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  1. 1. Your gear business network.
  2. 2. Planetary Roller Screws Milling of big parts up to maximum 29.000 mm in length Steel Casting up to 100 tons including all certificates • Including mechanical subcontracting • Or only Steel Casting We also have special competence and services in: - KT- 1000 plus beginning at batch size 1000 - KT- Automotive Automotive Serial Production - KT- Turbo Compressor Partners Bearings, Turbogears and Impeller - KT- Consulting Consulting & Engineering We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries. Benefit from over 20 years of experience! Kownatzki Technology is an independent worldwide network of extraordinary subcontractors in the gear and transmission business. It is our goal to find the right solution for all of your challenges. From Ø 2 mm to Ø 20.000 mm, from 1 gram up to 150 tons, from one piece up to serial production (1.000.000 pieces), from Low-Tech to High-Tech. We develop and realise your ideas! Gears and Pinions spur, helical or herringbone up to Ø 20.000 mm Worm gear sets ZK, ZI, Duplex or Cavex up to Ø 4.000 mm Racks from Module 0,5 up to 70 up to 100 tons in weight Bevel Gears - Spur / - Spiral • Lapped up to Ø 2.500 mm • HPG up to Ø 2.500 mm • Ground up to Ø 1.000 mm Michael Kownatzki Kownatzki Technology Gottfried-Keller-Str. 1 D-79664 Wehr Phone: +49 (0) 176 1 9288220