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Music Magazine Questionnaire Results

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Music Magazine Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results By Saba Kebede
  2. 2. Genre of MusicThe pie chart for “Genre of Music” clarifies what genre of music is the most popular within my target audience. It is evident that R&B is the most popular genre, as with Hip/Hop andRap Music. Therefore, in my music magazine I am going to make sure that I will be focused on that specific genre, as more people will attracted to it. As R&B and Hip Hop/Rap are classified as similar genre’s I will research them and make sure that I choose one. Somepeople also like Rock and Pop, but UK Grime, Classical and Jazz and Club Classics will not be featured in my music magazine due to unpopular demand.
  3. 3. Favourite ArtistThis pie chart identifies the popularity of artists, and in which who will be featured in my music magazine. It is evident here that Beyonce is the most popular artist, therefore Beyonce will be featured in the magazine. However, Pixie Lott, Jessie J and ProfessorGreen won’t be featured. However, seeing Pixie Lott, Jessie J are both artists whose music originates from R&B music, their music can still inspire me in my music magazine. The people that were surveyed helped in letting me know whose type of music would potentially be relevant for my magazine.
  4. 4. Colour Scheme The colour scheme that is the most popular here is Grey, Black and Blue and I think that these colours are relevant for my music magazine. The reason for this is because when Iresearched other magazines with the same genre of music as my music magazine will be, I found that the magazine “Vibe” has got the same colour scheme as mine, and therefore can be of great inspiration to my music magazine. The magazine “Vibe” is also based on R&B music, therefore I can gather information from my research of this specific magazine and extract key information from their values into my magazine.
  5. 5. Features in the MagazineFrom this information gathered about what will feature in my music magazine, it is clear that celebrity gossip has to be included as it’s the most popular feature. Seeing as thesurveyed people’s favourite artist is Beyonce, the celebrity gossip provided in my musicmagazine would be about Beyonce. Interviews are the second most popular feature, and still many people do approve of interviews, and so I will make sure that interviews can appear within my magazine alongside the celebrity gossip. Consequently, articles and artist album reviews won’t be featured.
  6. 6. Price This data shows that the pricing of my music magazine will be between the prices £2.70 - £3.20. However, this data also portrays that people will pay less than this amount for a music magazine. The fact that the popular amount, is not the cheapest, neither is it themost expensive price is effective, because people will want to buy it if they think it is worth the guaranteed price. The price of £3.30 - £4.00 is the least popular because it’s the most expensive for the music magazine, so I won’t range the pricing to that amount, because it won’t be bought. However, as this data portrays that mainly, the prices between £2.30 - £3.20 is the most popular, then I would have to figure out which one is the mostapproachable after researching other relevant music magazine of the same genre of music.
  7. 7. Publication FrequencyThe frequent publication for my music magazine is a monthly, therefore will be based on a monthly basis. It is clear that the people surveyed are not so interested about music magazines, otherwise a weekly would off been the most popular option, as they wouldwant more out of that specific company. I can deduce that from this fact, music magazines are not frequently used. Therefore, to engage my audience, my magazine should be appealing, attractive and alluring, so that more people would approach it, and hopefully like it. Fortnightly magazines are the second most popular then weekly magazines.
  8. 8. Masthead FontThe most popular masthead font is “Champagne and Limousines” and therefore I will makesure that I include this specific font in my music magazine. “BIRTH OF A HERO” is the second popular, then “CAPTURE IT” and “ROUGH DRAFT” coming afterwards. I think that the font “Champagne and Limousines” is the most popular font because it’s clear and readable as oppose to the other fonts classified above. I personally like this font as well because it is understandable and refine. I also think that the font “BIRTH OF A HERO” has a more gothic approach to it, in which will contradict the genre of my music magazine which is R&B. As a result of this, “Champagne and Limousines” is more of an R&B style font in which is appropriate and relevant for my music magazine.
  9. 9. Favourite Music MagazineIt is clear that the music magazine “Vibe” is the most attractive and appealing magazine to those who were surveyed. When researching this particular music magazine, I found that some aspects of the “Vibe” has the same colour scheme as I had intended for my music magazine, due to the fact that both my music magazine and “Vibe” are based around the R&B genre of music. The genre of “NME” magazine is Pop, as well as “CLASH” magazine.Whereas “Q” magazine is also of Pop music but also Rock and Roll music as well. However,“Vibe” is associated with R&B, Urban and Hip Hop music, in which is relevant for my music magazine.