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Oh mydearpaper rofi adiputra d. - 0821901006

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Presentasi Strategi & Bisnis Model, Kwik Kian Gie. Rofi Adiputra D. -

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Oh mydearpaper rofi adiputra d. - 0821901006

  1. 1. Artsy Goods and Illustration Oh My Dear Paper
  2. 2. CONTENTS 03 About Us 04 05 06 08 09 10 11 13 Location What Have we Done Our Products Customer Segmentation Value Proposition Customer Relationship Channels Revenue Stream 14 15 16 17 Key Resources Key Activities Key Partners Cost Structures SWOT Analysis18
  3. 3. What are we? Established in 2015, Oh My Dear Paper is a Creative services business, custom illustration, concept & design consultant, and Artsy Goods.
  4. 4. LOCATION We are somewhere Here. (I guess)
  5. 5. WHAT HAVE WE DONE • Workshop • Events
  6. 6. OUR PRODUCTS Custom Illustration Artsy Goods
  7. 7. OUR PRODUCTS Gifts Souvenirs & Merchandising
  8. 8. Oh My Dear Paper Target Customers : - Female - Woman - Teenagers - Family - Anyone who loves feminine art 1. Customer Segmentation
  9. 9. “Artsy Goods, Custom design and illustration based on customer taste, requests, and personalities. Our ‘kind of touch’ will never be found in another creative design services. We are unique, because we put customer ‘characteristic’ in all our design” 2. Value Proposition
  10. 10. 3. Customer Relationship We created a personal & intimate relationship with our customers. In every order and services, we always spare an extra time to listen, to understand them, and to treat them personally. That’s why for us, our customer is our friend. That should be kept happy, comfort, and satisfied. Example : - Get to know about customer identity (Especially the close on), their special day, special event, and others, - Treated them like our friend, by making a communication to them, supporting concept and ideas for their special event, and etc. - Bonus merchandise for loyal customers. - Extra Packages and services for big order / requests
  11. 11. 4. Channels Promotion has been done online, with social media, and also strengthened with word of mouth from previous customers. Which also supported by Endorsement, Event sponsorships, Community cooperation and others. We also have a future plan to open a selling path through the market place and vendors.
  12. 12. Publication In our journey, we have been published by several media. Through Online platform and television channel. You can watch us through this link below : TALK BUDDIES : CREATIVEPRENEUR
  13. 13. 5. Revenue Stream There are a several income center on “Oh My Dear Paper” : a. Custom Illustration services b. Personal merchandise order c. Event design consultation d. Support merchandising for events e. Artsy goods selling
  14. 14. 6. Key Resources As the key of services and production, we have a few important variable. There are : • Designers • Printing vendors • Art community • Customers
  15. 15. 7. Key Activities In order to support our services, branding, and spread awareness. We have a several activities that we usually do : • Attend gallery exhibition • Open workshop for public • Offering product and services to support local UKM • Adjust to production of goods that are the current trend • Cooperate with local DEKRANASDA institution, to attract people interest with traditional and modern art.
  16. 16. 8. Key Partners To create our business ecosystem and support our operational, we realize that we need to make connection or a symbiotic mutualism to other entrepreneur that were related. That’s why we built a collaboration with Printing vendors, Event Organizer, Event Planner, and others. We also pay attention of relationships with public figures that are suitable for representing our products
  17. 17. 9. Cost Structure In sales, we set different prices. Depending on the type of service and product to be sold. For the example : • Custom Illustration Fee : 175 k (for 2 characters drawn) • Artsy good : Notebook : 125 k Pillow : 175 k, etc depends on Main Cost a. Devices and tools capital (depreciation) 30 % b. Skills and services 50 % c. Marketing and promotion cost 20% d. Special case on goods production cost, we marked the prices up 100 % from the production cost
  18. 18. SWOT ANALYSIS Threat - The same business that was started first - A bigger business with a better production and stock system Strenghts - Customizeable and Unique design & Illustration - Personal feels services & treatment - High quality artsy goods Weakness - Made by order services and products - Low stock inventory - Less able to handle many direct orders in the same time Opportunity - So many people started to have interest of arts - Potential market on people who are looking for non-commercial goods
  19. 19. OUR TEAM Founder & Designer Rofi Adiputra D.Prieska Herwitasari Product Development Production & Distribution Kika Al-Attas
  20. 20. VALUATION Established in 2015. During the 5 years running, Oh My Dear Paper have received various projects, personal orders, participated in exhibitions, handled many kinds of event concepts, collaborate with the government or other agencies, and etc. We also continue to develop design and literacy concepts, and manage a better production systems. Based on informations above, in the past 5 Years. We have a valuation around : > Rp. 150.000.000
  21. 21. “Join us, and let’s explore the unlimited potential of Art !”
  22. 22. CREDITS: This presentation template was created by Slidesgo, including icons by Flaticon, and infographics & images by Freepik THANKS Reach us on, Instagram : @ohmydearpaper Phone : 0877-3877-3667