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Optimize Business Intelligence Efforts With Embedded, Application-Driven Analytics

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Want to discover, procure, and provision business intelligence data more effectively? Forrester Consulting has a suggestion: embedded, application-driven analytics.

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Optimize Business Intelligence Efforts With Embedded, Application-Driven Analytics

  1. 1. Application-Driven Analytics Empower Business Intelligence Efforts DATA ANALYTICS AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE EFFORTS IN COMPANIES ARE ONLY MARGINALLY EFFECTIVE AT . . . MOST COMPANIES STRUGGLE WITH BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE EFFORTS BECAUSE THEIR ANALYTICS ARE SILOED. Increase business agility Make better informed business decisions Reduce IT costs Drive new revenue streams with data and BI Increase revenue 61% - Real-time access to data, providing more accurate, relevant insights 55% - More relevant, useful insights that don’t require ad hoc analysis or data exploration expertise provided by users 52% - Easier ability to see and track connections between signals users get from analytics and the actions they take 40% - Reduced reliance on data professionals to run analytics and build reports This document is based on a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP titled, “Optimize Business Intelligence Efforts With Embedded, Application-Driven Analytics,” March 2019. The study, including a full list of data sources and references, can be found at Base: 219 directors at enterprises in the US, EMEA, and APAC+ in IT, analytics, data science, and enterprise architecture familiar with the enterprise's analytics strategy. © 2019 Forrester Research, Inc. All right reserved. Forrester is a registered trademark of Forrester Research, Inc. EMBEDDED ANALYTICS ARE EXPECTED TO DRIVE MORE TOP- AND BOTTOM-LINE BENEFITS. STEPS TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS Companies are using embedded/application- driven analytics to improve overall BI effectiveness. 31% By horizontal function 21% By individual product or service line 12% By region Only 36% have rolled out analytics across the entire enterprise. Improving margins 100% 50% 0% Reducing IT costs Making full use of all enterprise data Increasing business agility and enabling faster decision making49% 37% 37% 35%