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Advertising strategy and planning

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Advertising strategy and planning

  1. 1. Course instructor : Miss .Saima KausarADVERTISING STRATEGY AND PLANNING
  2. 2. MARKETING PLAN• An effective advertising plan is only one part of your overall marketing plan. Effective advertising and promotional materials are born from strong marketing plan.• Great advertising, start with a solid marketing plan.
  3. 3. • Information about customers, products and services, competition.
  4. 4. • calculates the size or potential of market .
  5. 5. • helps to efficiently allocate money and resources.
  6. 6. • provides focus, guidance, and direction for effective advertising and business practices.
  7. 7. • positions your company in the marketplac e.
  8. 8. • proper customer management and retention.
  9. 9. MARKETING PLAN PROVIDES:• communications strategy; It helps entire company to give a planned, clear, comprehensive, and consistent message to your customers, employees, investors, and business partners
  10. 10. ADVERTISING PLAN• Detailed outline of a firms or a products advertising campaign which shows what are the advertising objectives, how they will be achieved, and what commitment of resources is required..
  11. 11. NEED FOR AN ADVERTISING PLAN: • Effective advertising lowers your cost of doing business.
  12. 12. • Minimal, limited duration, or random advertising equals wasted money.
  13. 13. • Advertising is not creative or funny if it does not bring in clients.
  14. 14. • Advertising has a cumulative effect, and is a long-term investment. Sales response builds over time if advertising is consistent.
  15. 15. • With consumer goods and services, marketing and advertising affects your market share more than price does.
  16. 16. • Effective advertising comes from solid planning and high quality production
  17. 17. • Synergy is a real thing in advertising. It comes from the cumulative effect of all of your marketing materials working together
  18. 18. • There are limits to what advertising can accomplish, even with an unlimited budget. Advertising cannot make up for poor quality, service, or timing.
  19. 19. CREATING AN EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING PLAN• Define Your CustomersI. Poorly targeted advertisement hinders affectivityII. Advertising for whole world would make it monotonousIII. Make no mistake – your advertising plan needs a clear, concise, written definition of who your customers are. Age, sex, marital status, economic status, geographic location, what they read, think, trust, value, desire, and any and all other relevant information should be included in your definition.
  20. 20. Define What Makes You Unique:• Finding the USP• Make a list of the benefits you offer• What benefit is most important to your customers? [Ask them].• What benefit is hard for your competitors to copy?• What benefit can be clearly communicated to your customers? Is it easy to understand? Is the benefit really desirable to the customer?
  21. 21. SET ADVERTISING GOALS AND OBJECTIVES• ads are supposed to do more than just bring you customers - they are supposed to bring you more profitable customers.• [Desired Sales / Value per customer = # of customers required].• If you have carefully positioned your company with a unique selling position [USP], and you are making a competitive offer, then you can assume a certain rate of response from your target audience.• If your newspaper can’t deliver that big of an audience, then you can’t expect that big of a response .
  22. 22. • Timing & Scheduling• Don’t Reinvent the Wheel• Evaluation And Follow Through