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OIC AGL Collaboration

  1. OIC AGL Collaboration AGL AMM Winter 2016 Samsung
  2. Talk Summary •Samsung Open Source Group overview •Open Interconnect Consortium •Vision, Strategy & Governance •Specifications •Latest Updates •OIC CES Demo •AGL and OIC integration •AGL and OIC Demo •AGL Project Proposal •QnA
  3. Samsung Open Source Group •Established in Feb 2013 •Focus on Upstream development •Kernel, ffmpeg, Wayland, Tizen, EFL, Chromium and more. •Commercialization of open source. •Open source strategy & compliance. •New open source project initiation. •Presentations at global events and conferences •Ex., LinuxCon, OSCON, SOSCON. •Becoming a respected leader in the open source community
  4. Introduction
  5. OIC Vision •Formed on 8-Jul-2014 •Lead by Samsung, Intel, Cisco, GE and more. •165 members (as of 28-Jan-2016) •A common, interoperable and open standard to :- •Connect the next 50 billion devices •Provide cross-platform device discovery/connectivity •With reliability and security •Build a broad consortium of members. •Cater to multiple verticals •SmartHome •Healthcare •Industrial •Automotive
  6. OIC Strategy •Specification & certification •Open Specification •IP protection and branding •Dedicated WG & TG* headed by industry experts •Certification by OIC •Open Source Implementation •Apache 2.0 License •Android, iOS, Tizen, Linux, RTOS •Open governance model • (hosted by Linux Foundation) A combined SPEC + Open Source Implementation approach * Working Groups + Task Groups
  7. OIC & IoTivity Governance Model Standards Board of Directors OIC Open Source IoTivity Open Source Project Membership Technology Planning Ecosystem Marketing Communications Sponsored (funded) by OIC Develops reference implementation of OIC standard Steering Group Projects Functions
  8. OIC Specifications •Specifications are available for download : • content/uploads/2015/09/ Specification Name Description OIC Core Specification Core architecture, interfaces protocols and services. OIC Security Specification Access Control, Key Exchange, DTLS and device onboarding OIC Smart Home Specification Smart Home Devices resource model. OIC Remote Access Specification Internet connectivity to constrained device networks using XMPP OIC Resource Type Specification Resource model definitions for devices
  9. OIC Technology Partnerships
  10. OIC Latest Updates •8-Jul-2014 – Open Interconnect Consortium •Samsung, Intel, Cisco, GE •Jan 1 2016 – UPnP forum joins OIC • •UPnP certification is managed by OIC •18-Feb-2016 - Open Connectivity Foundation •Microsoft, Qualcomm, ARRIS & CableLabs •OIC renamed to OCF •OIC Certification Program (by mid-2016) Diamond Members Platinum Members
  11. IoTivity overview
  12. IoTivity Architecture Core Framework Industry Profiles Smarthome Enterprise Industrial Automotive Education Health Security, Identity & Permissions Discovery Data Transmission Data Management Device Management Transports (Smart) Remote Access Cloud Resource Model IoTivity Scope
  13. IoTivity Release History 0.9.1  31-May-2015  Features  DTLS Security  Connectivity Abstraction  Sensor management  Things Aggregation  Protocol Plugins (Zigbee) 1.0.0  7-Oct-2015  Features  Resource Management  Resource Directory  Resource Container  Simulator  Remote Access  Security enhancements 1.0.1  19-Dec-2015  Features  Bug Fix release  Better cross platform support
  14. OIC CES 2015 Demo
  15. OIC Automotive Profile & AGL
  16. Connected Car •Benefits for OIC •Developing the OIC Automotive Specification. •Extending OIC device control to the vehicle. •Benefits for AGL distro •Enable differentiation by use cases (for example) • •From OIC Enabled Devices –Query and control of vehicle. •From AGL vehicle –Query and control of OIC enabled devices. •OCF brings :- •Broadest range of connected devices from manufacturers. •Collaboration from leading hardware & silicon vendors •An open specification and implementation
  17. AGL OCF Integration •Built AGL Unified Code Base (UCB) •Tested on Intel NUC hardware •Run the CES 2016 AGL UCB Demo •Include meta-oic yocto layer as part of AGL build. •Build iotivity-examples •OIC Client (AGL) – OIC Server (Linux) •OIC Server (AGL) – OIC Client (Linux) •Demonstrate control of an OIC device from AGL console •TODO : •Clean up build procedure and share with community •Initiate new project within AGL
  18. OIC & AGL Demo
  19. QnA