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Maker Education - Making Toy LED Glow

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Maker Education can help kids to enjoy learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We at Fun2Do Labs - Open Education Project have published this presentation so that teachers can help their students to learn basics of science using project based activities.

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Maker Education - Making Toy LED Glow

  1. 1. Making Toy LED Glow Fun Do Labs TM 2
  2. 2. Fun Do Labs2 Requirements LED Cell 3v
  3. 3. Fun Do Labs2 LED LED has two pins - Positive (+) and Negative (-) Long pin is positive and short is negative
  4. 4. Fun Do Labs2 Cell Button cell is used to power small electronic portable devices such as electronic safes, wrist watch, pocket calculator etc. There are two sides in cell - Positive (+) and Negative (-)
  5. 5. Fun Do Labs2 Step - 1 Take Both LED And Cell
  6. 6. Fun Do Labs2 Attach LED positive pin to cell negative side Step - 2
  7. 7. @skjsaurabh | @fun2dolabs Saurabh JainContact :