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160630 qm dx wieke de bruin (company presentation)

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Company presentation on QM Diagnostics by Wieke de Bruin as presented during the SMB meeting on June 30, 2016 in Nijmegen.

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160630 qm dx wieke de bruin (company presentation)

  1. 1. Health monitoring of laboratory animals
  2. 2. Heritage - Merger of 2 labs of the RadboudUMC - Starting in the seventies as the ICLAS reference lab (virology) of the department of Medical Microbiology and the bacteriological lab of the Central Animal Lab - 2002, together start of QM diagnostics - Since Dec. 2008: a private company owned by the Radboudumc - Team increased from 18 to 30 colleagues - 2016: time to move to NTC !
  3. 3. Our business: Bacteriology Parasitology Virology Biological samples of small lab animals Culture, Microscopy, MIA, ELISA, IFA, RT PCR and sequencing Quality in = Quality out
  4. 4. Why our customers choose and stay with us High quality and reliability of diagnostic testing Partner in improving Health Monitoring practices Independent, trusted advisor with a scientific background Possibility to participate in research projects
  5. 5. Challenges Surviving and expansion in a highly competitive market (price fighting) Turning a non-profit organisation into a well-oiled profit machine Proposition: High quality diagnostic services and sharing knowledge
  6. 6. Our needs Help becoming a real entrepreneur (SMB, Directoraat Valorisatie a.o.) Converting opportunities into business Unlocking our full potential