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SAP GTM Training | GTM Online Training Course

SAP GTM Training at SAP IDES Trainings provides you best lab facility.We specialized in delivering SAP Global Trade Management Corporate Training by experts.

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SAP GTM Training Course Content :

• Multiple quantity units
• Multiple currencies
• Price calculation for the trading transactions
• Partner functions
• Portfolio assignments
• Control of the open logistics documents
• Incompleteness checks
• Status and approval management
• Copy controls
• Text managements
• Contracting
• Quantity verification
• Risk assessment
• Document flow
• Central output control
• Supplier evaluation

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SAP GTM Training | GTM Online Training Course

  1. 1. SAP GTM TRAINING / +91 8121 020 888
  2. 2. / +91 8121 020 888 About SAP GTM: SAP Global Trade Management (GTM) has been developing since the year 1992. This product is older than you think. Most of people confused this with SAP Global Trade Services (GTS), these are completely difference products & comes from different background. As of ERP 6.0 both products can be integrated though. The SAP GTM is developed at the top of SAP SD / MM . It is a logistics solution or the functionalities.
  3. 3. / +91 8121 020 888 Overview On SAP GTM: SAP Global Trade Management in short called as SAP GTM, It is a license free component of the SAP ERP. On the other side, GTS is a former Foreign Trade module in R/3 & it is mainly focused on the specific trading business steps / processes i.e. on Export and Import. SAP GTM allows you to integrate & streamline the sales as well as the purchasing processes both effectively & economically. To elaborate it detail, for example if your company has a business unit, which sourcing a product or an service internally or externally & sell (purchasing), distribute it to internal or external customer (sales), Then SAP GTM could be a perfect SAP module to realize that business processes in the SAP. By using SAP GTM you will get an better overview of your trading business, for example documents flow, status of specified business & the completeness, as well a profit simulation & much more. In SAP GTM the handling for documents & the processes are simplified compared to SAP SD & SAP MM, because the amount of document numbers and transactions for necessary work can be reduced. A company that deploys an global trade management software system can reduce the costs, risks & delays associated with manual compliance & also tracking efforts.
  4. 4. / +91 8121 020 888 Importance of SAP GTM : It speed up the outbound & inbound customs clearance, by reducing unnecessary delays Minimize fines & penalties from trade compliance violations It protect company brand & image, & it avoids trade with sanctioned or denied parties It eliminate time-consuming, manual compliance tasks & boost the productivity with automation. It contribute to bottom-line savings through duty minimization opportunities
  5. 5. / +91 8121 020 888 The SAP GTM consists of 4 different main functionalities: 1.Trading Contract (T/C): 2. Trading Execution Workbentch (TEW) 3. Trading Expenses. 4.Position Management
  6. 6. / +91 8121 020 888 1.Trading Contract (T/C): When you have decided to develop GTM, you need a logistics document, the trading business is simply you buy something and sell it to someone else. It is Obvious that you need a sales order for customer as well as a purchase order for a vendor or supplier side. So neither the SAP sales order (S/O) nor the SAP purchase order (P/O) are enough to fulfill trading business process as a starting point. We need a document which has the capability to store both the sales as well as purchase data both & create a S/O & a P/O as subsequent documents, yes, that is T/C. T/C as a nature can creates a S/O and several P/Os at item level and automatically in background with ONE Click. Not only the document creation but also you have an online profit simulation, open order and delivery control and so on. Since T/C has sales and purchase both side data into one document, you don’t have to go to S/O and P/O back and forth to check business data, you can check everything in one single document.
  7. 7. / +91 8121 020 888 2. Trading Execution Workbentch (TEW) : After creating an sales order (S/O) & purchase orders (P/O) from T/C, The SAP GTM user uses the TEW which is a workbentch transaction to manage logistics execution. So What does logistics execution exactly means? The logistics execution means Goods Receipt (G/R), Inbound and Outbound Delivery, Billing , Logistics Invoice Verification in SAP. Trading is a chain process from purchasing a product & selling it and has to be streamlined. If you are an trader (user), do you remember each transaction code and process the documents? Answer : Of course not. You really need one screen to finish everything you need to do, so that is why gtm has developed TEW. Once an user enter basic parameters, TEW try to search a target document to process , selecting target documents & pressing ‘Execute’ button.
  8. 8. / +91 8121 020 888 3. Trading Expenses : Here it maintains planned & unplanned additional costs nothing but the trading expenses directly in the trading contract. This process will do a head while creating or changing the trading contract, but also at later moments within the follow-on documents of the process. It will probably maintain the expenses in the trading contract.
  9. 9. / +91 8121 020 888 4.Position Management : This is the last key functionality or the component of GTM called ‘Position Management’ . The Position Management allows you to associate sales & purchase data intentionally. This is how it works, when you buy a product & create a purchase only trading contract, system populates a popup screen which includes ALL possible entries such as sales only trading Contract, Sales Order, Outbound Delivery, etc. then you can associate with you purchase item. And you can select one or many items from the list & associate it.
  10. 10. / +91 8121 020 888 SAP GTM Training Course Content : Multiple quantity units Multiple currencies Price calculation for the trading transactions Partner functions Portfolio assignments Control of the open logistics documents Incompleteness checks Status and approval management Copy controls Text managements Contracting Quantity verification Risk assessment Document flow Central output control Supplier evaluation
  11. 11. / +91 8121 020 888 For More Information Visit us @ :
  12. 12. / +91 8121 020 888 Thank You…!