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Storytelling: First Lecture

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What is Storytelling?

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Storytelling: First Lecture

  1. 1. What Is Storytelling? FIRST LECTURE sjoerd-jeroen moenandar education| storytelling | culture
  2. 2. o Telling a story o An act o Like any other act (e.g. teaching: (1) teacher, (2) students, (3) content, (4) lecture) STORYTELLING 2 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  3. 3. o Storyteller o Audience o Content – what the story is about o Story FOR STORYTELLING WE NEED… 3 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  4. 4. o Consider: • Rihanna: SOS (2006) • Beck: “Mexico” (1993) o Story: Series of events with characters WHAT IS A STORY? 4 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  5. 5. o Something that happened to me • Story? • Or anecdote? o Story • Somebody does something • The story explains why and how and what STORY 5 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  6. 6. o Main character o A goal o A reason o Opponent(s) o Helper(s) o Someone who profits STORYTELLING 6 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  7. 7. THE CHARACTER/GOAL MODEL 7 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  8. 8. Observation exercise Spot a random person. Give a detailed description of: - Look and appearances - Acts and gestures ECERCISE 1 8 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  9. 9. Handout 1 “The man and the cornchips” Remco Campert STORYTELLING 9 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  10. 10. FILL IN FOR CAMPERT’S STORY 0 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar
  11. 11. EXERCISE 2 1 sjoerd-jeroen moenandar 1. Turn your character from assignment 1 into a round character (with fiction, not facts) by answering the following questions: a. In which city/village/neighbourhood was he or she born and raised? b. What is his or her earliest memory? c. What relation does he or she have to his or her parents and siblings? d. Who is his or her best friend? e. Favourite way to spend his or her free time? f. Four character traits: 2 negative; 2 positive 2. Which goal would suit this character?