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Different Career Paths in Data Science


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Different Career Paths in Data Science

  1. Data Science Career Paths Overview & Comparison
  2. The world produces
 000,000,000+ bytes of data every day, that’s equal to
 10 million Blu-Ray disks stacked the height of 
 4 Eiffel Towers. Source: statistics-2-5-quintillion-bytes-of-data-created-daily/
  3. A Data Scientist solves problems with large amounts of data. Example: Analyze tweets to figure out whether or not a tweet sent to a company is positive or negative.
  4. The US alone will face a shortage of 
 150,000+ data analysts and an additional 
 1.5 million data-savvy managers
  5. What makes Springboard unique?3 common roles in Data Science
  6. Data Scientist Data Engineer Data Analyst
  7. Data Scientist Also called Statisticians, Data Managers
  8. A Data Scientist will be able to take data science projects from end to end. They can help store large amounts of data, create predictive modeling processes and tell stories about the findings Data Scientist
  9. Average salary $USD
 115,000 Data Scientist Skills needed Mathematics, Programming, Communication Tools used SQL, Python, 
  10. Data Engineer Also called Data Architects
  11. Data Engineers are versatile generalists who create data pipelines to help process large amounts of data. 
 They typically focus on coding, cleaning up data sets, and implementing requests that come from Data Scientists. Data Engineer
  12. Average salary $USD
 100,000 Data Engineer Skills needed Programming, Mathematics, 
 Big Data Tools used Hadoop, NoSQL, Python
  13. Data Analyst Also called Business Analysts
  14. A Data Analyst helps people from across the company understand data insights they’ve unearthed. Data Analyst
  15. Average salary $USD
 65,000 Data Analyst Skills needed Statistics, Communication, Business Knowledge Tools used Excel, Tableau, SQL
  16. How do the roles connect? Inspired by Drew Conway
  17. Typical Majors Mathematics Economics Computer Science Engineering Physics Statistics Business
  18. ~215,000 Open job positions Data from, January 2017
  19. Top 3 hiring locations
 in the U.S. San Francisco New York Seattle
  20. What makes Springboard unique?Data Science Profiles
  21. DJ Patil
 Data Scientist As the former Chief Data Scientist of the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy, DJ is the perfect prototype of the Data Scientist. 
  22. Doug Cutting, Data Engineer The creator of Hadoop and a member of Apache’s Board of Directors is a model of the data engineer who builds tools to process big data.
  23. Roger Huang, Data Analyst The humble author of this piece, while nowhere near as talented as the two individuals referenced above, did serve a brief stint as a data analyst for a pharmaceutical company. 
  24. Data science is a new and exciting field filled with lucrative career paths. Curious to learn more? 
 Check out Data Science Career Track!
  25. Ready for the next step? Read more at different-roles-industry