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Lateral flow assay romance manna

Molecular diagnostics technique

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Lateral flow assay romance manna

  1. 1. Lateral Flow Assay ROMANCE MANNA
  2. 2. What is Lateral Flow Assay? • In a single word lateral flow assays or the immune-chromatographic assays are the detection method for knowing presence of target substance in a liquid sample like blood, urine, sputum etc. in a low cost method and we can do it anywhere.
  3. 3. Common names for Lateral Flow Immunoassay • Lateral flow test • Lateral flow device • Lateral flow assay • Lateral flow immune assay • Dipstick • Express test • Pen-side test • Quick test • Rapid test • Test strip
  4. 4. Types of lateral flow tests • Sandwich assay- positive tests shows coloured line at the test line. • Competitive assay- positive tests represented by absence of a colour line at the test position. • Multiplex detection assay -Multiplex detection format is used for detection of more than one target species and assay is performed over the strip containing test lines equal to number of target species to be analyzed.
  5. 5. Types of sample matrices • Milk • Whole blood • Serum • Saliva • Urine • Tissue sample • Food • Drink • Animal feed • Plant material • Water
  6. 6. How does lateral flow test work? • The sample pad acts as the first stage of the absorption process, and in some cases contains a filter, to ensure the accurate and controlled flow of the sample. • The conjugate pad, which stores the conjugated labels and antibodies, will receive the sample. If the target is present, the immobilised conjugated antibodies and labels will bind to the target and continue to migrate along the test.
  7. 7. • As the sample moves along the device the binding reagents situated on the nitrocellulose membrane will bind to the target at the test line. A coloured line will form and the density of the line will vary depending on the quantity of the target present. Some targets may require quantification to determine target concentration. This is where a rapid test can be combined with a reader to provide quantitative results. • The sample will pass through the nitrocellulose membrane into the absorbent pad. The absorbent pad will absorb the excess sample. The specification of the absorbent pad will have an impact on the volume of sample the test can incorporate
  8. 8. Example and Diagram
  9. 9. New generation Lateral flow assay • Nucleic acid lateral flow assays: PCR amplified products can be detected. • Biochips: Multiplex microarray lateral flow format • Microfluidic chips: Lab on a chip: from sample extraction to detection without human intervention
  10. 10. Summary • It can be used for detection protein, happens, nucleic acid, amplicons and as well as antibodies. • It’s well established in the field of food, agriculture and medical industries/diagnosis. • The principle of an LFA is based on the movement of liquid sample on a polymeric strip with attachment molecule that interact with the sample molecule and providing a visual signal. Although the concept is simple but the architecture of the device is complex. • LFA is a fast, low cost, portable and easy to use assay which gives you the mostly qualitative results. That result can be verified by farther quantitative methods.
  11. 11. References • Pedro Estrela, Katarzyna M. Koczula, Andrea Gallotta; Lateral flow assays. Essays Biochem 30 June 2016; 60 (1): 111–120. doi: • lateral-flow-immunoassay/
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