can get this started…. let me know…. call me back thanks!” This sort of thing just doesn’t hit home and misses the reason they're not communicating. So when you’re stuck with a prospect, go all in on the communication itself. Put your heart and soul into what’s being said and hit them with an emblazoned passionate email or call that shows you’re taking an interest in them and that you care. You need to imagine what’s happening on their side and preemptively work to address that in your communication. If done right, the prospects will get back into communication with you. Using a video link in this kind of email is a great way to improve the effectiveness of the email itself as well. If you arm your sales team with videos that cover key points in your sales process, they can use the videos along with strong emails as suggested here and you’re sure to see their prospects in better communication with them while also making the process easier overall. 58
  59. 59. Making Stories There’s a funny thing that goes on in sales…. the salesperson will make up stories for what’s happening on the prospects side. Let me explain. The salesperson had a great call with the prospect, worked the cycle along well and then the prospect is slightly (or a lot) out of communication with the salesperson. Here come the stories…. The salesperson then starts to create the scene for what’s occurring on the prospects side. It may go something like this…. “Well, I called the marketing director and she needs to get approval from the CEO and she said he’s traveling this week so he’s probably out with his family and he probably hasn’t even looked at his emails or checked his voicemail let alone seen the proposal I sent over to her that she was supposed to present ….” I’m sure you’ve seen this before. :) Am I saying that the above isn’t possible or realistic? No. But you don’t know exactly what’s going on from their side so don’t make up stories that make you feel better about them being out of communication with you and cause you to back off taking actions toward wrapping up the cycle. Only operate based on the data you have and know, then take action based on it. Now, using the above example and only operating based on the information you absolutely know …. you could simply put a quick email directly into the CEO to acknowledge that they’re traveling and just to ensure they did indeed receive everything and to to reach out if needed or put a quick voicemail into them along the same lines to ensure you’ve got traction. The point being that you should simply focus on what you know and act based on it. Don’t make up stories for what’s happening on the prospects side because it will misguide you and reduce your level of actions because you’ve made up the story all the way to the point that you’ve concluded the outcome and don’t end up taking the right actions to see the cycle through. It’s a lot more effective to just operate based on what you know from your side. This then leads you to take further actions toward getting clear information and moving toward closing the cycle. Hope this helps. Oh and since you’re now going to be operating only from data that you know to be true…. you’re going to need to take sufficient action and have more ammunition to make your product or service irresistible to your prospect so I’d encourage a mid­sales cycle video that either walks them through your process or hits them hard on the core benefits or handles the frequently asked questions. These are the sorts of things that tip cycles over the edge. 59
  60. 60. 60
  61. 61. The Homework Prior to Sales Prior to sales there’s actually a secret sauce that makes life alot easier. A lot of companies miss it altogether and it just so happens that we specialize in it so I wanted to share some knowledge. There’s two key elements related to cultivating sales that we obsessively focus on: 1) Target Public ­this has to do with who you sell. Not the demographic or a vertical but the actual target public meaning, who’s currently successful for your company that completely aligns and that you should focus all of your time and attention on. We define the target public for our clients so we have a clear picture of who we need to go after on their behalf, who we need to communicate to and how to find them. It’s an area that both large and small companies miss most of the time which results in more effort than needed on the sales front. Once you know this, you can craft your message and sales process as well as all marketing to the target public and create alignment for your company starting with sales. 2) Copywriting and Message ­once the step above, defining the target public, has been done, the communication can be crafted specifically for the target public. It wouldn’t make any sense to craft copy and the overall message if one didn't know who they were communicating to, would it? So one needs to understand who they’re communicating to and then craft the message that plays to their needs and wants and to their pain points, problems or challenges in order to get a receptive response. Once the target public is defined, the copy and message can be precise, accurate and personal to make it impinge. These two items are core components to our strategic relations program which leads to a successful strategy. If you’re having trouble developing new business or the business you are getting seems disconnected with clients that don’t seem to align with your company, it’s time to look at your target public, your copy and overall message. By addressing these, you can create alignment for your company that makes driving new business development efforts a heck of alot easier and enjoyable. While these are both core components to our strategic relations program, we also deliver these individually so let us know if you’d like to discuss the details 61
  62. 62. of having us define your target public and craft the copy and overall message for your company. It's quite the game changer. 62
  63. 63. Creating Motivated Buyers The keyword here is motivation. Initially when a prospect reaches out to your company, they have some level of motivation. In other words, there’s a reason they reached out. There’s some kind of thorn in their side that they may or may not tell you but you can be assured there is. Your job is to find out what it is and then keep the motivation active and in sight for the prospect. The truth is, we’re all a little forgetful and a problem may blow up at the company that causes the motivation to flare up and only then, do we act. But once the problem sort of fizzles out, we forget why we were ever interested or motivated until... it happens again. So with your prospect, keep this in mind and focus their attention on why they initially reached out and what their motivation is. What is it that they’re trying to solve? You can use a video that communicates the key pain points your prospect has and then make sure your marketing and sales team uses the video frequently to keep the motivation fresh in their view. This will help sales convert to closed deals. 63
  64. 64. Massive Assault To get attention that drives interest and fills your sales teams pipeline, it takes a massive effort. There are many tools that can help but the honest truth is, you have to have a consistent "assault" of outflow that grabs attention to land on your target prospects radar and stay on the radar to turn them into interested parties that become sales cycles. Headed into the end of the year, you need to be completely focused on gearing up all efforts in order to push your numbers up for the end of the year. That means, a much bigger pipeline, more communication with clients, more calls out to prospects, sales proposals sent out..... you get the idea. Take what you've been doing and ramp it up 3 to 4 times. We use short, punchy videos to quickly grab attention that results in interest and reach from our target prospects. They work. A 2 minute smartly done video will give your sales team ammunition to push deals over the edge and will rake in new fresh interest to help fill the pipeline. You can place the video on your site, on blogs, on facebook, send them in follow up emails as a link, send them in your weekly email newsletter ...... anywhere really, just get them out on a wide scale. Most of us are pretty terrible at estimating the correct amount of effort it will take to drive in new business to attain the sales we need. So my recommendation is for you to fall on the "way over­estimated" side of things because in business, it's way better to have a pipeline so large that you have to turn people away that be worried about a pipeline that is far too skimpy. 64
  65. 65. More Isn’t More Common logic seems to lead us to the idea that more is more. In other words, more products or more services equals more revenue. Or more people to market and sell to equals more sales. But more isn’t more. It feels counterintuitive to go against this idea though. When you apply a “more is more” strategy to things like products, services and prospective clients, you’ll find that it creates confusion, overwhelm and less efficiency as well as less quality generally. Most people and companies can’t deliver on more is more because they need to support all of those products or services to market, sell and deliver them or as it relates to prospects, they need to cater to the needs of too many and it waters down the company. So I’d encourage you to focus. Zero in on the exact products or services that cater to your specific target public (audience) needs or wants. Also, focus on your target public. In other words, who the exact ideal client profile is for your company, product or service. Every company has a target public or various target publics regardless of size and you’ll find that by knowing it and zeroing in on it, that your success rate improves. 65
  66. 66. More... It’s funny in business how these norms come into play that tend to constrain and limit a company. People and companies tend to do just enough. Every now and then you come across a company that pushes the boundaries and continues to push their reach or efforts further out. I hear people say things like… “we already have a video” or “we just re­did our site so not sure we’re ready for a marketing push right now”…. and it makes me squirm in my seat. I personally cannot think with this idea. It’s limiting. Here at Richter we apply the principle of “more” to our agency and to our clients. There’s always more that can and should be done. More push. More videos. More attention. More prospects and clients. More outreach. It’s so simple and perhaps that’s why it’s overlooked all the time. Just do more. Push to do more in every area and the company will grow. Do more than last week on a continuing basis. It’s magic. Don’t do a video and say… “great… now we have a video, we’re all set now.” Go and build a video catalog for your company that can be blasted out on the social channels, your website, have the right keywords added on each one on YouTube and Vimeo to make them searchable, arm your sales team with them so they have the right message to send at the right time etc. Always do more. While it may sound expensive or the idea that you don’t have the budget to always do more comes into play… it’s not true. Doing more is a prosperous approach. Push each and every area to do more and you’ll be loaded with new business to handle which will help pay for the “more” efforts. 66
  67. 67. Mountains, Not Budgets Around this time of year, people talk about budgets for next year. I don't. We've already beat all of last years revenue plus plus and part of the reason is that I never talk about budgets. I talk about mountains. I obsess about mountains and I visualize bigger ones. And I know the thing that conquers mountains is energy, forward momentum, action and intention. These are also the things that build budgets. People tend to lose sight of senior ingredients to winning. It's a bit like the chicken and egg analogy. Just remember, budgets didn't come first, action and revenue did and they built budgets. So when you're planning for the coming year, ensure you dream up mountains and how to conquer the mountains first and work your way back from there. Know that driving revenue equals driving sales and driving sales means doing the things that will fuel sales making your company, products and services irresistible to your prospective clients. These then build bigger budgets for you to use to conquer bigger mountains. Ultimately everything should be assessed by this; will it help tackle the mountain to forward our goals by giving us the energy (revenue) to attain it? So peer into 2014 and look where you want to go. Identify the mountain fully and then work your way back to clearly articulate what it will take to actually pull it off. I can assure you that this exercise doesn't start with budgets.... it ends with them. You need to be focused on creating new sales to push revenue so it affords bigger, more powerful budgets and puts the wind at your back so you can actually conquer the mountain. This may seem counterintuitive at times.... but this is the way it is. We obsess over this here at Richter for ourselves and our clients each and every day and we've gotten very very good at it. So while planning your future year, we'd love to have a call to discuss how we can help be the wind at your back to conquer your mountain by providing the energy you need through doing what we do here. We're an agency of mountain builders, climbers and conquerors. 67
  68. 68. Muscle your growth There's an element of sheer attention and pounding out your message and your products that has an unshakable workability to it. Take tesla or apple or google and you quickly see that you can't escape their sheer presence. They’re constantly in sight. But you don't have to be that big to go that big. In order to grow a company, there’s a level of force that’s required. You need to almost muscle your growth by pushing every area a little harder than your previous efforts and this includes your sales efforts. Always push harder and never settle on the idea of something being enough action or effort. You want to get as much attention as possible and have enough assets like videos to make your company irresistible to your target audience so they come in droves. With the use of the internet you can make your presence known using videos in every crevice imaginable. A lot of prospects we speak to talk about putting a video on their website but that's honestly the tip of the iceberg. To gain attention and to drive new business you should be using a campaign of videos across the internet taking actions like sending it out to your email marketing list, posting it to all social media channels, using it as an ad on Linkedin or Twitter, adding it as a link to your email signature, posting it to your blog, having a standard email reply that your sales team sends out with a link to the video to all new prospects, positing to Vimeo and YouTube and so on… There’s no shortage of ways to get your message out and you truly need to ensure you’re getting it out in a wide enough sphere to ensure it drives new business, the right people see it and your sales teams pipeline is loaded. We’ve always thought with the concept of muscling our growth here and it always forces us to think in much bigger terms. When we’ve considered doing one video to promote Richter, using this concept we’ve realized that we need 8 or 10 videos because we know what it takes to gain attention in the right magnitude to grow our agency. So assess your overall marketing and sales strategy and look at what you need to do to force expansion further and then accurately list out what’s truly needed to pull it off. It’s always worked for us. 68
  69. 69. Not Enough Effort, Work or Action Sometimes it just boils down to mis­estimating the actual effort or work needed to pull something off. I’m amazed at how often this is true. While people often search for a more complex answer to solve the problem, so often it’s just that the level of action or effort or work is flat out off of where it needs to be. This is is true in sales and marketing related to sales. Many companies don’t put the required effort to attain their specific goals or target and so they fall short. The truth is, people are generally chronically bad at predicting the amount of effort, action or work something will take to pull something off. They usually underestimate which creates poor results. So as it relates to your sales efforts and revenue growth, it makes sense to overestimate everything. I think we can all agree that more business won’t hurt but less will. So whatever you think is sufficient, you should focus on increasing that amount dramatically and you’ll start to see much better results. I realize this sounds like a simple no­brainer type of thing but people rarely apply it. We tend to hear a lot of people say things like, “I don’t have the budget” or “we already have a video” or “we’re already working on an internal strategy” but these are all things that indicate that they’re thinking too small. If you have one video, you need 30. We’re in the middle of producing 36 for ourselves right this minute. If you already have a strategy, augment it with another strategy that does it slightly different and helps drive new business to your team. If you don’t have the budget, find the budget or go and create the budget so you can make revenue to help build a bigger budget because at the end of the day…. we all know that budgets come from revenue and if you’re not pushing revenue, you won’t have a budget. 69
  70. 70. Last Two Days November is officially winding down which means we’re coming to the very end of the year so here’s a brief checklist of items related to promotional activities you should be doing to drive sales through the end of the year and to start January off right. 1. Craft a smart email for you sales team to send out to all active prospects. This is where having a video plays a role because you can add it as a link to help spark interest. 2. Ensure you have your marketing emails worked out between now and then end of the year including some kind of video or email either thanking your clients for their business or wishing them seasons greetings. 3. Post any video or promotional material you do have to all social networks on a consistent basis since people become pretty active on social media channels around this time of year and you need to stay on their radar. (use Linkedin, Google+, Twitter and Facebook for business) 4. Have your marketing and sales team update any social networks they’re on with a video or promotional item to help leverage their reach. These are just a few ideas but the common theme here is that you can use video to stay on your prospects radar and spark their interest to get in touch because that’s really all you need, their foot in your door so you can take it from there. The challenge is typically getting the initial sparked interest which videos tend to play a strong role in if done well..... which we do. 70
  71. 71. The Window is Small Every ounce of doing business has to do with communication in some capacity. When you’re trying to capture the attention of your audience, you want to communication to impinge in the short window of time you have their attention. I hear the word “busy” fly around a lot these days which means the window has gotten even smaller to grab someone’s attention. This means that having lengthy text on your site to explain your company, product or service is not the smartest play. It also means that long sales emails are rarely read. Easily the best and most effective method to grab attention and allow your message to sink in is video. Your can make a 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 90 seconds or 2 minutes video depending on how long the pitch needs to be and how much time you feel you have to penetrate and establish interest. 71
  72. 72. Next Week Becomes Next Week Unless you handle the cycles that need to happen this week, they become cycles that you label as "next week" and then next week; when next week is now this week, the cycle becomes a "next week" cycle yet again which creates a constant cycle that delays the company, hurts productivity and adds work to your plate simple because cycles are not being addressed right this minute, decided on and concluded. This causes huge inefficiencies in companies today and is part of the reason you feel "busy" all the time. Procrastination is not a desirable trait in business. Force yourself to address each item on the spot and work to handle things within the constraint of the 5 days in each given week. I promise next week will have all new cycles for you to handle so if you let work that needs to be done this week roll into next week, you start building yourself a mountain of backlog! You'll be absolutely amazed at how much you can get done if you focus on working within the constraints of this week and not letting anything roll into an endless pattern of "next week" 72
  73. 73. The Answer is “Yes” We get asked every day: ● Can you create an animated video like this example? ● Can you create a video that's part live shoot and part animation? ● Can you get our video done in time for our upcoming trade show? With Richter, chances are that the answer is "YES!" 99.9% of the time. We started our company not because we're proud of our creative abilities but because we understand what businesses need to succeed. Our entire purpose is to help you reach your audience in a way to gets them to reach back. We do that with world class copywriting, animation, voiceover, live shoots, editing ­whatever your specific project requires. It's not about us and it's not about you. It's about your audience. And we make sure that when you trust us with your audience that we deliver a communication that they will appreciate and understand. If you have a "Can you create" question, the answer is almost certainly "Yes!". So ask away... :) 73
  74. 74. One Video? Pfff... You now have one video and it’s on your homepage and it explains your product or service or company overall…. great. I guess we’re done here. :) Or are we? Be a prospect for a second. Put yourself in their shoes. Sure you’ve gained their interest to get them reaching but ideally, what’s really needed here. What’s really going to make sales easier and probable? Imagine having a video for each step in the sales process with each being a continuation of the previous one. The branding, look and feel all coordinated with each other and the series of videos working as a team to gradiently increase the viewers interest, urge to reach and ultimately to be sold on your company, products and services. 74