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  1. 1. Toolbox @danielsiders #himc
  2. 2. Lesson 1. Recipes for Home Repair Copyright 2004-2005 ACCURATE BUILDING INSPECTORS by Alvin Ubell & Sam Bittman Date Published: 1974, 1976 A Division of Ubell Enterprises, Inc. Permissions For Reprints Contact: 1-800-640-8285 How To Use A Hammer To Remove Nail Years ago, Mr. Ubell was apprenticed to a master cabinetmaker 1. Using the edge of one claw of the hammer, pry the head where he performed his tasks with great dexterity. The master of the nail from the wood until it can be slid into claw slot. was displeased with only one thing in his apprentice: he observed 2. Place the 3/4" inch by 3/4" inch piece of wood beneath the head how young Mr. Ubell, when working with a hammer, did not hold of the hammer for additional leverage (Fig. 1 C). the tool at the end of its handle, in the proper fashion. Time and 3. Jerk the nail out. time again the master would remind: "Hold the handle!" But the Note: Repeat this recipe several times until you become apprentice, otherwise agile and talented for the trade, refused to proficient in both driving the nail into the wood and learn. One day, in a fit of rage at the inability of his apprentice to removing it. comprehend that one simple rule, the master grabbed the tool from Mr. Ubellís hands, brought it to a bench, and cut off all but three inches of the handle. "Now," he said, returning it to the CHEEK flabbergasted youth, "hereís your hammer. Use it!" HEAD A We relate this incident because many will feel insulted by the title of this recipe. Most people, in truth, can hammer a nail with a degree of efficiency. But before long, they grow weary. This recipe will illustrate a method whereby even the beginner can hammer for an hour and not be overcome with exhaustion. Utensils Ingredients Hammer, 16 ounce with Piece of wood, 2" inches by 3" handle vulcanized into inches, 12" inches long head (fig. 2A) Assorted nails Piece of wood 3/4" inch by 3/4" inch, 12" inches long To Hammer in Nail 1. Grasp hammer with claw facing upward. Donít choke up on handle (Fig. 1 B). 2. Hold wrist stiff. C 3. Arm should be cocked 90 degrees at the elbow. 4. Take a few practice swings at the 2" inch by 3" inch piece of wood. 5. Gently tap a nail into the wood at 90 degrees (perpendicular). 6. Raise hammer as described above and strike confidently, but without great force, at the head of the nail. PLACE PIECE OF WOOD BENEATH THE HEAD OF 7. Repeat, adding force and velocity with each swing, until THE nail has been completely driven into wood. HAMMER Figure 1. 4 Hammer Technique 5
  3. 3. It’s a big big world-- It’s easy to get lost in it - Justin Bieber
  4. 4. A/B Testing
  5. 5. Cohort Tracking
  6. 6. “at low numbers randomness oen at low numbers randomness often looks interesting” looks interesting
  7. 7. Statistical Significance Statistical Significance
  8. 8. The Funnel Impressions 100% Click Through 20% Non-Bounce 12% Conversion 7% Return 3%
  9. 9. Impressi Time on Conversi Clicks CPC Bounce Return on Site on 10,000 1,000 $1.05 90% 0:40 3% 1% 300 100 N/A 60% 3:32 27% 15%
  10. 10. Click Mapping
  11. 11. Hover map
  12. 12. Oculometer
  13. 13. Google Analytics
  14. 14. Google Adwords
  15. 15. Google Ad Planner
  16. 16. SpyFu Daily Adwords (PPC) Ad Budget: $85.37k - $277.81k
  17. 17. ThinkUp
  18. 18. Backtype/BackTweets
  19. 19. ScoutLabs
  20. 20. Gnip
  21. 21. WebNumbr
  22. 22. Dashboards
  23. 23. Mailinator Send mail to Visit Get your mail
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Actively Sell Data • Analytics as a product • Active monitoring (social) • Emerging fields more data intensive • Development Partner
  26. 26. Passively Sell Data • Pre-Pitch Research • Use digital to create traditional campaigns • Know more about the client than the client does • Offer Insights
  27. 27. #himc