The Complex IoT Equation (and FLOSS solutions)

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Easy IoT with JavaScript

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Spawny: A New Approach to Logins

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Rapid SPi Device Driver Development over USB

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Tizen RT: A Lightweight RTOS Platform for Low-End IoT Devices

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IoTivity: Smart Home to Automotive and Beyond

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IoTivity for Automotive: meta-ocf-automotive tutorial

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GENIVI + OCF Cooperation

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Framework for IoT Interoperability

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Open Source Metrics to Inform Corporate Strategy

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IoTivity for Automotive IoT Interoperability

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Adding IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN to an Embedded Linux Device

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IoTivity: From Devices to the Cloud

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SOSCON 2016 JerryScript

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IoT: From Arduino Microcontrollers to Tizen Products using IoTivity

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Run Your Own 6LoWPAN Based IoT Network

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IoTivity Tutorial: Prototyping IoT Devices on GNU/Linux

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