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6 IT Trailblazers Leading Transformation in Their Organization

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The speed and scale of change facing IT is matched only by the speed and scale of the technology these IT Trailblazers have responded with. The common thread running through all these stories is the way IT leaders adapt quickly to the new landscape, quickly retooling to meet the growing demand for better, more mobile, more connected apps across the enterprise.

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6 IT Trailblazers Leading Transformation in Their Organization

  1. 1. 6 IT Trailblazers Leading Transformation in Their Organizations
  2. 2. The status of technology within an organization is rapidly evolving — and so is the role of the CIO
  3. 3. TransformAdapt Empower More than ever, IT must morph into strategic advisors to the business, and drive innovation within the company
  4. 4. Q: What is an IT Trailblazer?
  5. 5. Q: What is an IT Trailblazer? A: A visionary leading IT transformations at their organization.
  6. 6. Here’s how six IT Trailblazers are finding new paths to success
  7. 7. “Our goal was to be more agile and add more business value, as well as stay better connected to our stakeholders.” Sheri Rhodes, VP of IT Global Applications Symantec Drives Development Grew her team from 40 to 300 employees in two years Brought app development & design back in-house Speed of building allows team to explore more options and bring more ideas to the table
  8. 8. “Everyone wants to release a perfect product. But it's more important to get it out there, take the feedback, and run with that, than try and aim for perfection from day one.” David Baker, VP of IT Improving Hospital Collaboration Replaced a legacy intranet that was underused Via word-of-mouth, Staffhub app user base grew to 3,000 users in weeks. Increased collaboration and productivity for employees at 14 facilities across 3 states.
  9. 9. “We decided we needed a development platform that would allow analysts to build most of these applications without software engineers getting involved.” Paul Clarke, CTO Everyone Can Build Apps Manages 650+ software engineers and IT specialists. Empowers analysts to tackle IT’s app backlog, freeing engineers Non-developers built their first app from scratch in 6 weeks
  10. 10. “Our focus is on serving our clients, not building servers and managing infrastructure.” Antoine de Kerviler, CIO Eurostar’s IT Earns Customer Loyalty Focused on making every customer interaction “delightfully easy.” Leveraged platform as internal centerpiece for collaboration and customer knowledge. Replaced legacy intranet with a modern social community
  11. 11. “We all want our government to be more responsive, and Salesforce is helping us respond to citizens better than ever.” Chetna Mahajan, Director of Enterprise Applications Innovation in the Public Sector Recruited to innovate for the Governor’s Office of Information Technology Streamlining 1,200 disparate applications across all levels of government Siloed systems now connected, enabling true service portfolio management
  12. 12. “The more successful we can make employees, the more successful they’re going to make our customers and partners.” Craig Butler, VP of Information Systems Workday Manages Rapid Growth #1 goal: to ensure every employee is working efficiently Focus on delivering uninterrupted productivity to the company’s global workforce Team created unified communication solution and employee collaboration portal
  13. 13. Get the full story… Replaced legacy systems Increased employee productivity Built apps fast You’ve just met six Trailblazers – now meet six more and get all the details of their stories Download the free e-book to find out how 12 Trailblazers: Click Here (Or the tablet to the right, too!)
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