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Charity viral seeding

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Charity viral seeding

  1. 1. Charity viral seeding from the Viral Ad Network
  2. 2. Helping charities get their content seen The Viral Ad Network (VAN) helps brands and agencies spread content (videos / games) across the internet. We’ve developed up particular experience in seeding content for charities - helping generate high- levels of awareness for their campaigns.
  3. 3. How we can help seed your charity campaign Seeding (i.e. seeding / content distribution to guarantee content views and shares) Creative (i.e. viral video or viral game) Planning (i.e. planned community targets / campaign objectives)
  4. 4. Viral Ad Network stats Number of publishers Number of views a month Types of content shared Typical cost per view 350+ 7,000,000+ 12p - 15p Geo-targeting Interest verticals Sport / Football Gaming Social affairs Entertainment Celeb Music Male interest Primary: Secondary: Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Turkey
  5. 5. How we work
  6. 6. Our network The key value of any ad network is in its relationship with its publishers. VAN’s built a particularly strong network of bloggers / publishers meaning we can help you get your content in front of a receptive audience.
  7. 7. Quick case study: WWF As a part of their online strategy for their Connect 2 Earth campaign, During the first two days of targeted WWF enlisted VAN to help placements and seeding to the UK, distribute the viral video content the video gained a momentum of its that spearheaded their digital own, leading to comments, ratings, outreach... sharing and embedding. To follow up on the momentum of the UK outreach, we are asked to help spread this content to the USA. This led to a whopping campaign total and global recognition on top of hundreds of thousands of paid-for and organic views. VAN helps spark virality and shareability of campaigns. This one for WWF reached over 1M people, based on only paying for 70,000 views. ; - )
  8. 8. Quick case study: British Red Cross VAN is currently the preferred distribution partner for the online video arm of the British Red Cross. We help them to get their videos seen, commented on, rated and shared by a broad range of internet users across a diverse range of interest verticals in the UK and wider. VAN has ensured 125,323 views and counting on British Red Cross’s content and provides a solid audience base ready for their future launches.
  9. 9. And some people we already help
  10. 10. A reminder of why weʼre so great ; - ) • The Viral Ad Network has built up a strong network of blogs / sites allowing us to quickly and effectively distribute content across the net. • Weʼve had great experience working helping charities distribute their content. • We mix strong planning with great delivery. • Everything we do is 100% accountable / trackable. • We can guarantee to make your viral campaign a success
  11. 11. @ViralAdNetwork

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