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BBC Brief

  1. DEAD! (BBCBRIEF) Sasha Tait
  2. Summary ◦Set in a hospital in London, a zombie virus quickly spreads throughout the city leaving a few unsuspecting suspects to fight for survival.
  3. Personal Connection ◦I’m a fan of zombie movies and shows such as Train to Busan and All Of Us are dead so I took inspiration from them whilst inserting my ideas of what I think makes a good thriller.
  4. My Idea ◦ A group of six students from a local school volunteered to work in a local hospital for careers week. A couple of the students sneak into an off-limits room and see a bunny in a clear box, likely used for animal trials, and they go over to it, one of the students putting their hand in so the bunny would sniff them and in the process getting bitten. They act as though nothing happened and leave the room continuing with their volunteering. ◦ The students go into speak to patients with the doctors (with the patient’s consent) and the character, whose name is Lucas, that got bitten is briefly left alone with one of the patients and begins to turn, biting the patient. When the doctor returns both Lucas and the patient bite them too and now 3 zombies are roaming the hospital. ◦ The police are called and security does what they can put the hospital on lockdown but the situation is already completely out of control with the hospital being full of zombies with a large number of them already escaping into the surrounding city. ◦ The volunteer students hid and managed to survive the original outbreak but are now stuck in the hospital and this is where the story begins.
  6. Skyler Choi ◦ Main Character ◦ Natural Leader ◦ Lily’s twin brother ◦ Grew up living with his mother ◦ They are very close ◦ Has a crush on Alice (she’ll be introduced shortly) ◦ His mother is a nurse at the hospital
  7. Lily Choi ◦ Skyler’s twin sister (younger by a few minutes) ◦ Grew up loving with her father ◦ She dislikes their mother ◦ Had a crush on Lucas ◦ Very stubborn and doesn’t listen to her brother
  8. Alice Smith ◦ Skyler’s childhood best friend ◦ She knows how Skyler feels but isn’t sure if she feels the same ◦ They don’t end up together before the season ends but it is hinted that they may in the future ◦ She’s very smart and wants to become a doctor one day
  9. Lucas Miller ◦ Very immature character ◦ Acts like he doesn’t care when really her cares a lot ◦ Likes Lily but won’t admit it because his ego is too big ◦ The first to get bitten so isn’t in the show for long.
  10. Winter Clark ◦ Lily’s best friend ◦ Dies after an escape plan goes wrong ◦ A selfless character ◦ Would sacrifice herself for her friends
  11. Jamie Williams ◦ The other characters didn’t know Jamie until the day volunteering started ◦ Annoying at first ◦ Doesn’t seem to care about anything ◦ Becomes a reliable and likeable character throughout the show
  12. My ideas (continued) ◦ Skyler immediately takes on the leadership position and forms a plan to get them out of there with only minor casualties. ◦ This plan quickly unravels when Skyler and Lily find out their mother has already turned and in a panic after seeing her Skyler goes into a shocked state and they nearly get caught and have to run and hide, leaving them back at square one, in the process of them pausing Lily nearly gets caught but her best friends sacrifices herself for lilt to survive. ◦ After a pep talk, Skyler gets back on his feet and the team reevaluate their plan and manages to escape the hospital and get to safety. ◦ There is a flash forward a few months later to show that they are in this refuge camp and Lily and Jamie are heard discussing how they never found out who started this virus, they know that Lucas was the first to be bitten but they don’t know why the virus was created in the first place. ◦ This is the end of the show and leaves a cliffhanger so there is room for another season if the first one goes well.
  13. Target Audience and Channel ◦ My target audience for this show is people between the ages of 16-23 so young adults. Since it has themes of death it’s more suitable for a mature audience but the coming of age elements of the show make it something younger people would enjoy. ◦ I believe this show would be suitable for BBC three since a lot of shows that are meant for an older audience are on thay channel but since online streaming is bug these days it could also be suitable for just online streaming. ◦ Each episode would be between 45-60 minutes and would be around 10 episodes since there is a lot to cover in a show like this. ◦ I think it would be best to have this on after 10pm since there’s blood and possible swearing and that’s not appropriate for young audiences.