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Magazine Codes and Conventions.pptx

  1. Magazine codes and conventions
  2. Lifestyle Magazine Covers
  3. Masthead A masthead is the name of the magazine (publication) at the top of the magazine cover to create an overall brand and identity for the magazine. Interesting things of note in a masthead are the name, the font used, the size of the masthead and the colour of the masthead.
  4. Strapline A strapline is a subheading which is usually found above the masthead at the top of the magazine cover. It usually boasts about the great content you'll get if you purchase the magazine.
  5. Pull-quote Pull-quotes are a small piece of text taken from a text in the magazine, used to draw in the reader by giving them an interesting taster of what's to come. A quote from a celebrity can also suggest that in the magazine the reader will be able to hear the words of quoted celebrity. Vanity Fair rarely feature pull
  6. Main cover image The main cover image is the most prominent and largest picture on the front cover of the magazine.
  7. Layout The layout on your magazine is the basic pattern of which your text and images are set up as on the page. Layouts can range from being busy and chaotic to being simple and sharp.
  8. Anchorage text Anchorage text are captions that accompany photographs to fix their meaning. They often tell the reader why something is included and can lure them to buy a magazine.
  9. Cover lines Cover lines tell us what is in the magazine, often saying something that audiences may want to know the answer to, to entice them to purchase and read.
  10. Colour palette The colour palette is the different colours and tones used for different aspects of the magazine. Depending on the magazine or what is being spoken about, colours can range from being bright and exciting to more dull and calm.
  11. Graphic feature Graphic features are used to entice the reader. They often contain a little sneak peek saying something will be answered or revealed on a certain page.
  12. Lifestyle magazine contents pages
  13. Page Number Page to turn to, to read about a specific article. Article Title A title summing up the article to entice the reader into wanting to read it Images Used to show small teasers of who/what is on certain pages. Pull-quote A quote from someone who has something to say in the magazine so that the reader will want to read the rest. Article Description Lets you know what the article is about and if it's for you