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Hindenburg Vs Adani

  1. VS Nathan Anderson Gautam Adani
  2. “ This (Adani Enterspises) is the biggest fraud in the corporate history “ Adani Group – How The World’s 3rd Richest Man Is Pulling The Largest Con In Corporate History
  3. Model • Through their financial research, they expose the frauds of companies. • They will then invest in the fraud company through short – selling. * Short-selling is a risky affair for here profits on the investment is dependent upon the falling stocks of the company which they expose.
  4. Experience Research Against Nikola – Founder resigned and shares fell by 71% Research Against Genius Brands International - Share price fell from $6.86 to $1.5 per share. Research Against China Metal Resoures – Shares fell by 90% Companies targeted lost 15% stocks on very next day and goes down to 26% in six months
  5. Claims (106 Pages) • The Hindenburg Research has openly challenged the legal team of Adani Companies. • The Hindenburg Research has challenged the Adani Group that they may file a legal case against them if they can. • The Hindenburg Research has said that if there is lack of trust on their report, then Adani Group may file a legal case against them.
  6. Major Allegations On Adani Groups (88 Question)  Accounting Fraud  Stock Manipulation  Corruption  Money Laundering  Theft of Tax Payers Fund  Offshore Shell Comapnies
  7. The Allegations Of Parivarwad Rajesh S. Adani (Gautam’s Younger Brother) The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence accused him for evading 1000 crores taxes in the business of diamond trade. He was arrested twice for forgery and tax fraud. Later he was promoted as the Managing Director of the Adani Group
  8. The Allegations Of Parivarwad Samir Vora (Gautam’s Brother-in-Law) The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence accused him to be the ring leader of the diamond trading scam and of repeatedly making false statements to the regulators. Later he was promoted as the Executive Director of Adani’s Australian Division
  9. The Allegations Of Parivarwad Vinod Adani (Gautam’s Elder Brother) He is accused of traveling to various countries and establishing offshore Shell Companies to facilitate frauds and money laundering. Hindenburg identified 38 such offshore shell companies in Mauritius which are controlled by Vinod Adani and his close associates. Most of these companies do not even have a website, employees or proper address.
  10. More Allegations Hindenburg Research filed several RTI applications with SEBI to find out if these offshore funds are a part of the ongoing investigation or not. Hindenburg Research says that there is one Cyprus based entity called New Leaina Investments, the 95% portfolio of which was made up through Adani Green Energy Shares (invested 420 million dollars in it) Continued
  11. Continued New Leaina Investments is operated by Amicorp Incorporation Services which worked to aid Adani in developing its offshore entity network. Amicorp played a key role in an international fraud scandal where 4.5 billion dollars were siphoned from Malaysian tax Payers.
  12. • To be clear, we believe India is a vibrant democracy and and an emerging super power with an exciting future. • We also believe India’s future is being held back by the Adani Group, which has draped itself in the Indian Flag while systematically looting the nation. • We also believe that fraud is fraud, even when perpertrated by one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Hindenburg Research On India
  13. Gautam Adani The impact of Hindenburg Research on Adani Group
  14. Gautam Adani Reply and Counter Adani (413 pages) – Selective and Manipulative narration by Hindenburg Research, undermining the institutions, ATTACK ON INDIA Hindenburg – “Fraud cannot be Obfuscated by Nationalism or a bloated response that ingores every key allegation we raised”
  15. Gautam Adani Troubles For Adani Group 1. Forbes – There’s evidence that the Adani Group likely bought its own $2.5 billion share sale to inflate its own stock price. 2. Credit Suisse – An influential investment bank based in Switzerland has assigned zero lending value to the bonds of Adani Group. And the same thing said by City Group’s Wealth Unit
  16. Gautam Adani Troubles For Adani Group 3. Cancelling FPO’s – The Adani Group cancelled its Follow on Public Offer, stating that it will not be morally corrrect when their stock price has been fluctuating. 4. Postponed Investments – France based company Total Energy postponed the investment by the Adani Group in its Hydrogen Project 5. Cut in Share – Morgan Stanley Capital International said that it might cut the shrare of Adani Group in its index. 6. SEBI – Consultation Paper againt High value debt listed companies.
  17. Gautam Adani Troubles For Adani Group Even after three weeks from the release of the Hindenburg Research Report on the Adani Enterprises, the share prices of the conglomerate have not recovered. There are chances that this fact report will damage the assets and reputation of the Adani Group on a whole.
  18. Gautam Adani Actions by Adani Group The Adani Group has hired a New York based law firm which is one of the most expensive activism defense law firms – Watchtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz against the short seller Hindenburg Research The Government of India, which is said to be Modi Sarkar is completely arrogant towards investigating the Adani Group and ha no desire to answer the questions of opposition leader Rahul Gandhi.