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Big sally presentation

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Big sally presentation

  1. 1. Big Sally’s Drug Store Marketing Plan
  2. 2. Big Sally’s Drugstore: Current Snapshot Big Sally’s Drug Store• Industry magazines = $70,000/year• Website = $15,000/year• Print Campaigns = $36,000/year• Community Sponsorships = $30,000/year• Facebook Page = 160 Likes• Typical ROI = sales and people attending sponsored lunch and learnsExpectation: Locally owned and loved naturalsupplement company trying to compete againstnational brands without national distribution Keeping you healthy, naturally.
  3. 3. StrategyBusiness Objectives• Market lunch and learns sessions• Digital reciprocity• Make branding and name consistent• Establishing an online storeInsights• Eco-friendly people with holistic and naturallifestyles “modern day hippies” Big Sally’s Drug Store• 25- 45 years old Keeping you healthy,• Earth-friendly lifestyles – strive to live eco-friendly, naturally.naturalistic, communal• Support local economy over big-box stores
  4. 4. MetricsSuccess is defined as:“To increase sales and profits by taking away market sharefrom big name retailers while still maintaining the reputationas a community based company.This will be accomplished by increasing the social footprintof the Big Sally’s name online. There should be a directcorrelation between the number of friends, followers,subscribers etc. and engagement level. The higher both ofthese numbers are should translate into higher sales.”Recommend Action Big Sally’s Drug Store• Rebranding • Twitter Keeping you healthy,• Create an online store • YouTube naturally.• Facebook • LinkedIn
  5. 5. OrganizationRequired Resources & Training• Web Developer• Skilled Community Manager and WarehouseManager• Training for new staff on products• Social media policy and strategy development andtrainingPotential Barriers• Inability to find proper staffing Big Sally’s Drug Store Keeping you healthy,Hub & Spoke Approach naturally.• “Centre of Excellence”- the Community Managerwill define the social media policy and strategy andmake these clear to all employees
  6. 6. TechnologyHome Base Outposts Passports• Main • Facebook • Various Website • Twitter Blogs (to mostly hear • Linkedin what people are talking about) • YouTube • Google Analytics
  7. 7. Thank you! Questions? Big Sally’s Drug Store Keeping you healthy, naturally.