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Student Worker Experience by Anders Selhorst

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Student Worker Experience by Anders Selhorst

  1. 1. STUDENT WORKER EXPERIENCE: Importance of Recruiting and Retaining Talent at the High Point Campus Library Anders Selhorst, High Point Campus Library, GTCC
  2. 2. Goals and Objectives •Overview of Guilford Technical Community College & High Point Campus Library •Summary of Student Worker Program •Discussion of Recruitment and Retention Methods
  3. 3. Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) •Founded in 1958, current name adopted in 1983 •Serves over 45,000 students GTCC Quickfacts, 2013:
  4. 4. GTCC Campuses & Centers •Jamestown Campus (Est. 1958) •Greensboro Campus (Est. 2005) •T.H. Davis Aviation Center (Est. 1991) •Small Business Center (Est. 1940) •Cameron Campus (Est. 2014) •High Point Campus (Est. 2004)
  5. 5. Jamestown Campus, Est. 1958
  6. 6. Jamestown Campus, Est. 1958
  7. 7. Greensboro Campus, Est. 2005
  8. 8. Aviation Center, Est. 1991
  9. 9. Small Business Center, Est. 1940
  10. 10. Cameron Campus, Est. 2014
  11. 11. High Point Campus, Est. 2004
  12. 12. High Point Campus •HP Campus serves approximately 6,000 students (approx. 2,000 curriculum students)
  13. 13. HP Campus Programs and Courses •Performing Arts and Entertainment Technology •Pre-Counseling and Human Services Technology •Simulation and Game Design Technology •Pharmacy Technology •English, and other core courses
  14. 14. High Point Campus Library
  15. 15. HP Campus Library Staff •One Librarian, and one part-time Library Technician •Seven undergraduate student workers are expected to perform duties often performed by paraprofessionals
  16. 16. Duties of Student Workers •General information and basic reference support •Customer service support •Processing serials and collection materials
  17. 17. Duties of Student Workers •Overseeing the library when professional staff is unavailable •Perform special projects as needed, such as book moves, collection inventory, etc.
  18. 18. Recruit Talent •Job description must be clear and focused on necessary skill sets: attention to detail, ability to work without much supervision, professionalism, and communication skills
  19. 19. Recruit Talent •Use tools for wide distribution of job advertisement, especially online job posting sites (preferably through the institution) •Talented staff can help recruit prospects: talent can attract other talent
  20. 20. Best Fit for Position •Recruit skill sets that overlap with needs of the Library •Value professionalism and communication skills
  21. 21. Value Professionalism •Experience working in a professional setting •Understand the expectations of a professional job •Discipline to work with minimal supervision
  22. 22. Value Communication Skills •Students with foreign language skills •Students with diverse cultural awareness •Students with diverse learning styles, e.g. multi-modal learners
  23. 23. Interview with Rigor & Fairness •Establish fair but rigorous interviewing practices focused on the job description and recruiting needs •Use scenario questions to recognize experience/skill with challenging situations, and determine ability to creatively solve problems
  24. 24. Retention of Workers •Provide effective training and guidance •Create a culture that values learning and communication •Evaluate performance in a fair and consistent manner
  25. 25. Training & Guidance •Provide three weeks of training or about 45-60 hours of training per student worker •Administer opportunities to shadow other student workers •Give one-on-one training sessions with real-world scenarios
  26. 26. Training & Guidance •Provide clear communication via a detailed training manual, comprehensive orientation checklist, weekly memos, video tutorials, and professional literature
  27. 27. Training & Guidance •Reward quality work and dependability •Provide opportunities for growth through special projects and professional literature
  28. 28. Evaluating Performance •In situ observation: provide immediate feedback based on performance during a specific situation •Teachable moments: use mistakes as opportunities to instruct staff •Document performance concerns and offer opportunities for improvement
  29. 29. Conclusion •The student worker experience is maximized through effective recruiting, hiring, training, and providing a supportive culture for professional grow