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Found vs. Chosen: How to Earn the Long Click with Content Hubs

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It's no longer enough to earn the click in the SERPs and get web visitors' eyes on your website's pages. Now, more than ever, it's important that you earn the click and help them go deeper and deeper on the web to access essential, meaningful information. Google is likely to reward you for the being a resource and a jumping off point, and web visitors are likely to view your brand as an indispensable resource.

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Found vs. Chosen: How to Earn the Long Click with Content Hubs

  1. 1. Ronell Smith @ronellsmith RS Consulting Found vs. Chosen: Why Earning the Long Click Should be the Goal for Your Brand’s Web Content
  2. 2. Process of discovery with client Ads Organic results Features Snippet & PAA
  3. 3. Process of discovery with a client Why they are on front page, and you aren’t
  4. 4. Process of discovery Passive intent Active intent
  5. 5. Process of discovery with client Hub FTW!!!!
  6. 6. Why competitors dominated the page 1 SERPs 10X brands – reputation, reviews, etc.
  7. 7. Why competitors dominated the page 1 SERPs 10X brands – reputation, reviews, etc. Best-in-class user experience, including links
  8. 8. Why competitors dominated the page 1 SERPs 10X brands – reputation, reviews, etc. Best-in-class user experience, including links Nailed active and passive intent
  9. 9. Take that!
  10. 10. Content isn’t simply about what we do; it’s also about who we are.
  11. 11. How brands think of the work we do Create content Attain traffic & links Acquire conversions
  12. 12. The tag on my SUV
  13. 13. How we as marketers think about the web Ex. Keywords, placement, technical SEO,etc. Moz
  14. 14. How we think web searchers use search Yes, I WAS looking up best pubs in Brighton, U.K.
  15. 15. How my eyes were opened Hotjar Heat maps and user testing tell a different but only partial story.
  16. 16. Real-time chats reveal harsh truths: People often look over the No. 1 result How my eyes were opened
  17. 17. Found vs. Chosen It’s time to think beyond being found; the real value is in being chosen.
  18. 18. Found < CHOSEN
  19. 19. How could my clients take advantage of this information? Are: 10X brand (e.g., positive sentiment online & offline) Do: Nail active & passive intent Do: Create linkable assets with ability to rank
  20. 20. Active intent Passive intent Additional, related resources on site Hub pages nail the Do component of Found vs. Chosen
  21. 21. They amount to a central overview of a topic or category— linking to child categories and related products—while typically offering much more depth and utility. Instead of simply listing products and posts, hub pages… 1.  Educates and answers more questions 2.  Link to useful resources 3.  Helps the user find exactly what they need 4.  Delights and engages 5.  Act as an “authority” on a given topic Cyrus Shepard What are hub pages & why are they effective?
  22. 22. AJ Kohn Hi, my name is Long Click. Hubs help you acquire me.
  23. 23. Also, Long click “This is what search marketers must realize. You will get credit for a long click if you’re part of the long click. If you ensure that the user doesn’t return to search results, even by sending them to another site, then you’re going to be rewarded.” —AJ Kohn Source
  24. 24. Hub pages rank well Still ranking high after more than 12 years
  25. 25. Hub pages earn massive traffic Ahrefs
  26. 26. Out of one, many. Hubs look like a singular resource, but are really a content & SEO juggernaut for your brand.
  27. 27. 3 Case Studies
  28. 28. HubSpot’s traffic takes off in 2014 HubSpot 2014 blog traffic
  29. 29. HubSpot’s traffic falls off a cliff in 2017 HubSpot 2017 2014
  30. 30. HubSpot’s old site architecture model HubSpot
  31. 31. HubSpot HubSpot’s new site architecture model
  32. 32. HubSpot’s new content strategy HubSpot
  33. 33. Intent & UX Featured Snippets Opportunities External links
  34. 34. Significant growth in less than one month Topic Clusters are a part of a winning strategy
  35. 35. Topic clusters working for HubSpot HubSpot
  36. 36. #2- Moz goes back to its roots
  37. 37. Bread and butter topics for qualified traffic
  38. 38. Attacked topics through events, blog posts, *Featured Snippets,* videos, etc.
  39. 39. Content hub combines all of the elements in one location
  40. 40. Results back up the effort
  41. 41. Results back up the effort
  42. 42. #3- REI model (content silos)
  43. 43. Hub pages nail intent That silos rank well is not an accident.
  44. 44. REI Presentation integrates products, pages and links to deliver an amazing user experience and topical relevance model.
  45. 45. The winning structure Zyppy Silos helps turn hubs into content & SEO coats of armor.
  46. 46. Architecture helps build UX, topical relevance and SEO dominance Zyppy Content Silos
  47. 47. REI’s Learn silos dominate the SERPs REI
  48. 48. How you like them apples, former client?
  49. 49. Two ways to use hubs and/or pillar pages
  50. 50. #1- Barbell Strategy
  51. 51. Barbell strategy Janessa Lantz
  52. 52. Barbell strategy Janessa Lantz T Ways to cover individual aspects of the, onsite and offsite Topic
  53. 53. Barbell strategy T When they focused on individual blog posts Tammy Coil
  54. 54. Barbell strategy T Tammy Coil When they focused on building a resource
  55. 55. Barbell strategy T Tammy Coil Results speak for themselves
  56. 56. 4,500-word blog post aimed at ranking and acquiring business My services Search query
  57. 57. Topic MainAreas This explains why content marketing fails Write shorter content Death of content marketing Subject-matter experts Inputs > Outcomes Coverage Guest blog post Guest podcast Onsite blog Presentation How you can apply barbell strategy
  58. 58. This explains why content marketing fails How you can apply the barbell strategy Guest Post Email newsletter CDN Site speed Webinar Onsite post Podcast Social sharing Outreach
  59. 59. #2- HubSpot’s Topic Cluster model
  60. 60. How to use the Topic Cluster model Topic I want to rank for
  61. 61. How to get more speaking gigs Do I need prior experience? What keeps speakers from getting selected? How should I pitch? How do I get better scores? How to use the Topic Cluster model
  62. 62. HubSpot Copy this template, or create your own —but don’t complicate it.
  63. 63. Don’t be afraid to link outside resources Things to remember Your site Your site Your site Offsite Offsite Offsite
  64. 64. Hub Embrace the bow-tie: Links should flow in AND out, even to competitors. Marshall Simmonds Things to remember
  65. 65. I’m very satisfied. I choose you.
  66. 66. Thank You @ronellsmith