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THE PROGRAM of setting up a company,
obtaining a residence permit and citizenship

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  1. 1. BUSINESS IMMIGRATION to SWEDEN THE PROGRAM of setting up a company, obtaining a residence permit and citizenship
  2. 2. Why Sweden?  Modern, free and open society  Safe and positive environment  Affordable and high quality education and health care  Property rights protection and low corruption level  Independent court, effective law enforcement system  Innovative and competitive economy  Strong and reliable banking sector  Huge opportunities for business development  English is fluently used by most people Business immigration: Who may be interested in?  Planning to move to another country, but keeping control over your business?  Selling out your business and starting a new project in a better social and economic environment?  Investing your capital to live comfortably on interest income? OR  Is developing an international project important for people and capital movement freedom?  Planning for secure family future in a supportive environment?  Or just want to live and work in a modern society of equal opportunities? THEN the program of BUSINESS IMMIGRATION to SWEDEN IS FOR YOU!
  3. 3. #7 out of 187 countries #7 out of 144 countries Sweden: fast facts country by territory in Western Europe after France and Spain#3 million people9,7 80 83 Average life expectancy Political system - constitutional monarchy parliamentary democracy residents were born abroad14,8% in terms of GDP per capita (nominal) by Human Development Index (inequality-adjusted) #10 out of 144 countries by Global Competitiveness Index #4 out of 175 countries by Corruption Perceptions Index #2 out of 167 countries by Democracy Index 200 years without war
  4. 4. Business in Sweden: Aktiebolag (AB) - limited liability company  The most common legal form of business organization is a limited liability company (Aktiebolag or AB), where shareholders are not personally liable for the obligations of the company  One or more founders, who must meet certain requirements, can form a limited liability company:  Person residing in the European Economic Area territory (EEA) = EU + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein  Swedish legal entity  Legal entity established in the EEA with headquarters or major operations in the EEA Swedish company Managing Director must be a resident of the EEA. In some cases, the Company Registrar may grant an exemption from this requirement  If none of the company representatives is a resident in Sweden, Director / Board of Directors must appoint an authorized person resident in Sweden, as a contact person for communication with the authorities of Sweden, on behalf of the company  There are no restrictions on the number or citizenship of company shareholders  Shareholders have the right to regulate their relations in accordance with private, non-public agreements or to a certain extent, in accordance with the Articles and / or Memorandum of Association  All shares have equal rights, unless otherwise provided in the Articles. The Articles of the company can define different classes of shares, i.e. different rights to participate in the assets or profits of the company, multiple voting rights, etc.  Private companies must have a paid-up share capital of at least SEK 50,000 (around EUR 5,700)  Corporate Tax - 22%  Wide network of tax treaties - more than 80 countries  No withholding tax on interest and royalties  Low rate or exemption for withholding tax on dividends (EC Directive and tax treaties)  Capital gain tax exemption (qualifications)
  5. 5. Moving to Sweden: choose the location for the residence  Political, business and cultural center, the largest city of the country  Capital city region is the most populated area in Sweden - around 2.1 million people, the population of Stockholm is about 870,000  Temperate maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers. Mild winters due to the strong influence of the Gulf Stream, and summer temperatures rarely exceed 25°C  Convenient flights to the major European cities - about 1.5 -2.5 flight hours  A regular ferry service with Finland and the Baltic States  Advanced and modern city, located in the heart of the Öresund - one of the most progressive regions estimated by OECD and the largest labor market in Scandinavia  The third largest city in Sweden (~300,000 inhabitants), the administrative center of Skåne region, the southernmost and warmest of the major Swedish cities  Öresund Bridge connects Malmö with Copenhagen, and the largest airport in Scandinavia - Copenhagen Kastrup. It takes 20/30 min. to get to Kastrup by train/car from the city center. Regular ferry service to Germany  Sweden is divided into 21 counties (sv: län - county, state), which includes 290 municipalities  The personal income tax rate depends on the choice of municipality for residence Capital City Region Stockholm Southern Sweden, Skåne Malmö
  6. 6. Moving to Sweden: property acquisition  There are no restrictions in SWEDEN on property acquisition by foreign citizens or companies  The fact of owning the real estate is not a basis for residence permit obtaining, but usually considered when extending the temporary residence permit or obtain the permanent residence permit  The price range for housing is very wide – from the most expensive in the capital to the cheapest in the remote municipalities  Apartments and semi-detached houses are usually owned by house-hold cooperatives, i.e. not acquiring a specific apartment or semi-detached house, but the share in a house-hold cooperative with the right of residence in a particular apartment or semi-detached house  After the purchase of a share in a house-hold cooperative, member pays a monthly residential rental payment, including utilities.  However, the residential rental payment is lower if the house-hold cooperative has less financial liabilities (loans), well developed, etc. EXAMPLE: an apartment near the centre of Malmö, 3 rooms, 79 sq. m. = 975,000 kr. (~ 107 600 euro) Residential rental payment = 2160 kr. (240 euro) Mortgage 2.7%, down payment of 15% Apartment / Semi-detached house Villa / Plot of land  Villa or/and land are registered under the ownership to a physical or legal person  The buyer pays the stamp duty of 1.5% (physical person) of the appraised value  Since 2008 the housing tax has been abolished and replaced by a municipal duty which is 0.75% of the appraised value, the maximum fee = 7074 kr. EXAMPLE: Villa, 20 minutes from Malmö, 700 sq. m. plot, 4 rooms, 120 sq. m. = 1,495,000 kr. (~ 165 000 euro) Monthly utility = 2000 kr. (220 euro) Mortgage 2.7%, down payment of 15%
  7. 7. BUSINESS IMMIGRATION program: basic steps and individual options Program steps Action / Results Implementation / Duration Remark Consultation, identification of the goals and objectives over the medium term - optimal business ownership structure - operational management and control - program participants - spouse, children, relatives, partners 2-3 hours  Study visit to Sweden: Stockholm or Malmö - exploring the city - sights, transport and infrastructure 2-3 days trip, setting-up within 7 days OPTION Limited liability company formation and registration - holding structure formation (optional) - fiduciary shareholder services - appointing the Director – Swedish resident 2-3 weeks  Processing the documents and application forms for work permit and temporary residence permit - forms/documents for the applicant / owner - forms/documents for family members - obtaining for work permit and temporary residence permit for 1-2 years 1-2 months  Assistance with obtaining the Swedish personal ID number and Swedish ID card - registration / mail address providing - filing the application 4-5 weeks OPTION Assistance with the selection of accommodation for rent / purchase - searching and selecting the object - assistance in working with the realtor 2-3 weeks OPTION
  8. 8. BUSINESS IMMIGRATION program: RESIDENCE PERMIT and CITIZENSHIP RESIDENCE PERMIT / Permission to work and stay in Sweden  A work permit is needed to act as a company officer  Work permit for a period exceeding 90 days is simultaneously a residence permit - temporary residence permit  Temporary residence permit also gives the right to stay in the Schengen area during 90 days - for business and travel  Application for an extension must be applied 1-2 months before the expiration of the temporary permit. As a rule, the first temporary permission is valid for a year and 2 years in case of subsequent renewal  Temporary residence permit may not be exceed 4 years in total, after there will be a possibility to apply for a permanent residence permit Swedish CITIZENSHIP  A request for citizenship can be applied after 5 years of continuous stay in Sweden  The basic requirements for the application process are: having a permanent residence permit, maintaining a decent lifestyle and lack of serious offenses  The benefits of Swedish citizenship among other things are: - living and working in other EU countries as well as in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland - no visa is required for entering to 173 countries
  9. 9. SHFM OVERSEAS Sweden Filial: BUSINESS IMMIGRATION to Sweden Please contact us for more information about our services in Sweden: Т: +46 40 668 81 77 E:  Working out with the individual program scenario  Formation, registration of companies, funds in Sweden and in other jurisdictions, effective assets structuring  Tax planning for holding structures  Swedish resident Managing Director services  Paperwork needed to apply for a work / temporary residence permit  Support with the application and documents follow up, communication with the Immigration Office and the Consular Department of the Embassy of Sweden  Development and implementation of adapting process after moving to Sweden  Assistance with choosing and acquiring the residential and commercial property, operating businesses, etc.