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Hustle Con: Prototyping Mattermark with Danielle Morrill, founder of Mattermark

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Danielle Morrill was still reeling from her startup’s failure when a new idea fell into her lap: data-based predictions about startups to help VCs make smart investment decisions. Within a matter of days, Morrill had a prototype ready and had already started acquiring users. At Hustle Con, Morrill will explain the exact processes she used to get her early clients and build Mattermark into the go-to data site for investors.

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Hustle Con: Prototyping Mattermark with Danielle Morrill, founder of Mattermark

  1. 1. Prototyping Mattermark Danielle Morrill CO-FOUNDER + CEO, MATTERMARK How we landed our first customers
  2. 2. @DanielleMorrill #hustlecon How I got to Mattermark Dropped out of college Joined logistics shipping company ‘03-’04 Seattle 2.0 Contributor Created Seattle Startup Index Moved to SF 1st employee at Twilio Head of Marketing Shutdown Referly Not in love with affiliate marketing 2009 2009 2012 Quit Twilio Joined YC & started Referly Feb. 2013 NOW WHAT!? “TechCrunch-killer”? March 2013
  3. 3. @DanielleMorrill #hustlecon “If you’re shutting down Referly why not start over with something completely different? If you want to kill TechCrunch, then do that.” Paul Graham, Y Combinator
  4. 4. @DanielleMorrill #hustlecon Idea Could a “TechCrunch-killer” media business get traction?
  5. 5. 30 “tech media” posts in 30 days #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill WHY? •  Validate that we could grow an audience 90 POSTS LATER… •  Hundreds of newsletter subscribers •  135,000+ monthly pageviews in 2 months
  6. 6. Detecting startup buzz wins #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill THE DATA-DRIVEN POSTS STOOD OUT •  Startup Rankings Index •  “Zombie VCs” CREATED BUZZ IN STARTUP INDUSTRY “Thanks Danielle! We should do this ourselves :-)” - Marc Andreessen
  7. 7. People wanted our data! #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill •  Published our spreadsheet research •  Readers accessed data behind form – generated dozens of leads
  8. 8. @DanielleMorrill #hustlecon Lightbulb moment! Finding and analyzing data is hard. OUR PROBLEM Let’s build an online database to make it easier! SO…
  9. 9. Cursive v1 #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill •  We compiled all our spreadsheets into a database •  Wired it up to a super-simple javascript table plugin
  10. 10. Productizing our data process #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill ANDY SPARKS (COO) •  Manually collected raw data •  Identified pain-points in process KEVIN MORRILL (CTO) •  Turned raw data into online database •  Automated Andy’s painful process
  11. 11. June 1, 2013: The moment of clarity #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill Leena Rao’s post on TechCrunch described data- driven investing… We coded furiously for 48 hours to productize what we built
  12. 12. 48 hours later, Mattermark launched (free) #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill Investors wanted to access our data… So we rebranded & launched in June 2013
  13. 13. June 4, 2013: We were on TechCrunch #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill
  14. 14. Free access = Valuable insight #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill Investment funds signed up and gave us game-changing feedback
  15. 15. Free access = Valuable insight #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill Led to $50,000 contract to build new functionality, proved valuable for future customers ROY BAHAT
  16. 16. @DanielleMorrill #hustlecon Off to the races signing up VCs! Over the next 3 weeks, we talked to everyone on Sand Hill Road Show VCs what we made and teach them how to use it THE GOAL Hundreds of pages of notes with feedback RESULT
  17. 17. @DanielleMorrill #hustlecon Armed with validation from customer development… JULY 2013 Launched Mattermark Pro at $499/ month
  18. 18. @DanielleMorrill #hustlecon Money in the bank! We made $4,491 in the first month!
  19. 19. 3 years later #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill
  20. 20. $3+ million ARR & over 600 customers #hustlecon@DanielleMorrill
  21. 21. Danielle Morrill CO-FOUNDER + CEO #hustlecon @Mattermark @DanielleMorrill