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SaltConf14 - Matthew Williams, Flowroute - Salt Virt for Linux contatiners and virtualization management

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This SaltConf14 talk by Matthew Williams of Flowroute shows the power of Salt Virt and Runner for creating and managing VMs and Linux containers. A demonstration of the Salt lxc module shows the simplicity with which containers and VMs can be created and configured.

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SaltConf14 - Matthew Williams, Flowroute - Salt Virt for Linux contatiners and virtualization management

  1. 1. Salt Virt for Linux Containers and Virtualization Management
  2. 2. Matthew Williams
  3. 3. • Enterprise Class VoIP Provider! • Manage about 100 minions… and growing! • Adopted Salt in 2013
  4. 4. Salt and Virtualization • Two Unique Systems! • virt: Virtualization via libvirt (e.g., KVM, VMware)! • lxc: Linux Containers
  5. 5. virt
  6. 6. virt • virt execution module! • create, destroy, start, stop VMs! • obtain information about VMs! • virt runner! • orchestrate deployment of VMs! • pre-accept minion keys for VMs
  7. 7. Preparing the Host • Host system with libvirt and python-libvirt installed! • Network bridge configured (On Ubuntu libvirt-bin
 package does this for you)! • default nic profile in pillar 
 or minion config: virt.nic:! default:! eth0:! bridge: virbr0! model: virtio
  8. 8. Preparing an Image • A base VM image is needed.! • May be built with vmbuilder: vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --suite precise --flavour virtual - ! --dest test_img --ppa saltstack --addpkg salt-minion • Preinstall salt-minion if possible! • Most cloud-ready images will also work
  9. 9. Creating VMs salt-run virt.init test 1 256 salt://test_img.qcow nic=default • selects the least loaded hyper (based on memory)! • caches and clones the image! • installs salt-minion (if needed)! • configures the minion and pre signs its key! • starts the VM
  10. 10. Managing VMs salt-run virt.pause test! salt-run virt.resume test • pause and resume • power off and restart salt-run virt.force_off test! salt-run virt.start test salt-run virt.reset test
  11. 11. Managing VMs salt-run virt.purge test • delete forever
  12. 12. Documentation http:/! !
  13. 13. lxc: Linux Containers
  14. 14. lxc • lxc execution module! • create, destroy, start, stop containers! • obtain information about containers! • lxc runner (develop branch only)! • orchestrate deployment of containers! • pre-accept minion keys for containers
  15. 15. Linux Containers • Kernel containment features are utilized, including:! • Namespaces (ipc, uts, mount, pid, network and user)! • Chroots! • cgroups! • More like a virtual environment than a virtual machine More Info:
  16. 16. Preparing the Host • Install the lxc package and ensure the service is running lxc:! pkg:! - installed! service:! - running! - require:! - pkg: lxc
  17. 17. Preparing the Host • configure lxc.nic and lxc.profile in pillar (or minion config) lxc.nic:! default:! eth0:! link: lxcbr0! type: veth! ! lxc.profile:! ubuntu:! template: ubuntu! backing: lvm! vgname: lxc! size: 1G
  18. 18. The LXC Runner salt-run lxc.init name host=minion_id [cpuset=cgroups_cpuset] [cpushare=cgroups_cpushare] [memory=cgroups_memory] [nic=nic_profile] [profile=lxc_profile] [nic_opts=nic_opts] [start=(true|false)] [seed=(true|false)] [install=(true|false)] [config=minion_config]
  19. 19. Creating a Container salt-run lxc.init test host=host_minion ! profile=ubuntu memory=256 • Utilizes the ubuntu lxc template (many are available)! - Pulls an ubuntu image, if needed, and caches it! • Installs salt-minion and pre-seeds config and keys! • Starts the container
  20. 20. Managing Containers salt-run lxc.freeze test! salt-run lxc.unfreeze test • freeze and unfreeze • power off and restart salt-run lxc.stop test! salt-run lxc.start test
  21. 21. Managing Containers salt-run lxc.purge test • delete forever
  22. 22. Documentation! !
  23. 23. We’re Hiring
  24. 24. Questions? irc:mgw