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Winter%202020%20 ast100%20pdf%20syllabus 3

Syllabus fall 2020

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Winter%202020%20 ast100%20pdf%20syllabus 3

  1. 1. ASTRONOMY 100 SYLLABUS CONTEMPORARY THEORIES / SOLAR SYSTEM Prof. Lane Fall 2020 This is the consecutive order of our reading assignments. As the term progresses, there may be additions or deletions to the reading. Those changes, if any, will be announced in class. This is not a calendar. Briefly stated we read a chapter or two then discuss it in class. Additionally, during class, we do physics puzzles, Evaluation Tasks (graded/no make-ups) and may review material related to your lab section. Please come to class prepared with copies of your lab sections, your pocket calculator and some 8.5”x11” writing paper. There are two exams, the Midterm and Final. They will include those chapters, class lecture and any assignments that we covered in class up to that time. Final Exams are not cumulative, i.e. they don’t cover everything. Please note there is no “make-up exam” for the Final Exam. Final grades are calculated from the average of your two Exams, Blackboard Assignments, Evaluation Tasks, and Performance Points. Attendance and classroom comportment will also factor into the Final grade. Office Hours will be after every class. Please let me know ahead of time. I will be available to speak with you about your grades at this time. Other concerns should be discussed with the appropriate councilors. If you require a private academic review, please inquire/arrange about scheduling. Tutoring is available; the college provides tutoring through the Center for Academic Assistance such as the SEEK office (2A) and the Library (1L). Please attend class. If you miss class, please find another student who may share their notes with you. It’s your responsibility to sign-in on the attendance sheet before the beginning of each class. Role-calls take precedence over the attendance sign-in sheet. Partial attendance is recorded as such, i.e. recommended, don't be late or leave early. Blackboard Assignments will be posted corresponding to assigned chapters. Please note the due dates. Due to time constraints of a Winter Session, there will be a Midterm due date for about half the assignments and then a due date for the remaining assignments before our Final Exam. These assignments make up about 1/3rd of your Final Grade. If you have trouble with your computer access go see the College Helpdesk. Midterm and Final grades will also be posted in our Blackboard.
  2. 2. In class Evaluation Task scheduling is not announced ahead of time. There are no make-ups for in-class work and students must be present to qualify for grade participation. Performance Points: Final Grade Points are earned through class performance; awarded or subtracted at instructor’s discretion. Chapter 1: Science and the Universe: A Brief Tour. Read/Study: Appendix C, D and E. Additionally, read Chapter 14, section 3, Formation of the Solar System. Chapter 2: Observing the Sky: The Birth of Astronomy