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Vehicles of the walking dead slideshare

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Vehicles of the walking dead slideshare

  1. THE vehiclesof the walking dead
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  4. Picture yourself in a zombie apocalypse, say like the one featured on AMC's The Walking Dead. Unless you found paradise in an abandoned prison, chances are you’re on the move. What vehicle is the best when it comes to zombie survival? View the infographic
  5. shane walsh’s 2011 Hyundai Tucson Limited You might feel like a two-timing dirtbag driving it, but who can argue with 24 miles to the gallon. And it's perfect for those emergency medical supply runs to the next town over. 46miles on empty 24Miles PER GALLON BOTTOMS OUT AT walkers 8-10 crash test rating View the infographic
  6. View the infographic A riot shield can come in handy when working with small numbers of zombies. The process of taking off the car door is pretty straightforward since you're not concerned about preserving the wiring. Simply remove the bolts in the hinges connecting the door to the rest of the car and remove the door. SURVIVAL TIP use a car door as a riot shield
  7. View the infographic daryl dixon’s 1976 Triumph Bonneville Hardtail Frame Conversion You won't find a cooler ride in a zombie apocalypse, but the bike is loud. And unless you have the crossbow skills to back it up, you may have to pass on this sweet ride. crash test rating 23miles on empty 55Miles PER GALLON BOTTOMS OUT AT walkers 2-3
  8. View the infographic A dead car can still give life. Mirrors can be used to start a fire, seat belts would make incredibly strong rope, not to mention all electrical benefits of a car battery and alternator. SURVIVAL TIP Use a dead car for spare parts
  9. View the infographic RICK GRIMES’ HORSE There’s no need for gas, and you'll always have someone to talk to when things get lonely. Just make sure you steer clear of any walker herds, because zombies are not above eating horse. crash test rating N/Amiles on empty N/AMiles PER GALLON BOTTOMS OUT AT walkers 4-6
  10. View the infographic SURVIVAL TIP burn a tire for a smoke signal A tire can catch fire when heated above 750 degrees Fahrenheit, which is doable for most campfires. A single tire can yield up to 2 gallons of gasoline, which will contribute to a hotter and longer lasting smoke signal, and will be seen miles away.
  11. View the infographic Hershel Green’s 1990 Chevrolet Suburban R1500 Traveling with a lot of people? No problem. This diamond in the rough seats about 9. It may not be the most stylish of the bunch, but it will take you far, just like Hershel's wisdom. 33miles on empty 14Miles PER GALLON BOTTOMS OUT AT walkers 10-12 crash test rating
  12. View the infographic SURVIVAL TIP sleep in a trunk to avoid walkers Sleeping in the trunk of a car isn't the first choice for most, but it keeps you out of sight for walkers. The average compact car's trunk space is about 12 cubic feet, which means you can fit 2 - 3 people in the trunk of the car for a night if you need to.
  13. View the infographic THE GOVENOR’S 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Despite his creepy vendettas, it turns out that the Governor had a good eye for cars. You'll never feel more confident with this beast, and it’s perfect for running down blonde women on through a field if you can spare the gas. crash test rating 42miles on empty 13Miles PER GALLON BOTTOMS OUT AT walkers 14-16
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