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The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5. Ready for Business.

Before the age of smartphones, no one could imagine the kind of functionality we’d have at our fingertips in 2015.
Today, we don’t just use smartphones to communicate, we use them to do business, too. Business people now make use of mobile devices more and more because smartphones are more flexible than traditional office equipment.
The smartphone is no longer just a phone, it is now a mobile office.
Learn about all the new developments and features we have in store for you with the new Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5.

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The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5. Ready for Business.

  1. 1. LargeScreenSmartphoneTrend 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 16% 4% 1% Large(5.5”+)smartphonestakeup16% oftotalB2BCorporateLiable(CL)smartphonemarket. Keyindustriessuchas manufacturing,government,professionalservices,andfinancehaveadoptedlarge smartphones.
  2. 2. BusinessBenefits Performance &Productivity Security &Manageability LargerScreen More text & images on the screen. Optimized for multi-tasking Faster app launch & Multi-tasking & Greater durability Powerful Hardware Efficient Battery Fast charging & Power saving Quick & easy input for delicate work S-penwith Galaxy Note5 Security with KNOX Defense-grademobile security with Samsung KNOX Easy compatibility with 120+ MDMpartners MDM Integration
  3. 3. Performance& Productivity MostSecurePlatform Easy Manageability
  4. 4. Performance & Productivity Best Viewing Experience Most PowerfulHardware Superior Charging and Power Saving PreloadedMicrosoftBusiness Apps Enhanced EAS Features PC/ PhoneSmart Connectivity S-Penfor Business Use Revolutionary DualEdge Screen Qwertykeyboard Cover
  5. 5. BestViewingExperience ImmersiveViewingWith BigScreen Vivid& DurableDisplay Enhanced reading experience and a better grip Super AMOLED display + Gorilla Glass4 Galaxy S6 edge+ Galaxy Note5 Highresolution With QuadHD
  6. 6. MostPowerfulHardware *MP :Megapixel *OIS :Optical Image Stabilizer Fasterapp launch & multi-tasking *Average applaunch time<0.97sec(S6<1.08sec)
  7. 7. SuperiorChargingandPowerSaving Normal mode Ultra Power Saving mode Built-inWirelessCharging 100%charging within 2hours Ultra Power Saving Increase battery use by 2.5x (compared tonormal mode) wired wireless
  8. 8. PreloadedMicrosoftBusinessApps Awide range of productivity tools available for business *100GB OneDrivestoragefor2 yearsfromredemption viaOneDriveapp onyourqualifyingdevice.Internet & mobilefees may apply. Limit: 1offer redemptionperperson/account/device.Offer available on selectdevices. Mayvarybyregionandmobileoperator.Offer maybe withdrawn without notice.
  9. 9. EnhancedEASFeatures (EAS:ExchangeActiveSync) Free / Busy Look-up IRM Support S/MIME Check meeting attendees’schedule Restrict permission to email messages Enable email encryption and digital signing (Do notforward, Do notReply..)
  10. 10. PC/PhoneSmart Connectivity Enhancedfeatures of SideSync4.0 for maximizing productivity Easy and Free Installation SideSync4.0for PCcan be downloaded for free. PC searchesand connectsto aphoneautomatically. Auto Connection Notification on PC Don’tmiss important notifications on the phonewhile usingthe PC. Easy file sharingbetween PC andphonewith Drag& Drop. File Sharing
  11. 11. S-PenforBusinessUse Easier,more VersatileS-pen Features NewAirCommand Scroll Capture Writeon PDF
  12. 12. Integration with e-signature Solutions Delicate & Accurate Work Idea Sketch & Sharing
  13. 13. Revolutionary DualEdgeScreen Simpleandeasyaccess throughEdgeUX Check businessnotifications with ease Get alertseven when your device isface down. Fast accessto businessapps/contacts Addshortcutstoyour mostimportantbusinessapps/contacts forquickaccess.
  14. 14. Qwerty KeyboardCover Menu /Home /BackKey included QwertyPhone Experience ConvenientTo Use No charging and no Bluetoothconnectivity required *Detachable type Faster and MoreAccurate Physical keyboard availableforwork *soldseparately Galaxy S6 edge+ Galaxy Note5
  15. 15. Most Secure Platform 02 Integrated Security Platform International Government-certified Security Samsung KNOXSecurity Strength Fingerprint Technology
  16. 16. SamsungKNOX SecurityPlatform MaximumData Protection :KNOXWorkspace (optional) *TIMA :Trustzone-based IntegrityMeasurementArchitecture Dual persona container to separate work/play Anti-malware technology from McAfee Real-time protection of kernel modifications Additional Protection :Anti-virus+ KNOXActiveProtection Default-on: KNOXTIMA* Prevent unauthorized firmware from being loaded during booting
  17. 17. InternationalGovernment-certifiedSecurity *Basedon certifications for the Galaxy Note4, to be followed by the Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy Note5
  18. 18. Industry-Recognized SamsungKNOXSecurity Full automation of enterpriseapps AppUpdatesIntegrityProtection Real-time protection of Kernel DeviceFirewall Granularity ofPolicy Fully manageable configuration 600+ IT policies supported Authentication Encryption Isolation Secure Key Store Kernel Security Secure Remote Access App Monitoring and Control
  19. 19. FingerprintTechnology Easy yet secure device access Enhanced fingerprint recognition with touch type sensor Easy Secure Fingerprint data encryptedby KNOX Two factor authentication (optional)
  20. 20. Easy Compatibility with over 120MDM Solutions Bulk Device Enrollment Easy Manageability
  21. 21. EasyCompatibilitywithover120MDMSolutions Security & Compliance PasswordManagement Audit logging, etc Key MDM Partners Device ManagementFunctions Device Control Application Management Telephony Light-versionof MDMbyEAS UsageRestrictions, Wi-Fi Configurations, etc Email/Exchange Configuration, etc SIM ChangeInfo, Roaming Restrictions, etc Most extensive supportof EAS policies
  22. 22. Traditional KNOXMobile Enrollment BulkDeviceEnrollment KNOXMobile Enrollment enables IT admins to completelyconfigure thousands of corporate-liable devicesinterms of MDM,Email,VPN,etc.
  23. 23. Additional Services KNOXCustomization SamsungMobile Care
  24. 24. KNOX Customization Samsung KNOXCustomization transforms standard Samsung devices intopurpose-built appliances for theB2B marketsuch as retail, manufacturing, transportation ora host ofother industries. Rebranded Software Personalize the deviceas your own production UXOptimization Increase efficiency and productivity at the fundamental level Professional Kiosk Mode Turn your deviceintoa publickiosk with easy controllability Set up devicebehavior with configuration from the core *Soldseparately Advanced DeviceConfiguration Key Features
  25. 25. Samsung MobileCare Samsung MobileCare is a warrantyproductdesigned tomeet thedistinctneeds and requirements ofcustomers. It provides a varietyofserviceoptions thatenhance mobility and give qualityassurance. SamsungMobile Careassuresproductivity by offeringthefollowing benefits. Benefits Errorindesign,manufacturinghardware componentsof theproductsasoriginally supplied ExtendedWarranty IncludingBattery Damagedueto gradually developingdefects Battery replacement CostEffective IssueManagement CertifiedRepair *Soldseparately
  26. 26. Specifications& Accessories
  27. 27. CPU Display Camera Storage Memory Size Weight Battery Charging SW ver. 64bit, 14nm Octa-Core 5.7” Quad HD SuperAMOLED(518ppi) 16MP OIS +5MP Camera (F1.9) 32GB / 64GB (UFS 2.0) 4GB RAMLPDDR4 154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9mm 153g 3,000mAh Built-inWirelessCharging / Fast Charging AndroidTM 5.1 Lolipop, KNOXv2.5 64bit, 14nm Octa-Core 5.7” Quad HD SuperAMOLED(518ppi) 16MP OIS +5MP Camera (F1.9) 32GB / 64GB (UFS 2.0) 4GB RAMLPDDR4 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6mm 171g 3,000mAh Built-inWirelessCharging / Fast Charging AndroidTM 5.1 Lolipop, KNOXv2.5
  28. 28. QWERTYKeypad Keyboard Cover Protective Coverby Otterbox Multi-layerprotectionagainst splashes,,bumps,and dust. Covers ClearView,SView,FlipWallet, Glitter,GlossyCover
  29. 29. Wireless Charger Fastwirelesscharging Simplypopthedevice onthe chargerfrom anydirection FastChargingBatterypack Premium look &feel Slim design Convenient cordlesscharging Flagship look & feel Slimmeddownforimproved grip Wireless ChargerPack