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Website codes and conventions.pptx

  1. Magazine Website Codes and Conventions
  2. Website Codes and Conventions • Multiple convergent links in website • Home page • High image ratio • Advertisements • Minimalistic colour scheme • Magazine logo • Recognisable, large and unique masthead at the top • Bold textboxes • Call to action – Products/Subscriptions • Consistent "House Style" • Pack shots of product/advertised products • Dated articles • An about us page • A contact us page • Aesthetic layout • Strong sense of brand identity (sustained fonts, consistent colour scheme) • High resolution images
  3. Convergence on a Website Tabs Ads Social media
  4. Tabs Used to direct browsers to specific parts of the website that they may find the most interesting or to look for a specific area they want to read about.
  5. Ads Used to promote products and services to audiences, also generating money for the owner of the website.
  6. Social Media Accounts made on social media platforms to promote the magazines brand to a wider audience to get a further reach to more of the public.
  7. Audio visual elements Some magazine websites use videos on their page in order to advertise themselves, or something else. Some implement videos that go further in depth into a specific story featured in the issues, which typically involve an interview or game with a celebrity. Sometimes videos can be used just as a means of self promotion