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Paradise - Finishing school

  1. “A Finishing School”
  2. Paradise Confidential 2 Why we are unique and different from other training institutes: Our USP’s Advanced Technologies We are specialised in new and advanced technologies like Augmented Reality,Phonegap etc Experienced Team Team from IIM,IIT, SGSITS and other well known colleges and Experienced faculties up to 20 Years of experience in new technologies Team from IT Companies Faculties from Corporates like Google, Accenture, HCL Tie-Up’s We have Tie-ups with many IT Companies for placements and many Directors, TPO’s and HOD’s of Colleges Proficient in both IT and Soft Skills We have a team of professionals in all sector i.e. Software, IT, Animation, Soft Skills, Aptitude etc Placement Guaranteed Courses We have many courses with guaranteed placements in top IT companies.
  3. Paradise Confidential 3 Executive Summary ! ! Market Opportunity : ! !In our market research we found that various colleges & students need training program which is implemented with talent need of the corporates. Same would attract professionals and faculties also. So we want to work towards filling the gap between college education and industrial needs. !We are going to start a New and Unique venture in the field of Training and Development in INDIA having many USP’s. It will be one of its kind training program for Students, Professionals (who are already working in a company), which will be placement oriented program with guaranteed placements.
  4. Paradise Confidential 4 Services Training Division We are starting training program for everyone whether they are students or professionals or employees in MNC’s or Faculties in colleges. It will include all the unique technologies which are first introduced by Friendfiz Group in M.P. like Angular JS, BackboneJS, NodeJS, HTML6, MongoDB, Phonegap/ Cordova, Gaming, 3D Animation etc. ! Software Company Services we are offering and its advantages. In software company we will handle client based projects received from Odesk, Elance, Payperhour etc. We will do the tie-ups directly with the colleges for training of students and grooming of faculties. We would also have tie-up with IT Companies for direct placements of our students in their companies.
  5. Paradise Confidential 5 Courses and Technologies 1. Diploma/Certifications in Advanced Technologies 2. Diploma/Certifications in Technologies 3. Diploma/Certifications in Programming Languages 4. Diploma/Certifications in Content Management Systems 5. Diploma/Certifications in Database Administrator Unique selling points of courses and technologies IT Courses 1. Diploma/Certifications in Spoken English 2. Diploma/Certifications in Personality Development 3. Diploma/Certifications in Aptitude Soft Skills Courses 1. Diploma/Certifications in 2D Animation 2. Diploma/Certifications in 3D Animation 3. Diploma/Certifications in VFX (Up to Hollywood Level) 4. Diploma/Certifications in Gaming (2D and 3D) for all platform Web, Mobile etc Animation 2D/3D and Gaming Technologies Advanced Technologies : Augmented Reality, Phonegap/Cordova, NodeJS, AugluarJS, MongoDB, HTML6, Unity3D, ! Technologies : PHP, Android, Iphone, PHP CodeIgnitor, MeanStack, .NET (C#, VB, ASP), JAVA, Advanced Java, C,C++, DS, Python, Ruby on Rails, BackboneJS, DOJO, POJO, HTML5 ! Animation : Unity3D, 3DMAx etc
  6. Paradise Confidential 6 Marketing and Communication Strategy Marketing Strategy Advertising Pay per click Ads on Facebook, Google, MGID, Outbrain etc Campaigning Promotion in Organizations / Institutions Promotions Marketing by promoting social causes Event Sponsoring Sponsorship in various events (mainly in colleges) Marketing strategies to be used to promote Friendfiz
  7. Paradise Confidential Born July 2015 Growth Jan 2016 Stronger July 2016 Bigger July 2017 Unbelievable Milestones set for our Organization Milestones Starting with One Branch in Vijay Nagar Within 6 Months we will open our 2nd branch in Bhawarkua Within 1 Year we will open 3rd branch in Indore Expanding our network up to new heights Within 1-2 Year we will open 2 more branch in Bhopal Franchisees and Branches all over INDIA
  8. Paradise Confidential 8 -Rupesh Patil- Chief Executive Officer Rupesh Patil, 28 is the Founder and C.E.O of Friendfiz - Social Network based on Augmented Reality. Mr. Rupesh has more than 10 years of diversified experience. ! Prior to taking over the role as Founder and Chief executive Officer of the Friendfiz. In 2013, Rupesh Patil was Director and C.E.O of JSM Infosoft Pvt. LTd., Indore. In May 2014, he took the responsibility of relaunch and redesign Friendfiz with many new attractive features, Indore as a Founder and Chief Executive Officer and spearheaded its growth.
  9. Paradise Confidential 9 Meet Our Amazing Team Members CSO CTO CAO Rahul Khedkar Chief Strategy Officer PGDM from IIM Raipur Software Engineer, Accenture 5+ years of experience Ramesh Patil Chief Administrative Officer 30+ years of experience in IT and Management Kapil Karda Chief Technology Officer 5+ years of experience in IT (Specialization in AR)
  10. Paradise Confidential 10 We successfully raised funds from the following investors for our IT Company ’Zeal Mobile Publicity Pvt LTd., Indore’ Investors in previous rounds Amit Pundir PGPWE from IIM Raipur 10+ years of experience Director - Aquosi Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Investor, Zeal Mobile Publicity Sunil Sulchaniya 18+ years of experience Owner of Super India Roadways Pvt. LTd. Investor, Zeal Mobile Publicity Rajeev Roy PGDM, IIM Ahmedabad Core Team Member, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) 15+ years experience of entrepreneurial education. Mentor to 500+ Entrepreneurs Dr. Sanjeev Parashar Chief Placement Officer, IIM Raipur Faculty of Marketing at IIM Raipur 20+ years of experience in Marketing Marketing consultant to many companies Advisors
  11. Paradise Confidential 11 Level of competition in the market Competition 2015 Management Education Animation Education Technical Education Competition 3 (CH Edgemaker, TIME ,CareerLauncher) 4 (MAAC, Zica,Arena, Virtual Voyage) 4 (Universal,Online, SSI, NIIT)
  12. Paradise Confidential 12 ANNUAL REVENUE Income Sources for the very first year Cost and Profits Services Worst Case Good Case Excellent Case Training : Direct Tie-ups with Colleges 4 lac 10 lac 14 lac (for Students and Faculties) Direct Tie-ups with Companies 3 lac 7 lac 9 lac (for employees) Students from Marketing 8 lac 15 lac 20 lac Students from Personal Contacts 6 lac 8 lac 10 lac Workshops 3 lac 5 lac 8 lac Placement Guaranteed Courses 4 lac 5 lac 7 lac S/w company : Direct Tie-ups with clients 2 lac 4 lac 7 lac Local Marketing 2 lac 4 lac 6 lac Odesk and Elance 3 lac 6 lac 8 lac ! 35 Lacs 64 Lacs 89 lacs
  13. Paradise Confidential 13 ANNUAL COST Expenses for the very first year Cost and Profits OPex (Monthly or Yearly) Particulars Qty Prices Server Management 1 60,000/- P.A. Office Management 1 4,00,000/- PA Computers 5 60,000/- PA on RENT Internet and Telephone 1 60,000/- PA Manpower Costing 4 4,00,000/- PA Misc 1 60,000 PA Trainers (on commission basis) Cost of Promotion 4,00,000 PA CAPex (Fixed, One Time) Particulars Qty Prices Patent & Copyright 1 25,000/- Company Pvt. LTd., 1 25,000/- Total Expenditure : 15 lacs Approx, Total Investment Required : 15 Lacs
  14. Paradise Confidential 14 Paid services with their range of rates Projections Projects Selling to Students Rs. 1,000 to 4,000 Rs/ Project Workshops (Paid) Rs. 30,000 to Rs 1 lac /Workshop Franchisees Rs. 2 lac to 5 Lac Rs/ Franchis General Fees for individual Courses Rs. 1,000 to 15,000 Rs/Student Placement Guaranty Courses Rs. 25,000 to 75,000 Rs/Student Certification Courses Rs. 5,000 to 20,000 Rs/Student
  15. Paradise Confidential 15 Our future plans is very promising Future EnhancementsPHASE05 PHASE04 PHASE03 PHASE02 PHASE01 Phase 01 Open Branches in Madhya Pradesh Phase 02 Online Product in the field of Education and Jobs. (Web and Mobile App for all over INDIA) Phase 03 Franchisees of Paradise in all over INDIA Phase 04 Open Branches in all over INDIA Phase 05 Implementation of AR & VR in Paradise Connect
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