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Storage For Digital Business by Scality - Tech Field Days - August 2016

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Publicado el Scality Storage for Digital Business: Jerome Lecat, CEO, introduces Scality and discusses the digital transformation of business and how Scality offers a solution for businesses to take advantage of object-based storage in the cloud. Scality S3 Connector for the Enterprise : Paul Speciale, VP of Product Management, introduces the Scality S3 Connector for Enterprise, which allows IT professionals to take advantage of Amazon S3 storage while providing a way to manage their storage on-premesis as well.

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Storage For Digital Business by Scality - Tech Field Days - August 2016

  1. 1. Storage for Digital Business Jerome Lecat, CEO Paul Speciale, VP Products
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 20162  Storage for Digital Business – Jerome Lecat (15 min)  The digital transformation of business  Go-to-market & customers  S3 Connector for the Enterprise – Paul Speciale (20 min)  New S3 Connector & RING 6.0  Enterprise deployments  Architecture  S3 Server, Open Source – Paul Speciale (15 min)  Open Source server for dev, test and ISV’s  Demo Agenda
  3. 3. You all know Uber, it’s not the first disruption of Taxis! The digital revolution will force disruption in storage!
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 20164 Digital Transformation: (Almost) every human activity will be transformed! • The value of human work will tend to zero or infinite • Zero: “routine” tasks that can be given to an automatic system • Infinite : Creativity, Artisanship, and Care
  5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 20165 (almost) every job will change, some won’t  Cricket, Baseball and Soccer  Cheese, wine, and Philly’s cheesesteak  Plumbers  Hair dressers
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 20166 Scality RING: Automatize storage for Digital Business The Scality RING is object-based software-defined storage for the cloud. We run on standard x86 servers and create a giant pool of storage. We protect the data and provide 100% reliable, high performance access for any capacity-driven application. FILE OBJECT OPENSTACK
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 20167 The “cloudification” of Enterprise IT is accelerating Enterprise want “multiple clouds” Object is the best for large capacity storage, and S3 is the standard API Files are an integral part of Enterprise IT DevOps influence infrastructure choices Our customers tell us
  8. 8. Go-To-Market and Customers
  9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 20169  Public Cloud  Consumer Services: Dailymotion, Comcast, Softbank, Orange, Telstra  IaaS, Hosted Private Cloud: Rackspace, OVH  Enterprise SaaS: NetDocuments, Daisy, IoT Cloud  Enterprise  Private/Hybrid Cloud : Société Générale  Video Distribution : Deluxe, Eurosport, RTL, ComHem,  Enterprise Backup & Archive : Natixis  Government & Surveillance : Metro Police UK, US Intelligence, UK intelligence 116 customers, 150% YoY growth, 50% repeat business 50% North America, 35% EMEA, 15% APAC 50% Public Cloud, 50% Enterprise and Government
  10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201610 Public Cloud – Consumer Services 7 of 20 largest communications companies Over 500 million users  Supporting new services  Orange (15PB) – email + cloud drive  Improving flexibility, scalability and economics  Comcast, TWC (80 billion+ objects)  Softbank, KDDI (100 billion+ objects)  Dailymotion (26PB, 200 million users)
  11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201611 Public Cloud – IaaS & Enterprise SaaS  Fueled by Enterprise moving to Public Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud  35% CAGR for Hosted Private Cloud  Increased demand for capacity storage  Enabling new services  Rackspace (5PB)  OVH (capacity storage services)  Endor  Axez  Daisy (DRaaS)
  12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201612  Alliances  HPE – HP Ventures investment, HPE Storage alignment, global overlays in place  Dell – Appliance launch (SD-7000S) in June  Cisco – Preferred Partner certification  AWS – Alliance Partner Network  Channel and ISV programs  Over 500 Channel partners employees certified in sales, presales, and support  Over 40 ISV partners now integrated and growing  Significant investment in Scality sales & marketing  50 in sales and marketing, 37 in professional services and support, present in 8 of the largest worldwide economies  Continued investment in technology  70 development engineers in San Francisco and Paris A global company leveraging global partners
  13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201613 Enterprise Backup & Archive Public Cloud Video Distribution Enterprise Private & Hybrid Cloud Delivering a solution, not just technology
  14. 14. Now, let’s talk technology
  15. 15. RING 6.0 Enterprise Object Storage  S3 Enterprise features (AD & IAM integration, Compliance)  Redesigned S3 API  S3 Server open source R5 Unified Storage  OpenStack Manila, Swift, Glance, Cinder  SDDC automation R4 Scale-out File System  Integrated Scale-Out File System (SOFS)  Native NFS, FUSE, CDMI  Shared object/file namespaces R3 Erasure Coding  Flexible erasure coding & replication policies  No penalty on read R2 Email & S3 Connectors  S3 implementation optimized for mixed large (PB – practically unlimited)/small (KB) data workloads  Connectors for popular messaging platforms  Multi-site support via stretched RING & asynchronous replication R1 RING Core  High performance scalable 2nd generation P2P protocol  Replication based data protection, resiliency against failures  Self-healing, rolling upgrades 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 RING 6.0 - 6th Generation of Proven Scality RING Software
  16. 16. Scality S3 Connector for the Enterprise
  17. 17. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201617 1. Easy Deployment 2. Secure Multi-Tenancy and Data-at-Rest 3. Directory services federation 4. Utilization Reporting & Management S3 Connector – Enterprise Deployments
  18. 18. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201618  Easy Deployment Model  All services deployed uniformly as Docker Containers  Full scale-out: Any S3 request can be handled by any S3 Connector (“any-to-any”), standard IP load balancing & failover  Vault Service  Implements IAM Multi-Tenancy with Accounts, Users, Groups, Roles, Access Key/Secret Key pairs  IAM REST compatible managed via AWS cli  Can be federated with Active Directory over ADFS/SAML 2.0  Metadata Service  S3 optimized service: fast, available, scale-out  Integral in RING layer – leveraged for Bucket & Vault metadata S3 Connector – Easy Container Based Deployment
  19. 19. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201619  AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)  S3 Connector implements all IAM multi-tenancy concepts: Accounts, Keys, Users, Groups, Roles  IAM Policies for highly-granular access control  AWS compatible: Management of IAM entities (Users, Groups) via standard AWS cli & JSON policy language  Secure authentication via AWS Signature v4 & v2 HMAC schemes  Bucket-level Encryption  Per-bucket encryption-at-rest of object data (specified through header on Bucket PUT)  Encryption via AES-256bit OpenSSL libraries  Integrates with customer-provided Key Management Service (KMS) via KMIP 1.1 API  KMS is invoked on PUT & GET operations Comprehensive IAM Multi-Tenancy & Encryption >> aws --endpoint-url http://localhost:8600 iam create-access-key --user-name paul >> aws --endpoint-url http://localhost:8600 iam create-group --group-name avengers >> aws --endpoint-url http://localhost:8600 iam add- user-to-group --group-name avengers -- user-name paul
  20. 20. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201620  Requires a SAML 2.0 Compatible IdP  3-way “handshake”: client, IdP & Vault through redirections/assertions  ADFS common, but many 3rd party IdP’s  IdP provides mapping from Enterprise Directory Server (AD)  AD Domain  IAM Account  AD Group & User  IAM Role  Vault enables SSO via SAML Assertion  Assertion contains User’s credentials/Token  User “AssumesRole” on S3 with associated policies, key pairs & expiry time Federated Access “Single Sign On” to S3 Connector Enabling SSO/Authentication via ADFS/SAML
  21. 21. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201621  Stats and Management Framework  Real-time and historical statistics and metrics collected in scalable repository  Published RESTful APIs for monitoring & management  S3 Connector publishes key utilization metrics (capacity, bandwidth & operations) at four levels of granularity  REST APIs for custom tool integrations  Management tools  User & Group management via standard AWS commands (cli) & REST API  Integrated tools for graphing, metrics, log visualization & search: Elastic Search & Kibana, Grafana, Redis S3 Utilization Reporting & Management
  22. 22. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201622  Metadata Service  Purpose-built for availability, resiliency, scale-out & fast performance for requirements of S3 operations  Key/value store replicated on SSD’s (one per server)  Additional copy maintained as diff backup in RING for D/R  The hard part: Distributed Consensus Algorithm  Leader with dynamic election & management of consistency (modified Raft protocol)  Can be distributed across data centers to enable multi-geo operations  By default: strict consistency rules enforced  High-Availability & Performance  The cluster consists of multiple servers - odd number to provide majority quorum (5, 7 or 9)  As long as a majority (quorum) of servers is available, the service & Bucket remain available  Restarts failed servers with automated resynchronization S3 Metadata – the scale-out engine of the Connector
  23. 23. S3 Connector Scale-Out at all levels IP Load Balancer REST S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 ServerS3 Server REST S3 Server S3 ServerS3 Server S3 Server REST REST REST REST RING Nodes RING Nodes RING Nodes RING Nodes RING Nodes RING Nodes Scale-out to any number of S3 servers to increase total throughput S3 Server S3 ServerS3 Server S3 Server REST REST REST REST Scale-out metadata clusters S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata S3 Metadata RING Nodes RING Nodes RING Nodes RING Nodes RING Nodes RING Nodes RING scale-out of storage nodes to increase total storage capacity Scale-out S3 ops/sec
  24. 24. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201624  Developers can install and develop S3-based apps locally S3 Server (open source): Best Onramp to Object Storage (FREE) • Enterprises can host a local test/dev environment to learn about object storage • Enterprises can host a small, local object storage system in production S3 Server S3 Server S3 Server Backup Application S3
  25. 25. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201625  S3 API Compatible with the S3 Connector  Single Docker Container for simplified deployment  Stores data in local Docker Volume (local storage)  Metadata managed in single key/value database  S3 compatible Bucket & Object operations, error & response codes  Downloadable on Docker Hub  Can be pulled via UI or Docker pull command as per the instructions on  Can be hosted on laptops & single servers  Seamless transition to scale-out solution on RING  ISV Certified with multiple leading solutions  Backup, Archive, Sync-n-share, surveillance, migration Open Source S3 Server
  26. 26. Quick, Live S3 Server Demo!
  27. 27. CONFIDENTIAL - FOR ANALYST USE ONLY © Scality 201627  S3 Server & S3 Connector  Provide a seamless transition from “free” test/dev single-server to full scale-out deployments  Small to large deployments from local storage to full RING  Simple to deploy via Docker containers  Comprehensive Enterprise Deployment Features  Multi-tenancy  Active Directory SSO/federation  Storage for Digital Business  Powering major enterprise & service provider clouds worldwide Summary
  28. 28. Jerome Lecat, CEO & Founder – Paul Speciale, VP Product Management – Thank you