causes of climate change climate change is triple threat for ocean carbon footprints of fisheries and aquaculture restoration aquatic environment managemen pisciculture human impacts on coasts iczm effect on biota coastal land use coastal water pollution nutrient enrichment in coastal biodiversity loss climate change mangrove shrimp farming shrimp culture mariculture aquaculture environment allafum floating laboratory loktak development authority phumshangs thanga island ithai barrage biodiversity of loktak lake shanghai deer keibul lamjao national park floating phumdis floating lake manipur lake loktak lake fisat lcohor fishing mortality natural mortality population dynamics exponential decay model cohort dynamics national water mission catch the rain where it falls a.r.shivakumar tarun bharat sangh rajendra singh green building recharge pits recharge trench duhwells groundwater recharge water shed management rooftop rainwater harvesting surface runoff harvesting water usage water conservation collection of catch dat and inventory data landing centre approach fishing village approach sampling methodology cifri methodologies for data collection fisheries independent methods fisheries dependant method timing and location of data collection types of data and information collection objectives of data collection in inland fisheries pump fishing automated longline system vaccum pumps airlift pumps centrifugal pumps hydraulic fish lifting fish screws conveyor belts mechanized dip net for fishing mechanized harvesting in fish culture electrotaxis in fish automated unmanned fishing system fish harvesters fish pumps hydraulic dredges robotics control in fisheries automation in fisheries fishing system fish harvesting machine harvesting machine vulnerabilities in fisheries due to climate change adaptations and mitigations in fisheries in regard green house effect physical and chemical changes in ocean impact of climate change in fisheries significance of fisheries to nutritional security significance of fisheries to local livelihood pathways of climate change impacts in fisheries regional variability of climate change impacts high latitude spring bloom system coral bleaching green house gas contributions from fisheries adaptation toolbox by fao mitigation measures adaptation activities in large marine ecosystems ocean acidification climate change in fisheries astamudi lake fisheries of astamudi lake ashtamudi wetland ramsar sites in kerala fisheries in ashtamudi lake fisheries in vembanad lake vembanad -kol-wetland species diversity in kerala backwaters backwater ecosystem fisheries potential in kerala backwaters boat tourism kerala water cruises biodiversity of backwaters initiatives for protection of backwaters kerala tourism ashtamudi backwaters vembanad backwaters vembanad lake farming in south east asia asian seabass farming in thailand carp seed production
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