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  1. 1. A peek into the lives of our ‘Style Seekers’ & ‘Young & Free’ - Today’s hit network segments
  2. 2. It’s all about feeling great and being up for anything at any time. They seek out fun and are always on which directly fuels their social currency. They are 16-24 year old females who are tech savvy and feel that films, music and clothing contribute to their personal definition. The independence that comes with being slightly older means individual well-being is more important than what others think of them. They are 25-34 year old females who are more certain of themselves. Experiences are the number one thing that defines them along with relationships, family and friends. Today's hit network targets under 40s and strongly delivers a female audience 18-39 years of age with our bullseye being a 27 year old female. We describe our fans and listeners in two distinct segments; Young & Free and Style Seekers.
  3. 3. Young & Frees have a very positive outlook on life & their life mottos reflect this. Happiness and living for the day are important. Young & Frees are looking forward to finishing their degree, getting a job, travelling, buying a house & establishing a relationship. Achieving these things though causes them the most worry. Style Seekers also have a very positive outlook on life & have positive life mottos. Style Seekers hope the next three years brings marriage, a family, buying a house, travelling & working on their career. They are worried about money though & how that will affect their family. “ “ “ “ Jessica, 22 Melody, 30 Both the Young & Free and Style Seekers are loving life. But because of life stages they’re wanting to achieve different things. For the Young & Free, it’s all about taking chances & seeing the world. #YOLO Whilst for the Style Seekers, their they’re more focused on settling down (career, marriage, family). Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “Thinking about the next three years, what do you really hope to achieve in this time?” “What worries you most, and why?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  4. 4. These women have a LOT of friends – although it seems the majority of them are more just people they’re friendly with, rather than being actual friends. When it comes to their close social circle, the vast majority will have more than three friends that they class as close. When they’re catching up with their friends, for the Young & Free it’s a social occasion. They’re going out – to eat, to the movies, shopping, coffee & drinks. 87% have 3 or more friends in their close social circle – with 1 in 3 having more than 6. Style Seekers are 21% more likely than the average woman in this age group to have 6+ friends in their close social circle. They’re more socially active than the average woman & go out when they catch up with friends. They’re going shopping, to dinner or coffee, & going to the movies. Some however are just hanging out & catching up. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “And how many friends do you have in your close circle that you regularly spend time with?” “how many Facebook friends do you have?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  5. 5. Although the majority are single, those who are in relationships are relatively happy. In fact, they’re much happier with the amount of intimacy between themselves & their partner than the average 18-24 year old woman. Style Seekers are more satisfied with their relationship than the average 25-34 year old woman. They are 18% more likely to be totally satisfied with the division of chores between themselves & their partner & 30% more likely to be totally satisfied with the quality of time they spend together as a couple. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “Considering the statements below, could you please indicate how 'Satisfied' or 'Dissatisfied' you are with each, in relation to your current relationship.?” “Have you ever cheated on your current husband or partner?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  6. 6. When seeking relationship advice, Young & Frees are seeking reassurance & support – was this the right guy for them, was it a positive relationship, should they stay or should they go? They were also looking to vent. They definitely don’t want judgement. This is why they’re turning to their best friend & mum for their honest opinion. When seeking relationship advice, Style Seekers are looking for advice on marriage & how to deal with their (usually lazy or disinterested) husbands. They’re also seeking reassurance & support – usually for whether they should stay in the relationship or not. They turn to their friends (not necessarily their best friend) mum or even aunts. 1 in 5 single Young & Frees are happy to be solo – so it means just under half are on the lookout for love. Whilst the majority of single Style Seekers are happy to stay single, 1 in 10 are really seeking a partnership. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “Thinking about the last time you sought after relationship advice....What was the kind of advice you were searching for?” “You mentioned earlier you were single...Which of the following statements best describes how you currently feel?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  7. 7. Their phones are a high priority for both groups of women. When it comes to social media, Facebook & Instagram are the top players. Young & Frees have a love affair with their phones & use them to connect with media throughout the day. They’re likely to check email, Facebook & Instagram when they wake up, throughout the day & last thing at night. Young & Frees are also prone to use their phone for regular selfies but they’re not always keen to actually post their pics online. Style Seekers still love their phone but are also consuming media on other platforms too – a laptop/computer, TV, iPad & the radio. Although Style Seekers are not as keen on selfies as Young & Frees, they are more likely to take a shot than the average woman this age but like to do so in moderation – & don’t always post them for the world to see. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “Love it or hate it, for many of us social media is a part of our daily lives. So how often are you using the below social media?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  8. 8. Whilst these two segments still use apps for practical purposes, the primary reason they love engaging with apps is because it allows them to keep up with the latest trends & escape the pressures of the day- they are their secret guilty pleasures! However, they also use them to track themselves in health, fitness & pregnancy. Whilst Style Seekers prefer Facebook, Young & Free are loving Instagram- it’s their way of keeping ahead of trends along with expressing their creativity. Not surprisingly, social media apps are favourites for Style Seekers- it keeps them to up to date with friends, fashion, news & celebrity gossip. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “What is your CURRENT FAVOURITE phone or tablet app at the moment and why?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  9. 9. Young & Frees are pretty typical of women 18-24. The big difference is with the Style Seekers. These women seem to be holding on to their youth – they share more commonalities with the Young & Frees than they do the average 25-34 year old woman. They want to keep up with modern styles but balance that with classic looks. They’re happy to dress sporty but it must be girly at the same time. This is likely why Lorna Jane is such a popular brand for Young & Free women. They are getting their fashion inspiration from others they see, friends & Instagram – so it’s very much being led by fashion trends & keeping up (and probably fitting in) with their social circle. Whilst the majority of women in this age group prefer to dress casually & comfortably, Style Seekers are also focused on exuding a style that is feminine, girly & modern. It seems like they’re trying to keep up with their younger counterparts. They haven’t let their lifestage change their fashion style. They get their fashion inspiration from others that they see & their friends. But they’re also likely to be influenced by magazines & celebrities. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “Which of the following describe your everyday style?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  10. 10. Splurging seems to be a matter of opinion. For some it’s a frequent activity & can include less expensive items up to $20. For others it’s a much bigger deal – half yearly shopping trips where there’s no limit on purchases & bigger ticket items are bought. For some women a splurge is about spoiling other people, while for many it’s completely a selfish act – & something they deserve as they’ve worked hard to get it. “I splurge at least once a month. Sometimes it can be longer than that. Today I splurged and bought a new pair of joggers. Two months ago it was a new dress! I splurge for myself.” She’s splurging on herself - but she’s also splurging on buying things for friends & family. She feels she deserves it & it’s been earned. Most Young & Frees seem to be splurging on a monthly basis but for some it’s a more frequent treat. “A splurge is a treat for working hard and saving my money. A splurge generally includes a new dress most likely from review so that my husband and I can splurge on a nice dinner date together.” If she has children, her splurge is seen as a treat for herself. She’ll buy clothes, accessories or beauty treatments. For Style Seekers, a splurge is about treating themselves over other people. It’s perceived as a ‘treat’ than a regular thing. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “what does a splurge mean for you?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  11. 11. spend under $150 spend over $150 spend under $150 spend over $150 Young & Frees seem to do more frequent splurging but spend less in a transaction whereas Style Seekers save it up for one big hit & something super special (especially those with children). Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “what is the next thing you're planning to 'splurge' on?” “when you do splurge, how much are you typically spending on a single purchase?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  12. 12. Women certainly have a pretty clear idea of what their next splurge item is going to be - they have something earmarked. Although the Style Seekers seem to spend more on their splurge, both women have clothes on the list for their next splurge. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “what is the next thing you're planning to 'splurge' on?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  13. 13. Both these groups do seem to have at least one thing they don’t like about their bodies but being overweight is a pretty serious worry for women – the Young & Frees are more concerned about it than the Style Seekers. Young & Frees are more concerned about their appearance than Style Seekers. Being overweight, having love handles and fearing their boobs will head south are the top concerns. The top thing they want to change about their bodies is to lose weight. Style Seekers are less concerned with their appearance in general than the Young & Frees. Their weight issues are lessened slightly as they’ve gotten older & things like wrinkles & greying hair have got them concerned. Their weight is the top thing they’d like to change about their bodies. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “Which three words would you use to describe your body?” “And if you could change one thing about your body, what would it be and why?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  14. 14. Engaging with different life stages can be about understanding how to talk to them about the music that means something to them. While both groups love a lot of the same songs, the reasons they love them can differ. 1. Happy Pharell William 2. Wonderwall Oasis 3. Wake Me Up Avicii 4. Teenage Dirtbag Wheatus 5. Tik Tok Ke$ha 6. Mr Bightside The Killers 7. 1000 Miles Vanessa Carlton 8. Graduation Vitamin C 9. Time of Your Life Green Day 10. With You Chris Brown 1. Time of Your Life Green Day 2. All of Me John Legend 3. Happy Pharell Williams 4. Horses Darrel Braithwaite 5. All My Life K-Ci & JoJo 6. Graduation Vitamin C 7. A Thousand Years Christina Perri 8. Amazing Grace 9. Everlong Foo Fighters 10. Over the Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Songs that mean something to the Young & Free, they are all about the immediate & fun… family now, friends now, ideas of love & romance. But for the Style Seekers the songs that pull their heart strings are songs that have nostalgia with significant life events & not so recent events. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “Can you name ONE SONG that holds GREAT MEMORIES for you?” “What memories does this song bring back for you?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  15. 15. Young & Frees want to travel the world & experience different countries & cultures while they’re young & have fewer responsibilities. Style Seekers are a little more restrained when it comes to overseas travel dreams. Those with children want to take a family trip somewhere – Disneyland and skiing are popular. For the Young & Free, they want to travel overseas & experiencing the most of different countries & cultures while they’re young. Whilst for the Style Seekers, their travel plans are focused on their family & getting some quality family bonding time in a fun & different environment, like the snow. Source: SCA Research Who is She? Study. Sept 2014. “Do you have a current passport?” “What does your next dream trip look like?” N= 1391 Young and Free. N= 721 Style Seekers
  16. 16. There is no denying it- our listeners love a bit of #gossip. Whether it is at the water cooler or during a quick coffee break, the loves and lives of celebrities fascinate them. A whopping 70% of Young & Free ladies get their fix at least once week. But while Style Seekers might not have their finger on the pulse as often as their counterparts on a daily basis, they too still like to keep up to date. Source: SCA Research Scoopla Study JUNE 2013- “And HOW OFTEN do you consume celebrity entertainment news with ANY media?” N= 1941 Young and Free. N= 1765 Style Seekers