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Mining seminar in Oulu: Robotization from future visions to todays development

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What is the future of work when robots take over? How is robotization proceeding? What can robots do?

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Mining seminar in Oulu: Robotization from future visions to todays development

  1. 1. Robotization - From Future Visions To The Development Of Present Possibilities and Challenges for Finnish Industries
  2. 2. From Classical Robotics to Modern Robotics
  3. 3. 1. Robotics is one of a few technologies that has the potential to have an impact that is as transformative as the Internet. 2. Robotics is one of a few technologies capable of near-term building new companies, creating new jobs, and addressing a number of issues of national importance. 3. Robotics technology holds the potential to transform the future of the country and is expected to become as ubiquitous over the next decades as computer technology is today. 4. A key driver in adopting robotics technology is the aging population that results in an aging workforce but it also poses a number of challenges to the healthcare system. US Roadmap to Robotics
  4. 4. Robots Can • Teach Our Children • Help The Sick, Weak And Old • Replace Many High-Educated Professionals • Clean The Oceans • Skyrocket Productivity • Save Lives, Money And Environment In Traffic • Carry Out Demanding Surgery
  5. 5. Robots Can • Learn • Make Decisions • Develop • 3D Print More Robots • Feel And Sense • Recognize • Be Emphatetic
  6. 6. A Robotizing World
  7. 7. From Classical Worker to… Second Wave societies were built on the factory model, … the covert curriculum aimed at producing productive and obedient workers that included three courses: • One in punctuality, to develop worker to be on time especially assembly-line hands. • One in obedience, to teach workers take orders from a management hierarchy without questioning. • And one in rote, repetitive work that demanded men and women to be prepared to perform repetitious work at machines or in offices. - Alvin Toffler
  8. 8. … Modern Bohemian Entrepreneur • Every job must be "creatified"; we must harness the creativity of every single human being. • The key to a broadly shared prosperity lies in new social and economic arrangements that more fully engage, not ignore and waste, the creative talents of all of our people. • Technology does not force us into a preordained path but enables us, or, more to the point, forces us to make choices about what we want our future to be like. • “Cognitive skills have to do with intelligence and knowledge; social skills involve the ability to mobilize resources, manage teams, and create value. These skills literally define high-wage knowledge work: When you add more of them to that work, wages go up. But here’s the thing: When those skills are added to service work, wages increase at a steeper rate than they do in creative jobs.” - Richard Florida
  9. 9. Robots Do Wealth. People Create Value
  10. 10. Thank You! Cristina Andersson +358-400-633190 Robotics Finland vo. EU-Robotics Week in Finland ”Robot Valley” Helsinki project.