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Case Study: The Harvest

  1. 1. Case Study: The Harvest
  2. 2. The Brief
  3. 3. What if you needed to reach out to a fickle bunch of creative die-hards and communicate a message to them? -> es’ tiv rea ‘C <- Photo from mikesten on Flickr
  4. 4. The South West RDA wanted an online campaign to show off the strength of the South West as a region for the Creative Industries to the creative community. his ke t f li tuf -S < Photo from timsnell on Flickr
  5. 5. The Thinking
  6. 6. We identified the superior quality of life and quantifiably higher employee satisfaction as the key points to make up the campaign message. job per Pro Photo from ooOJasonOoo on Flickr
  7. 7. ha! Ha - LOL - Photo from Jacob Bøtter on Flickr The campaign needed to drive conversations and gain respect amongst its target audience. This was all about effective niche communication.
  8. 8. The Campaign
  9. 9. We wrote and filmed The Harvest, a short comedy film about a ʻcreative farmʼ. The setting showcased the quality-of-life message, whilst the script explained the regionʼs creative pedigree . Real -> eal tr No <-
  10. 10. We then leaked the film into creative communities through a carefully-planned seeding campaign targeting press outlets and influential bloggers.
  11. 11. The Results
  12. 12. Huge amounts of buzz from the right audiences 163,885 views 289 blog posts
  13. 13. Picked up by some of the top creative and digital bloggers worldwide Picked up by the press and screened on TV, in cinemas and public displays
  14. 14. A very happy client Thumbs up from me, looks really good, well done team! Caroline Farrant, SWRDA
  15. 15. See It

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Case study of Rubber Republic's campaign for SWRDA to promote creative industries in the South West


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