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DSMBiomedical_Robert Gibbons

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DSMBiomedical_Robert Gibbons

  1. 1. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Orthostructural Coop Experience Robert Gibbons
  2. 2. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 1 Expectations • Designing Experience – Completing real world designing projects • Exposure in the Bio-medical Field – Discovering what a Mechanical Engineer can contribute • Manufacturing Experience – Observing real world manufacturing practices
  3. 3. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 2 Designing Background • Drexel’s Classes – Most recent class on Creo 2.0 was still very basic – Was useful for learning how to create models based off drawings – Don’t teach how feasible a part is to manufacture – Don’t spend much time on GD&T terms • Other 3D Modeling Software – Exclusively use Solidworks in my Formula SAE club at Drexel – Used Siemens NX 9 at my last CO-OP with Southco
  4. 4. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 3 Screw Inspection Blocks • Goal – Hold screws level on the Keyence to inspect key features • Result – Designed a fixture that proved to be unsuccessful with metal screws, but could work for plastic screws • Learned – How construction lines can be helpful in the designing process
  5. 5. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 4 Starrett Angle Fixture • Goal – View each screw’s helix angle – Easy to manufacture • Result – Created a fixture that served its function and proved versatile enough to act as a tabletop for other parts • Learned – How to display different scenarios in one assembly model
  6. 6. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 5 Alternate Views
  7. 7. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 6 Keyence Screw Rotation Pins • Goal – Rotate screws on Keyence’s vise while accommodating for screws with different drive features • Result – Rotation pins which rotate screws without slop – Replaceable tip feature which can accommodate for new drive features in the future • Learned – How to use modify an existing fixture to preform in a new manner
  8. 8. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 7 Other Designing Projects • Bone Plate – Accurately modeled a customer’s fully contoured product based off of their 2D drawing – Used this model to create a DXF file to inspect our prototype • Plate Blanks – Created models and drawings for a family of plates which eventually will be used to make the Bone Plates – Modeled an existing machining pallet in Creo to be used in a tool drawing using a 2D drawing and visual inspection tools • Indicator tips – Created tips with rounded blades to measure the depth of screws with slotted drive features
  9. 9. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 8 Bio-Medical Field Exposure • I already have experience with companies that were common workplaces for Mechanical Engineers, I wanted a different experience • I quickly discovered the Bio-Medical field holds its self to a much higher standard than any other industry, typical tolerances to +/- .05mm or less.
  10. 10. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 9 Bio-Medical Field Exposure • Machinery and overall capability of DSM to manufacture parts in house truly impressed me – Other industries I worked in always dealt with sending their products over seas to be manufactured, and suffered through poor quality • First time in a cleanroom • Manual inspection of each part produced
  11. 11. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 10 Bio-Medical Manufacturing • Got to see the differences between machining plastic and metal • Was a part of multiple polymer extrusions • Helped write documents which dictate the manufacturing process – Routers – QA Procedures – IHR – DSS – Machining Systems
  12. 12. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 11 Manufacturing • I have only had real exposure to manufacturing one-off parts, but here I was able to see and understand all of the background, set up, and fine tuning it takes to produce many parts in tight tolerance • Still find it amazing how quickly parts can be produced on CNC machinery • Was exposed to wire EDM, water jetting, 5 axis CNC mills, Swiss lathes, metal part de- burring processes, and other machines and processes which are used to make a final part
  13. 13. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 12 General Mfg. Support Tasks • Preformed tasks including, – Weekly inventory update and bi-weekly TPT forecast update – Analyzed labor reports – Request Tool, QA, and Part numbers – Placed Oracle requisitions for part orders
  14. 14. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 13 Basic Keyence • Never knew automated visual inspection systems existed • Basic measurements – GK2 – Keyence Spring Plunger Vise – 2.0mm Drill Pin Tips
  15. 15. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 14 Keyence Operation
  16. 16. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 15 Keyence Programs • 2.7mm Trim-it Screw – Created a program to significantly cut down on measurement time • Cortex and Cancellous Screws – Helped design programs used to measure key features including • Major/Minor Diameter • Tip Radius & Angle • Overall Length
  17. 17. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 16 Keyence & Starrett DXF Files • Keyence – Imported DXF files from Creo to measure screw thread and head profiles – Head profiles would be placed into an automated program • Starrett – Imported DXF files from Creo to measure screw thread and drive feature profiles
  18. 18. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 17 What I’ve Gained • Creo – Real world experience – Bettered my drawing skills – New ways to 3D modeling • Bio-Medical Field – High quality control standards – Very structured processes
  19. 19. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 18 What I’ve Gained • Manufacturing – Holding tight tolerances over a run – Extruding and pressing polymer – Discovered the capabilities of many different machines and tools • Keyence – Experience with a powerful measurement tool – The importance of proper light and focus level – Gained insight to the next generation of part inspection
  20. 20. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Page 19 Conclusion • Enjoyed my time here • Could see myself working in the Bio-Medical field when I graduate • Learned a lot during my time here • Confirms my desire to use 3D modeling software