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Content that Travels: Euro IA 2012

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More than ever, content needs to cross boundaries—be they device or country, channel or language—to keep up with the pace of organizations, users, and the web at large. But fixed firmly to inflexible pages, today’s content is often stuck, only accessible and understandable from a single location, in a single layout, using a single language. When pushed and pulled by everything from responsive designs and mobile sites to APIs, read-later apps, and internationalization efforts, it simply can’t keep up. There’s a better way: a way to stop creating more content for every new device or channel, and to start creating content that does more. It all starts with structure.

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Content that Travels: Euro IA 2012

  1. CONTENT that TRAVELS Making content more flexible with micro IA Sara Wachter-Boettcher EuroIA
  2. How does content travel?By Eva-Lotta Lamm
  3. By reachingmany devices. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  4. By shifting andflexing on the fly. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  5. By crossing culturesand languages. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  6. By reaching your userswherever they are. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  7. Only, most content is
  8. EuroIA 2012@sara_ann_marie
  9. EuroIA 2012@sara_ann_marie
  10. EuroIA 2012@sara_ann_marie
  11. What does this have to do with IA? EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  12. We’ve done hierarchy. Home Main Main Main Main Main Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Detail Main Detail Main Detail Main Main Main Main EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  13. We get wireframes. Data Library | News & Events | International Search GPEC Logo Doing Business Here Key Industries Living Here Communities Membership About Us Home > GPEC Communities > Avondale GPEC Communities Maricopa County > Apache Junction Avondale Avondale Buckeye Casa Grande Chandler Fountain Hills Gila Bend Gilbert Glendale Goodyear Maricopa Mesa Peoria Avondale is located along the Interstate 10 corridor and Phoenix Top Employers just a 15-minute commute from the heart of Phoenix, Queen Creek Employer nestled at the base of the scenic Estrella Mountains Scottsdale Employer where the Agua Fria and Gila rivers meet. Surprise Employer Tempe Employer The quality of life and the variety of cultural, economic, Tolleson Employer geographic and educational advantages in the area Wickenburg provides a progressive atmosphere rich in resources and Related Downloads opportunity. Download Download Avondale is the proud home of Phoenix International CONNECT WITH GPEC Download Raceway, which sponsors two NASCAR events a year. Avondale also plays host to regional basketball, volleyball 602.256.7700 and soccer tournaments at its parks and American Sports Photo Gallery Center - Avondale, a new state of the art indoor EMAIL US recreational sports facility located at the heart of our planned Avondale City Center. INITIATE A PROJECT Natural beauty including mountains and wetlands – less than six miles from our city core – provide an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to experience nature and wildlife and all the at the great outdoors has to offer. Sign up for GPEC News First Name Last Name Email Address SIGN UP EXPANDED FOOTER NAV (PER HOME COMP) Sitemap | Terms of Use | E-Track Login | Initiate a Project | FAQ | Member Directory | Careers | Press Room 2 N. Central Ave., Suite 2500, Phoenix, AZ 85004 | Phone: 602.256.7700 | Fax: 602.256.7744 © 2011 Greater Phoenix Economic Council. All Rights Reserved GPEC - Avondale 4.1 EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  14. We’ve audited pages. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  15. This won’t hold
  16. We need IA that gets at the core. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  17. The content EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  18. Content that’sinterconnected, not siloed. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  19. Content that’sflexible and reusable. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  20. Content that’sportable to new platforms. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  21. Content like water EuroIA 2012
  22. COPE: Create Once,Publish Everywhere. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  23. Writers enter content intothe CMS once It’s stored without presentational code Then sent via API to Editors approve and NPR and 3rd parties double-check metadata EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  24. EuroIA 2012@sara_ann_marie
  25. But. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  26. Content is chunky. EuroIA 2012
  27. Chunkyis good. EuroIA 2012
  28. Chunky gets
  29. 2009: I learned thisthe hard way. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  30. Later that year... EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  31. Canned copy Unr elatedR andom stuffevents Canned copyM anualtags
  32. Wait a second. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  33. Soaring peaks EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marieArizona Office of Tourism
  34. Historic charm EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marieArizona Office of Tourism
  35. Americana galore EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marieArizona Office of Tourism
  36. Trip ideas
  37. I want to go there. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  38. Not so much
  39. EuroIA 2012
  40. 2010: We’ve gottago mobile. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  41. EuroIA 2012@sara_ann_marie
  42. There’s only onerestaurant in town? EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  43. This will fixeverything! EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  44. EuroIA 2012
  45. 2011: Fixing (part of)the problem. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  46. Not just hierarchical,but relational
  47. The CMS, before EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  48. The CMS, before CONTENT GOES HERE EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  49. The CMS, after
  50. The CMS, after
  51. Local ns | attractio Local parkss& | monumen t Events in | FlagstaffFeature Stories | | Local deal s
  52. Flexible content needs to have structure. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  53. This is acontent problem EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  54. This is a uxproblem EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  55. This is asolvable problem EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  56. It’s IA, brought to the micro level. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  57. Say what?
  58. ‘‘The structural design of shared informationenvironments. Morville & Rosenfeld EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  59. ‘‘The art and science of organizing and support usability. IA Institute EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  60. We’re not starting from scratch. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  61. Developers have been modeling data for decades. EuroIA 2012From Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL @sara_ann_marieby Hugh E. Williams and David Lane (O’Reilly, 2003)
  62. Others have talked structuredcontent, too. Ann Rockley Mike Atherton
  63. But content is oftenambiguous. What then? EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  64. We can’t just start with structure. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  65. Meaning. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  66. What’s the content’s inherent form?
  67. This is human work.By Eva-Lotta Lamm
  70. EuroIA 2012@sara_ann_marie
  71. The content audit✦ You might already be doing this, or working with someone who does✦ Typically asks things like: - What content do we have? - Who’s responsible for it? - Is it accurate? - Is it any good? EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  72. The content audit, revisited✦ We must also ask: What type of content is this?✦ What’s the inherent shape of that sort of content? - Can we identify its pieces and parts?✦ What does it take to make it whole? - What’s essential for the content to be meaningful? - What’s extra or secondary? EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  73. This isarecipe
  74. TitleThis is Attributionarecipe Pub Date Rating Yield Servings n Descriptio Image Cuisine type s Ingredient Diet type n Preparatio
  76. A content model is:✦ A structural model that matches how your content inherently works✦ A way to visualize the relationships between content elements and types in a system✦ What will give your content the flexibility to adapt EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  77. Start with a single type ofcontent, like our recipe.Document what makes it a recipe?
  78. Then, how do ourdifferent content types fit together?
  79. Once you’ve done this,the fun begins. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  81. It’s easier to manage chunksBy Eva-Lotta Lamm
  82. EuroIA 2012@sara_ann_marie
  83. That’s a lot of languages. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  84. EuroIA 2012@sara_ann_marie
  85. We can’t constantly translatebig swaths of pages. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  86. But when we have chunks,we can replace just those we need. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  87. Structure lets us chooseBy Eva-Lotta Lamm
  88. We can’t manually managehow each bit of content looks. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  89. But when we have structure,we can make rules. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  90. Content Stacking vs. InterdigitationFrom Trent Walton, “Content Choreography” EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  91. When we have rules,we make systems. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  92. Systems are scalable,instead of manual. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  93. Systems work for
  94. And meaning works for
  95. Let’s put our IA skills to work. EuroIA 2012 @sara_ann_marie
  96. THANK YOU,EURO IA // @sara_ann_marie Content Everywhere will be out this fall! images used via CC-Attribution license unless otherwise noted. EuroIA 2012Illustrations used with the permission of Eva-Lotta Lamm. @sara_ann_marie