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8 Ways to Tell Stories for Crowdfunding

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Rob Wu, CEO, CauseVox

Twitter Handle: @RobJWu

Fundraising campaigns are driven by a special type of story­­–– the campaign story. In this talk, Rob will go through ten examples of compelling campaign stories and what makes them great.

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8 Ways to Tell Stories for Crowdfunding

  2. 2. @robjwu / FREE EBOOK! Get our free ebook on Hollywood storylines you can use for crowdfunding: http :// /
  3. 3. @robjwu / STORYTELLING MATTERS • It drives donations • It drives sharing (especially on social media) • It builds a movement
  4. 4. @robjwu / –You “I don’t know how to tell a good story”
  5. 5. @robjwu / –You “I don’t dig wells or help kids; my story isn’t sexy”
  6. 6. @robjwu / –You “I have a fundraising appeal – isn’t that my story?”
  7. 7. @robjwu / CLASSIC STORYLINES
  8. 8. @robjwu / OVERCOMING THE MONSTER #1
  9. 9. @robjwu / Protagonist sets out to defeat a deadly force or antagonist that threatens him or his home and community.
  12. 12. @robjwu / STORYLINE CONCEPT Protagonis t Call to Action Antagonis t Defea t Defea t Silv a Chitaur i Bon d Heroe s Skyfal l Avenger s
  13. 13. @robjwu /
  14. 14. @robjwu /
  15. 15. @robjwu / STORYLINE CONCEPT Protagonis t Call to Action Antagonis t Earth Rights Film s Corp s
  16. 16. @robjwu / IDEAS IN ACTION • Embrace that you are the underdog. • If there is no clear antagonist, define the enemy or threat. • Rally supporters by showing them what the enemy can do.
  17. 17. @robjwu / RAGS TO RICHES / REBIRTH #2
  18. 18. @robjwu / Protagonist starts out as poor and downtrodden, but rises in the world through wealth, status, love, and more. May include momentary loss of it all and grows up because of it.
  19. 19. @robjwu / The main character(s) has an inner transformation that leads to a new perspective on life.
  21. 21. @robjwu / REBIRTH: A CHRISTMAS CAROL
  22. 22. @robjwu / STORYLINE CONCEPT Protagonis t Call to Action Antagonis t Provid e Lif e Chris Gardne r Pursuit of Happyness Generosit y Self Scroog e A Christmas Carol
  23. 23. @robjwu /
  24. 24. @robjwu / TLqqJkKeJMk
  25. 25. @robjwu / STORYLINE CONCEPT Protagonis t Call to Action Antagonis t Harr y Overcom e Homelessnes s
  26. 26. @robjwu / IDEAS IN ACTION • Tell the story of a disadvantaged kid that got into Harvard. • Tell a story of a cancer survivor. • Good opportunity for personal narratives or testimonials.
  27. 27. @robjwu / IDEAS IN ACTION • Flashback videos or Tweeting past events as if they were today • Q&A interviews before and after with someone going through a “rebirth” process. • Letters to my former self, a timeline of milestones and achievements
  28. 28. @robjwu / THE QUEST /VOYAGE #3
  29. 29. @robjwu / Protagonist and companions set out to acquire an important object or reach a destination, encountering perils and obstacles along the way.
  30. 30. @robjwu / QUEST: WIZARD OF OZ
  31. 31. @robjwu / QUEST: LORD OF THE RINGS
  32. 32. @robjwu / STORYLINE CONCEPT Protagonis t Call to Action Antagonis t Go home Rin g Witc h Bad Guy Dorth y Hobbi t Wizard of Oz Lord of the Rings Supporter s Team D Team F
  33. 33. @robjwu /
  34. 34. @robjwu /
  35. 35. @robjwu /
  36. 36. @robjwu / STORYLINE CONCEPT Protagonis t Call to Action Antagonis t Wear a dress Education funding Yo u Do it in a Dress Grow a beard Breast cancer Yo u Beards for Boobs
  37. 37. @robjwu / IDEAS IN ACTION • Think of your mission as a quest, and map out the journey (literally: make a map!), recruit companions (partners, supporters), and stock up on supplies. • Get supporters to tell stories of their journey via personal fundraising pages
  38. 38. @robjwu / TRAGEDY #4
  39. 39. @robjwu / The main character is a villain who delves deeper into darkness before ultimately falling too far, and dies.
  40. 40. @robjwu / TRAGEDY: BREAKING BAD
  41. 41. @robjwu / STORYLINE CONCEPT Protagonis t Foll y Antagonis t Prid e Sel f Walte r Breaking Bad
  42. 42. @robjwu /
  43. 43. @robjwu / 9
  44. 44. @robjwu / STORYLINE CONCEPT Protagonis t Call to Action Antagonis t Destructio n Peopl e Tsunam i Japan Tsunami
  45. 45. @robjwu / IDEAS IN ACTION • Tread lightly with sad and dark storytelling to avoid the dreaded “poverty or charity porn.” • Be strategic with imagery and personal stories to make a point and show what happens if you DON’T make progress on your mission.
  46. 46. @robjwu / STORYLINE SUMMARY 1. Overcoming the monster 2. Rags to riches / Rebirth 3. Quest /Voyage 4. Tragedy
  47. 47. @robjwu / LET’S STAY IN TOUCH! Rob Wu, CEO of CauseVox @robjwu / @causevox