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Results from the Telco Summit 2008

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Results from the Telco Summit 2008

  1. 1. “It’s no longer a cell phone, but the device formerly know as the cell phone." Geoffrey Frost, Motorola Results from the Berlin Telco Summit 2008
  2. 2. Another Telco Summit in Berlin. >! 20 people from 12 countries representing 20 markets on 3 continents. Spain, Italy, France, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Mexico, Chile and Singapore. Russia
  3. 3. A slightly different approach. 1. Country-Presentations 2. Discussion of Trends 3. Evaluation of Trends 4. Final analysis of trends & challenges
  4. 4. Study: Telecommunication no longer is about communication, but about enhancing and improving people’s life. Berlin Telco Summit - 8 weeks ago Telco experts analyzing 20 different markets during a recent summit in Berlin came to the groundbreaking conclusion, that …
  5. 5. The device…
  6. 6. “With leading service providers pushing consumers to take up 3G services, handset bundling will play an important role in driving handset replacement and upgrades to enable the usage of high-speed mobile content and applications.” Alayne Wong, Research Manager of Mobile Communications Research, IDC APAC
  7. 7. The iPhenomenon: The iPhone accelerates everything: 3G, content, service, business. >! Ultimate example for a device that accelerates the development: !! It is the 3G-accellerator, now that it is 3G-ready and more accessible in terms of price. !! Like the iPod, is is changing the way the market works in terms of revenues. Spain: 200.000 people signed up for a preferred position in the selling line. Out of stock in the first day. Italy: Sales in the first weekend peaked to 45.000, putting Italy as third market behind US and UK. Switzerland
  8. 8. The iPhenomenon: Soooo popular, not only among consumer, but also brands. UK: Carlings iPint, together with Chanel the first iPhone-application from a brand. Content- and service-providers across the range are trying to get “in” the iPhone, but even beer brands are reacting with applications like the iPint.
  9. 9. The iPhenomenon: Soooo popular, not only among consumer, but also brands. Germany: iBanking on the mobile internet that looks like an iPhone-application.
  10. 10. The iPhenomenon: Soooo popular, not only among consumer, but also brands. Chile
  11. 11. Finally: Plug-and-play mobile internet. Austria France Bulgaria Switzerland
  12. 12. Pushing 3G-services by adding notebooks to the offer. Switzerland: Notebook + Internet Germany: Sub-Notebook + mobile phone contract for 200! from Vodafone France: Asus by SFR
  13. 13. How will innovation change interfaces and the way we use mobile devices?
  14. 14. Changing behaviors…
  15. 15. The mobile life of a Japanese schoolgirl. Source: Publicis Singapore
  16. 16. Social networking and blogging are going mobile. More than 10% of UK mobile phone users accessed social networking websites via their handsets at least once a month. 21 million UK mobile phone subscribers (of a total of almost 48 million) belong to a social networking website. 25% used their mobile phone to visit a social networking website each month in the UK in the first quarter of this year. Source: Nielsen
  17. 17. Japan: Moba-ge - A 10 million network that provides games, diaries, news, avatars, messaging, chat and other services. Germany: akiaki Asia: MTV + Motorola provides forum for blogging for Motoalert members, Motoalert members can express themselves via the Motoalert website where a forum for mini blogs is hosted. Bulgaria: Mtel created its own SNS Japan: Prof – Social networking site for teenage girls to exchange information and connect. China: PangHuLu is a mobile RSS reader and soon-to-be mobile blogging platform. Tools to make your favorite websites and blogs easier to read via the mobile phone.
  18. 18. User-generated “creativity” & content: video-competition in Singapore Singapore: competition Shoot-it, were you simply shoot, post and of course, win. Using the same music from that of the commercial’s it allows consumers to create a 30 or 60 second video as creatively as they possibly can
  19. 19. User-generated products & services: DIY-communication. Singapore: Products launched after the “You deserve better”-campaign and feedback from consumers: e.g. SunShare – sharing included SMS/ MMS and talk time with friends and family Germany: Brand created from students for students, based on a final thesis of a student at TU Dresden, who analyzed communication needs of university students. Germany: Simyo-customers advising other (potential) customers, in return for3! discount per sale.
  20. 20. Or “just” some voting… Chile: Christmas promotion
  21. 21. email video call send sms camera surf the internet music on the go send photos or videos watch TV radio video calls & messaging games The mobile magic wand. Plus: paying bills, banking, shopping, mobile social networking, practicing religion…
  22. 22. “We are moving away from the business of ears to the business of eyes.” Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s executive VP …well, actually much more than that.
  23. 23. Connecting the “real” to the mobile world: 2D-codes.
  24. 24. 29 Chile: Travel Agency.
  25. 25. France: Music Store.
  26. 26. Mobile TV, Film, Video… Japan: Over 80% of Jaanese mobile phone users have watched video content on their mobile in 2007. Japan – Broadband videos on YouTube, Qlick.TV, GyaO broadcasts movie contents via mobile website. Japan – One Seg TV: mobile terrestrial digital audio/video and data broadcasting service in Japan. India: Movie premier on mobile in India – Bollywood films will now be made available to all, on mobile phones. Two short films by film maker Sanjay Gupta “Zahir” & “Matrimony” were premiered for the mobile medium. Starred more than 20 leading Bollywood actors.
  27. 27. Philippines: TV and traffic information. Subscribers get live broadcasts of the top 2 local channels in the Philippines, even live video updates of traffic situations in major highways.
  28. 28. Japan: Mobile Payment.
  29. 29. India: Mobile phone = credit card and bill payment. An SMS based payment service, which allows users to use their mobile phone as a credit or debit card. Ties up with accredited merchants to buy movie tickets, flight/ train tickets, make payments, send gifts, flowers, pay for bills, subscriptions, pay at restaurants etc. Linked to existing bank account (credit or debit) Works even on the most basic mobile phone. Now there is also GiftMate and BillMate Using the mChek platform, Airtel users can pay bills, transfer money or simply recharge prepaid connections When registered for this feature, the user receives a six digit pin which is required for all transactions.
  30. 30. India: “Mobile religion” – Siddhivinayak Temple & Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. The largest temple dedicated to Lord Tirupati which receives almost of 100,000 pilgrims per day: A mobile collection box for donations & live web cast of prayers, allows online booking of prayer sessions. Tie-up with Reliance Communications to broadcast a 9 day religious festival live over the mobile phone. The same festival was broadcasted over the internet. Most revered temples dedicated to the elephant god – Ganesha. Request for prayers via SMS, SMS alerts for prayers, offer prayers online, visit the temple online, make donations, etc. Results: More than 10,000 prayers sent by text message within a week, 4 million hits on the online darshan facility.
  31. 31. Asia / Japan: Mobile phones are fashion statements Across Asia: Phone straps Japan: Phone cover jackets in Tokyo Panasonic collaborated with Japan’s leading artists, such as Modern Art artist Yayoi Kusama and nail artist Michiko Matsushita, to create limited edition jackets for its P904 series.
  32. 32. Pan-Asia: Premium Services for High-Value-Clients A partnership between 11 telco operators in Asia to provide extra privileges for their frequent travelers: •! Concierge Service •! Flat Rate Data Roaming •! PrePaid Top Up Overseas •! One Stop Mobile Travel Guide
  33. 33. Germany: Gaming. Simyo is now offering free mobile games. They are paid for by ads which are inserted before and after the game. Simyo is providing more than 400 games for more than 1000 telephone models.
  34. 34. Meet, greet and feel the brand in a flagship store.
  35. 35. UK: Orange and its “chic” boutique, O2 and its service heaven. Run “for the shopper’s advantage”. Gives the customers the opportunity to interact with headsets and try them out. Located on Notting Hill means that a lot of trade goes by each day. Boutique is purely exploratory with no hard-sell strategy. The store has O2 Gurus to help with any queries of requests the customers may have. There to ensure the customers are happy and to give excellent customer service. Have many interactive features including “interactive experience tables” such as: music, photos, videos and games. The new concept store in the O2 Arena was made for a space for customers to play with the technologies.
  36. 36. Chile: Moviestar Experience Center. Movistar Experience Center. An exclusive space to interact with the brand.
  37. 37. Spain: Telefonica & Moviestar Flagship Store. First and only flagship store in Spain. The flagship was presented the day the iPhone 3G was launched as a symbol of a new and more innovative Telefonica.
  38. 38. Brand venues and “spaces”.
  39. 39. UK: The O2 Arena in London: Already among the most popular venues worldwide. Venue City Ticket Sales, 2007 1 Manchester Evening News Arena Manchester 1,245,196 2 Madison Square Gardens Arena New York 1,230,433 3 O2 Arena London 1,209,376 4 Wembley Arena London 901,778 5 Air Canada Centre Toronto 670,255 The O2 Arena is ranked third, but has only been in operation as a venue since June 2007. Source: Pollstar, January 2008
  40. 40. Germany: The O2-World offers attractive benefits for customers, and experiences for all.
  41. 41. Spain: Moviestar espacio. Movistar has opened a mega-space in Barcelona where all sorts of entertainment events take place, especially around music, arts and technology. With this, they aim at the younger targets, having a continuous flow of top-notch singers all year round.
  42. 42. Creating and thus owning content & events. Not sponsoring it.
  43. 43. UK: O2 Wireless festival. O2’s Wireless festival in London’s Hyde Park established in London as the festival of choice in the city occurs soon after Glastonbury, often with some of the same acts. Festival established in 2005 with Live Nation: a brand building exercise for O2; underlines the brand’s commitment to music and events, alongside the O2 dome in London.
  44. 44. Argentina: “Personal Fest” Personal created a music festival, the “Personal Fest”.
  45. 45. Mexico: Telcel created the biggest rock talent contest. Telcel created a contest to find the best rock band in Mexico. This was the way to connect with a target which was rapidly moving to competition. It was a big success: The biggest musical contest in Mexico. 7000 bands subscribed. 75 M visits to the blogs. More than 900.000 new clients in 4 months. All partners want to participate in this next edition.
  46. 46. Understand themselves as “life improvers” means… >! Telecommunication should be less about products, and more about people. >! Telecommunication providers should under stand themselvesv as “life improvers”, who simplify, enrich and improve peoples life.
  47. 47. What does it take to become a „life improver“? Being ultimately “people-centric” by building technologies, processes, products and services around peoples lives.
  48. 48. Communication is a need for everybody, including those with little money to spend. India: Small credit of 10 Rupees for prepaid-users called “Chota” which is the term for small credits people sometimes get in shops. The offer also includes small recharge-amounts. Indonesia: Making communication affordable. Chile: SOS-top-up for pre-paid customers, that will be deducted from next recharge.
  49. 49. Connecting people in less-developed, rural corners of the world. CCOOPY ANNAALIISSIS ANUNCIANTE: Digitel PRODUCTO: La Rumba Móvil 412. DURACIÓN PIEZA/SOPORTE: Prensa FECHA AL AIRE: 10/2007 Mensaje/Titular : La Rumba Móvil 412 llegó a Barquisimeto del 19 al 21 de Octubre. Concepto/Reason why: Digitel invita a una estación de tecnología, donde muestra lo último en nuevos equipos y planes. Estrategia asumida: Informar sobre la nueva estación de tecnología y los eventos que se realizarán en Barquisimeto. Target: Hombres y mujeres clientes y posibles nuevos clientes de Digitel. Venezuela: Digitel has hired a bus which goes all around the country . It offers the same services, handsets, etc. as a traditional shop. In order to make noise wherever it goes, Camila Canabal (a very famous actress) Indonesia: Ceria is a brand for has a little introduction show.. rural, low-income target groups. It was launched – and also distributed – through a road show with sales-people and a mobile point-of-sale.
  50. 50. Being accessible – in terms of distribution. Mexico: Telcel has developed many channels which have been strategic for its growth and penetration. No other brand has so many points of sale as Telcel. Today the pre-paid service is sold in: -! Streets -! Door to door -! Self-services -! Convenience stores -! Departmental stores -! Shoe shinning booths -! Flowers stands
  51. 51. Simplify telecommunication. Most of all: Tariffs. Austria: In a very humorous way, bob addresses the fact that we feel tricked by telco companies – most of the time.
  52. 52. Mobile phones as a “safety device” for parents and children. Bulgaria: Cheap phone calls to parents number. Germany: Mobile phone as your kids “life saver”. Japan: Tracking your kids on their way to school. Bulgaria: Mtel Mobile Eye – Spying with a video camera. In your kids room, or surveillance of your misbehaving pet.
  53. 53. Helping with minor, but very common problems in life… Dinner??? Japan: Cook Pad – Free mobile service for searching recipes from a collection of 300,000. 3.5 million visitors and over 200 million PV per month.
  54. 54. Building products around people. “Mobile vampires” Day for sleep, night for talk! All talks at night are free! “Children’s” New tariff for parents’ calmness. Low prices for calling mom and dad. Collecting bonuses for incoming calls. “Mobile pensioner” Low price for calling 5 favourite numbers. 20 % discount calling from the countryside. All incoming calls are free, Russia: Beeline segmented their products according to their clients lifestyle. And added a little fun. “Mobile mother” Special WAP-portal for mothers. Hot line for consulting with childrens expert.
  55. 55. Where will revenues come from in the future? Austria: Between ! 19,- and ! 25,- for unlimited calls to all operators. Up to 1000 SMS per month included. Introduced by T-Mobile now each operator offer such tariffs.
  56. 56. Gaming? Services? Music? Videos? Advertising? M-Business? M-Payment? Information? Entertainment?
  57. 57. Green?
  58. 58. How about commuting vs. communicating?
  59. 59. How about all those handsets? In Europe, 794 million phone users replace their handsets every 18 months - that's 500 million phones a year. Source: Regenersis
  60. 60. Social?
  61. 61. “It is very difficult to sit in Europe and imagine how important a mobile phone can be for people in Bangladesh. I have seen how mobile phones are changing people’s lives for the better, and the Internet can do the same.” Erik Aas, GrameenPhone’s CEO who is Norwegian and has worked in Bangladesh for two years
  62. 62. Communication is powerful. Thus telecommunication companies really could make the world a better place. A little bit. Indonesia is a country embracing diverse religious freedom and peaceful dialog. XL layanan religi is an online service provided by Excelcomindo to promote religious understanding and information regarding various issues. Currently, it is available for Islam, Christian and Hinduism.
  63. 63. To be honest, there is room for more…
  64. 64. UK: O2 got it right: Customer centrism, simple products, owning venues & content… ...almost as loved as the iPod.
  65. 65. Thank you for your attention!