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Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Global Payroll Provider

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Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Global Payroll Provider gives you the framework you need when choosing a global payroll provider. What are the fundamental expectations you should have of a vendor? Which features and add-ons yield ROI?

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Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Global Payroll Provider

  1. 1. Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Global Payroll Provider Phil Calandra, VP Global Channels & Alliances, SafeGuard World International
  2. 2. Certified integration value-drivers  Reduction of both time to value and project risk  Radical reduction of integration cost, both initial and long-term  Fast & reliable implementations  Round-trip integration Inbound • Payroll results loaded into Workday • Standard input file • Payroll in local currency Outbound • HR data • Standard output file • Configurable • Auditable • Multiple formats Payroll (US & Canada) HCM Workday Time Tracking Cloud Connect for Third Party Payroll Payroll Results Global HR Data Payroll Provider Integration with Workday Global Payroll Provider
  3. 3. How Does the Process Work?
  4. 4. Questions You Should Ask
  5. 5. • In-Country Payroll Charges - True Cost? • Time Zones - How do you manage a ‘round-the-clock’ project? • Payroll Balances - Can I do a mid-year conversion? • Implementation - How long does it take? • Time Entry - Do you have a portal that EE’s can use? • Data Privacy - What do I need to know/do? • GL Files - How are they formatted/delivered? • Gross-to-Net Calculations - How and Where are these performed? Questions You Should Ask
  6. 6. • The Real Cost = Local Payroll Fees PLUS: ‒ Training classes and seminars annually ‒ New legislative requirements ‒ Backup Resource ‒ Auditing & SOX compliance ‒ Disaster Recovery Plan Country Charges
  7. 7. • Group countries in similar time zones into the same project phase Time Zones
  8. 8. • How do you provide balances for a mid-year implementation? 1. Spreadsheets – If this is the answer, do not do a mid-year implementation 2. Payroll Registers Payroll Balances
  9. 9. a  7 countries  2 month implementation  Go Live: Month 3  Workday integration  Go Live: Month 4  8th country  Go Live: Month 4  9-10th countries  Go Live: Month 5 1 W A V E 2 W A V E Replace Legacy ERP 600 Employees 10 Countries 3-5 Month Deadline The Solution Typical Deployment Timeline
  10. 10. Not Enough Trained In-Country Resources Limited Data Access Short Timeline 3 Things That Slow Many Implementations
  11. 11. • What You Should Consider ‒ Your business process ‒ How you capture local time data ‒ Going from a decentralized to centralized model • What You Should Ask a Provider ‒ Do you have certified integrations? ‒ What about interfaces? ‒ Where does time evaluation take place? (Payroll providers want Hours @ Pay Code/ Rate) Time Entry
  12. 12. • Consider Employment Contract implications around movement of data ‒ This probably came up in your Workday deployment, anyway • Check vendor Privacy Controls ‒ Audit Standards • Remember it is still your data – you’re not outsourcing the responsibility for it • Use PGP Encryption on files flowing between you and provider ‒ Workday makes this process easy • Remember the Data Privacy landscape continues to evolve; keep in touch with Legal on implications for HR and Payroll Data Privacy
  13. 13. • If you can’t get a good GL file, you’re probably not going live • GL files should be delivered monthly via an SFTP site • You should be able to get as many formats as you need • A Global Payroll vendor should be able to take your requirements and create each country’s file format & Chart of Accounts/ Reporting Structure GL Files
  14. 14. • How and Where are gross-to-net calculations performed? ‒ In-Country Partner (ICP) network  Do you have ICPs in every country I require?  To whom do I speak for every payroll that I run? ‒ Gross-to-net software  Do you have staff in every country I require, or who are my country-specific experts for every payroll?  What if my tax filings or payments are incorrect? Who can help resolve that, is in the local time zone, and knows the local language and customs? Gross-to-Net Calculations
  15. 15. Your Global Payroll Provider Needs To Play “Nice” With Workday!
  16. 16. • Certified outbound integrations • Labor costing integrations into Workday • Global access to payroll data • Global reporting ‒ Reporting in your currency • Analytics • Pay slips online and mobile ‒ Compliant and in local language What You Should Expect
  17. 17. Example Employee Portal
  18. 18. Example Employee Portal
  19. 19. Reporting in Workday
  20. 20. • Corporate Visibility • Disaster Recovery • SOX • Feedback • Partnership What Separates Good from Great?
  21. 21. • Phil Calandra ‒ ‒ +1 (650) 242-4437 • SafeGuard World International ‒ ‒ +1 (737) 704-2200 ‒ Corporate HQ: Austin, TX ‒ European HQ: Sandbach, Cheshire, England Contact Information
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