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H ivs ai_wehr_slides

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HI vs. AI: Will the robots win?

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H ivs ai_wehr_slides

  1. 1. HI vs. AI: Will the robots win? Dawn Wehr October 28, 2017
  2. 2. AI – accelerating evolution, uncertain future 2Sources: Business Insider, DeepMind 1997 2011 2016 2017 2045?2017 …Superintelligence “AI is a fundamental existential risk for human civilization” Elon Musk “We’re like children playing with a bomb” Nick Bostrom “Google will fulfill its mission only when its search engine is AI-complete.” Larry Page “Don’t Fear Artificial Intelligence” Raymond Kurzweil “It depends”
  3. 3. Most of what exists today is ‘Narrow Intelligence’ 3 It is machine intelligence that equal or exceeds human intelligence but in a specific area. Spam filters, Google translate are examples of ANI It is machine intelligence that equals or exceeds human intelligence across the board and that could successfully perform any intellectual task a human being can It is machine intelligence that is “smarter” than the best human brains in every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom & social skills Narrow Intelligence (ANI) General Intelligence (AGI) Super Intelligence (ASI) Progression of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  4. 4. “AI adoption outside of the tech sector is at an early, often experimental stage. Few firms have deployed it at scale.” McKinsey, Sep.2017 Our brand promise is “Dependability” We have launched select, deep applications of “vertical” AI which will result in…  Better business outcomes  Step changes in “dependability” as our customers experience it At Cummins; we are excited about near-term potential with AI
  5. 5. Workforce – implications for the future 5Source: McKinsey, Cummins Skills CEOs prioritize in their talent searches problem-solving ‖ adaptability ‖ collaboration ‖ leadership ‖ creativity ‖ innovation Automated check-in kiosks “a focus on occupations is misleading. Very few occupations will be automated in their entirety in the near or medium term” Cummins Product Safety Analytics: approach to be run weekly Data Gathering Analytics Model to shortlist potential safety claims Business Review Follow up with repair location Store new keywords and phrases
  6. 6. As a society we need to define regulatory and ethical standards 6 “software may not decide on its course of action based on the age, sex or physical condition of any people involved” “The legislation requires that a black box record the journey underway” U.S. DOT released new Automated Driving Systems guidance but regulation vary by State