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Auxenta Services

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Auxenta Services

  1. 1. Auxenta SERVICES  
  2. 2. Quality  Assurance  Service  Offerings   •  Develop  a  QA  strategy  that  meshes  into   the  product  and  technology  roadmap   •  DevOps  planning  and  opera8onaliza8on   QA  Strategy   QA  Tes;ng   •  Develop  test  cases   •  Test  automa8on   •  Performance,  cloud  and  security  tes8ng   QA  Governance   •  Develop  roles  &  responsibili8es   •  Establish  best  prac8ces   •  Integrate  with  program  management   QA  Mobile   •  Backend  integra8on  tes8ng   •  Code  quality  checks   •  Func8onal  tes8ng  &  unit  test  coverage   •  Mobile  test  automa8on   •  Standards:  Guideline  valida8on   •  Apple  HIG  &  Android  UI  Guidelines   •  Enterprise  Security  Guidelines   •  Performance  Standard  Guidelines    
  3. 3. F Test planning and estimation F Test mgmt., Test reporting F Metrics tracking, Defect Mgmt. F Double V, Agile methodologies Process & Methodology F Staging environments F Test beds, Networks F Test management tools F Performance, Automation tools Technology F Testing skill sets F Technical & Domain knowledge F Training & Certifications F SLAs, Resource Management Organization Independent  Tes;ng  Services  
  4. 4. Mobility  Service  Offerings   Mobile  Device  and   Applica;on  Management   (MDM  /  MAM)     • Enforce  Business  Policies     • Monitor  Devices     • Remote  Lock  /  Wipe  Devices     • App  Management     • Administra8on,  Distribu8on,  Security,  Tracking,   Versions,  Management   Mobile  Backend  as  a   Service     (MBaaS)     • Unified  API  Gateway  &  API  Management   • Service  Orchestra8on,  Data  Op8miza8on  &   Transforma8on   • Enterprise  Authen8ca8on  &  Security   • Social  Media  Integra8on   • Distributed  Caching   • Analy8cs,  Dashboard,  Audi8ng  &  Repor8ng   • Highly  Scalable  Environment  (Cloud  |  On-­‐Premise)   Development   Accelerators   • Reusable,  Na8ve-­‐Cross  PlaZorm  Supported  Set  of     Libraries   • Reusable,  Mobile-­‐Web  Supported  Set  of  Libraries   • Universal  Container  &  Mobile  Unit  Test    Suite   • Reusable  Mobile  STARTER  KITS  &  KITCHEN  SINKS   DevelopmentArchitecturalOperational
  5. 5. SoIware  Engineering  Service  Offerings   Strategic     Roadmap     • Vision:  Set  business  /  IT  direc8on   • Priori8za8on:  Priori8ze  requirements,  ini8a8ves,  budget   • Solu8on  Approach:  Develop  high  level  solu8on  approach     • Roadmap:  Short  term  objec8ves  and    longer  term  goals   • Technology/Mobility  advisory  &  consulta8on   Customer  Experience     Transforma;on   • Assess  customer  experience  internally  or  externally   • Iden8fy  ways  to  improve  usability       • Simplify  and  enhance  the  customer  experience     Solu;on  &  Technology     Selec;on   • Define  solu8on  requirements   • Assess  various  technology  op8ons,  select  solu8on,  and   build  consensus     • Select  the  best  technologies   Solu;on  Design  &   Implementa;on   • Applica8on/solu8on  prototyping   • Architecture  and  design   • Accelerators/Framework  development   • Web/Cloud/SaaS/Standalone  solu8ons   • Data  warehousing  and  data  migra8on  services   • System  integra8on  and  enterprise  security  services   • Process  engineering  and  project  management  services   TacticalStrategic
  6. 6. Bug Fixing Upgrades Feature Enhancements Feature Addition Porting Services Installing Releases Tracking Releases Release Engineering Minor Enhancements Customer Support Patch Releases Comparing Releases Defect Tracking Product EnhancementProduct Maintenance Product Engineering Hot Patches Product  Engineering  Service  Offerings  
  7. 7. Technology  Stack  
  8. 8. Project  specific  team  augmenta8on   •  Serves  quick  resource  needs  for  short  term  requirements.   •  Embed  Auxenta  resources  in  projects.   •  Follow  customer  schedule,  processes  and  tools.   •  Managed  by  customer  or  Auxenta;  paid  for  working  days.   Center  of  Excellence   •  Own  a  specific  func8on/exper8se  area.  Ex.  QA,  Mobility,  etc.   •  Projects  are  scoped,  planned  and  executed  on  an  ongoing  basis.   •  Follow  Auxenta  schedule,  processes  and  tools.   •  Work  on  a  partnership;  paid  on  delivery  achievement  basis.     Retainer  Teams   •  Engage  teams  for  rela8vely  longer  period.   •  Projects  are  scoped  and  isolated  for  execu8on.   •  Follow  mix  of  customer  and  Auxenta  schedule,  processes  and  tools.   •  Managed  by  Auxenta;  paid  for  milestone  achievement.   Business  Valuezzz   Op;ons  to  get  Engaged