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It's a Puppyforce Takeover!

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Salesforce has gone to the dogs! Check out how these pups handle a ruff work day and keep a good woof-life balance.

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It's a Puppyforce Takeover!

  1. 1. It’s a Puppyforce Takeover! Dog day afternoon Dog Executive Retriever @Salesforce
  2. 2. Ruby and Kirby Mac heed the call! It’s a PuppyForce takeover!
  3. 3. Let’s go for a walk. Indy knows a good #Trailhead
  4. 4. Minnie at 9am…and Minnie at 5pm
  5. 5. Man, working all day is pretty ruff.
  6. 6. Mean Joe Green tackles another deadline “My presentation is going to be off the leash!”
  7. 7. Fetch our 100 Sales Tails E-book Can you dig it? (Humans can read it too!) Click here! 100 Sales Tails For 2016!
  8. 8. Good Andi…Bad Andi!
  9. 9. Is it nap time yet? Nobody told us humans work this hard!
  10. 10. Checking the ergonomics of the office furniture.
  11. 11. Much tired.
  12. 12. Too hot to spoon.
  13. 13. Can’t we go outside?
  14. 14. Outside, please!
  15. 15. Is that a bird? Dog? OUTSIDE!!
  16. 16. Chewie!! Keep it down! I’m closing a deal!
  17. 17. Is this approved by by Purrr. R. ??
  18. 18. Hanging out with cats…bad influence. Dogs get it done!
  19. 19. Dreamforce DOG! “Is it Dreamforce yet???”
  20. 20. Romio needs coffee! “Actually…make that a glass of wine...”
  21. 21. Guys, we’re actually trying to work here.
  22. 22. LOOK! I’m outside! “Le sigh, what a nice day.”
  23. 23. Wait, is it Tongue Out Tuesday?
  24. 24. Just a quick meeting with a human. “Can you just give us toys??”
  25. 25. thank y u For the belly rubs.