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  1. 1. App User Manual BY Bizom Team
  2. 2. Login Screen Enter the details and click on login
  3. 3. Profile details 1.Take profile picture 2.Enter the address 3.Enter Email ID 4.Enter Phone number 5.Click on Save
  4. 4. Click on camera symbol and take selfie and click on Present to mark your attendance as shown in the below screen shot.
  5. 5. Click on present to mark your attendance
  6. 6. Click on submit to successfully mark your attendance
  7. 7. Click on outlets tab to view beats and outlets in the beats
  8. 8. Beat name is test and outlets of test beats are listed below like Kushi and so on.
  9. 9. Click on “+” Symbol to add outlet
  10. 10. Add outlet screen, Where you need to select beat
  11. 11. Select beat from the beat list to add outlet
  12. 12. Select outlet type from the list
  13. 13. Select Outlet category from the list
  14. 14. Fill Outlet Name, outlet address, Phone number, Area of outlet to which it belongs to, Owner name, Pin code of the area than take outlet picture finally click on submit to save the outlet.
  15. 15. After Submit this screen will appear, here you need to select area.
  16. 16. This is a Outlet information Screen.
  17. 17. Click on “+” Symbol to edit outlet and start call.
  18. 18. Clicking on edit outlet, you can update outlet information
  19. 19. Click on start call tab to take orders for that particular outlet.
  20. 20. Here you can enter stocks of the outlet
  21. 21. Here you can take the orders by entering the quantity of SKU’s
  22. 22. Here in this screen enter which are the products you are taking back from the outlet with valid reason like sampling, damage, expired etc……
  23. 23. The detailed summary of the stock, order and return.
  24. 24. If suppose you are working for some other beat, Here you need to select reason for beat jump and click on arrow mark to submit the order.
  25. 25. To confirm the order take Signature from the outlet owner than click on submit.
  26. 26. Select My Info to check weather your attendance is marked or not.
  27. 27. Here status should be present if you marked the attendance and you can check log time.
  28. 28. Here you can see the entire transaction of the day.
  29. 29. End of day page, Here you need to enter comment than click on submit to do End of Day (EOD).
  30. 30. After clicking on submit will get message “End of day is submitted successfully at “day-month- year” Time, After that it will turn to green color.
  31. 31. Warehouses, Click on this will get the below screen.
  32. 32. Here will get all the warehouses which are mapped to you.
  33. 33. Warehouse stock can enter here by clicking on edit option.
  34. 34. Transaction of the warehouse and than click on submit to update the stock.
  35. 35. In collaterals you can see the company product pictures.
  36. 36. Pop Activities of the company.
  37. 37. Expenses of the user.
  38. 38. Select Expense Type, Travel Mode and than enter Travel from, travel to, KM travelled, Traveled Amount and comment than click on arrow mark to submit the expense form.
  39. 39. After submitting the form you will get a message that “Submitted Successfully”.
  40. 40. Sync 1.If you can’t see beats 2.Outlets 3.SKU’s etc….. Need to Sync related options.
  41. 41. Sync Data Click on the options to Sync the respective data.
  42. 42. Feedback to the Bizom team and get help from the Bizom team.
  43. 43. Thank you