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Moonshot fetch slides

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My Moonshot

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Moonshot fetch slides

  1. 1. The Burning Platform Clock Speed of Change Disruptive Technologies Growth Targets Profit 3X Revenue 2X New Competition
  2. 2. Strategy is destiny Culture eats strategy for breakfast Innovate or Die!
  3. 3. Develop & empower a culture of Inclusion for Innovation Align innovation to business strategy Play a key role in enabling this transformation TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP
  4. 4. BOLD VISION… WHAT IF…. We would be the leaders in industrial additive manufacturing and deliver on growth via innovation We could print a complete vehicle by 2020? We could print a working engine by 2018? We could print a significant sub-system by 2016? We could create a Factory in a Box?
  5. 5. BUT FIRST, PROVE TECHNOLOGY AND PROCESSES “FIELD OF DREAMS” Demonstration Projects Build Technical Expertise Business Model Find Quick Wins