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TV Advert: Pre-production Paperwork

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TV Advert: Pre-production Paperwork

  1. 1. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Pre-production Paperwork Helen Webster Maia Hall Rhianna Payne Ruth Manalo
  2. 2. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Production Diary Schedule Planning Week Friday, 27th January Discussion of the Initial Proposal Planned Schedule Day 1 – Discuss initial ideas for the TV Advert by choosing from one of the delivered Unilever Re-branding presentation and finalise the chosen product. Plan out the schedule for the whole production process and allocate work to the group members. Rough ideas for the shot list to be done. Week Summary For our first day, we decided to discuss what product we want to use for the TV Advert Project from the delivered Unilever Re-branding presentation. For this day, we didn’t encounter any problem as we only discuss which product we wanted to use. Also, we started planning roughly our schedule for the whole production process to make sure everything goes well as intended, as well as allocated pre-production paperwork to everyone. Lastly, we roughly planned our shot list ready to be finalised the week after. Week 1 – Production Week Planned Schedule Day 2 30th January – to start the pre-production paperwork, as well as finalising filming location and availability of actors and crews. Release forms (Locations and Minor actors) to be printed out and filled in. Day 3 1st February – to start filming the production. To shoot the whole production in one go using C block and lunch time. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday A D B E C – Start doing post- production work such as Editing and finalising the video ready for uploading and evaluating. BREAK B E C – ready for filming and finish filming by the end of the day. Continue pre- production paper work if needed. A D LUNCH C – start pre- production paperwork and compile everything. A D B E
  3. 3. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Day 4 3rd February – to finalise everything: pre-production paperwork, editing the film and to upload the finished product, as soon as possible.
  4. 4. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Week Summary We planned to do everything in a one-week window, which we thought was doable. However, the editing process took as another week or two to finish. It wasn’t much of a problem as we are up-to-date to everything. It didn’t run to deadline date, as the deadline would be at the end of the month. We are confident to finish the whole work done before the deadline. We didn’t encounter any problem when we started filming the production, however, we did amend a couple of things such as the using the dining hall instead of the living room. It wasn’t a problem; it was a quick decision to make on the day. However, we would try to avoid unplanned actions because we might encounter situations that could lead to slowing down our production work or such. Overall, the week has gone smoothly with little to less problem.
  5. 5. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Initial Ideas Synopsis: The main character ‘Maia’ sits with her friends in the living room (Mid Shot – from behind the sofa)*, all looking bored (Dolly from left to right – to show bored expression). Maia rises from the sofa and heads into the kitchen** (tracking shot from behind), she retrieves a Magnum box from the freezer (Cut-in shot to the freezer and the Magnum box). From the moment she opens the fridge, Maia hears faint music coming from somewhere, as she opens the freezer the music gets louder, confused (Extreme close-up to Maia’s eyes to show confusion), she closes the fridge and the music turns back being faint. She repeats the process of opening the fridge (camera inside the fridge), which she gets the same outcome. Maia takes the Magnum box from the fridge and the beat stays sound-levelled (Mid Shot). She takes the Magnum box back to the living room to share with her friends (Tracking shot), as they open the box the music gradually gets louder and when they finally open the packaging of the Magnum ice cream (Close up to the ice cream), the music burst into festive- music and the friends***, as well as Maia starts having more fun rather than being bored. Note: (camera direction), * - read amendments below. Amendments: * We used the dining room instead of the living room (Medium Shot) focusing on the group of friends who are busy using their own phones and not communication. ** Instead of Maia coming from the living room, we placed the camera inside the fridge, therefore, it’s pitch black until she opens the fridge. From inside the fridge, she stands in front as she opens the fridge (Mid shot and the changes angle to show the fridge. Using the same shot she sits back down. *** The shot came in the position where we started in. Further Amendments: (*) Medium shot focusing on Helen and Maia, close up of Helen with a bored expression. (**) Semi tilted medium shot focusing on the freezer, Maia opens the freezer and crouches down, (side view). Semi high angle shot over Maia’s shoulder, Maia stands up and closes the fridge. Medium wide shot of Maia sitting down at the table. (***) Close up of the box of Magnums, Maia tears it open, fades to extreme close up. Fades to Maia unwrapping her Magnum. (****) Medium group shot opening Magnums. Fades to Magnum logo and slogan. Fades to group shot of all eating Magnums and enjoying them.
  6. 6. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Location Recce Ideas/ Photos These photos are the representation of the room that we are going to use. This is Maia’s dining hall; this is the place where the shoot is going to take place.
  7. 7. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Shot List Shot Location Narrative Shot Type Sound/Music 1 Living room Friends in the living room watching television looking bored. Full shot -Panning- 2 Maia getting up to go to the kitchen. Tracking shot -behind- 3 Kitchen Maia hears muffled music coming from the fridge. 4 Maia opens the fridge and the music was clearer than before. She decided to close it and the music became muffled again and does this for a couple of times. Medium shot -from the side- 5 Maia stares at the Magnum Ice cream. High angle shot -semi tilted- Focused on the Magnum Ice cream 6 Maia takes the Magnum Ice cream out. Over the shoulder shot 7 Kitchen Maia walks back to the living room. Wide-long shot 8 Living room Maia hands out the Ice cream to everyone. Full shot 9 Everyone looks less bored than before. Establishing Shot AMENDMENT OF SHOT LIST Shot Location Narrative Shot Type Sound/Music 1 DINING ROOM Friends in the dining room using their own phones as entertainment, looking bored. Helen’s close up. Maia gets to go to the fridge. Medium group – close up Semi tilted side view Bensound - Celebration 2 3 Music gets louder when Maia opens the freezer. Semi tilted side view Semi high angle4 Maia takes the box of Magnums out of the freezer. 5 Magnum ice cream on the table. Hands getting the Magnum ice cream. Close up – Extreme close up 6 The group toasts with their Magnums Medium group
  8. 8. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Budgeting
  9. 9. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Location Recce Form
  10. 10. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Release for Location
  11. 11. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Releases for Talent
  12. 12. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts
  13. 13. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts
  14. 14. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Risk Assessments
  15. 15. BTEC Film & TV TV Adverts Production Schedule Production Schedule Name(s): Helen, Maia, Rhianna and Ruth Production title: Magnum Re-branding Production dates: 1st February 2017 and 1st March 2017 Date & Time Activity/Scene Personnel, equipment & Props Required 11:40 – 13:10 01-02-17 To film everything in one shoot. Camera and Tripod 11:40 – 13:10 01-03-17 To re-film everything in one shoot. To make sure that there are going to be no technical issues on the scenes. Camera and Tripod