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How UT Librarians Can Help You Secure (and Keep) NIH Funding

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Librarians support researchers with literature reviews, data management plans, and depositing publications to PubMed Central.

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How UT Librarians Can Help You Secure (and Keep) NIH Funding

  1. 1. How UT Librarians Can Help You Secure (and Keep) NIH Funding July 27, 2016
  2. 2. Securing Funding • First, writing the grant • Then, reporting on progress and ongoing compliance • Finally, publishing in compliance with NIH’s public access policy
  3. 3. Where are you in the process? • Exploratory I’m exploring research options and not sure if NIH funding is right for me. • Project Development I have an idea in mind but haven’t submitted a proposal yet. • Reporting on Progress I have NIH funding and need help with public access compliance.
  4. 4. Interested in NIH grant opportunities, but need a research idea? Source:
  5. 5. Library Subject Specialists can.. Assist with literature reviews for potential research topics Perform literature searches to identify related projects
  6. 6. Locate relevant resources
  7. 7. Help identify potential UTK collaborators Ann Viera (UTCVM) ORCID, IACUC Protocols Melanie Allen Health Sciences Donna Braquet Biological Sciences Martha Earl Michael Lindsey Cynthia Beeler UT Grad. School of Medicine Alan Wallace Psychology
  8. 8. Provide citation management support Jeanine Williamson – Endnote Peter Fernandez - Zotero
  10. 10. Finding Data That Already Exist
  11. 11. Data Sharing Plan • What will you share? • How will you share it?
  12. 12. Data Management Plan Plan Collect Assure Describe Analyze Preserve Discover Integrat e Data Life Cycle (Adapted from DataONE)
  13. 13. Data Management Plan • What will be shared? • Data and metadata standards • How will you share it? • Protection of privacy, confidentiality… • Archiving and preservation Watch the schedule for this Fall’s class.
  14. 14. DMPTool
  15. 15. Data Management Best Practices • Data quality control • Data processing and analysis • Metadata • File naming and organization • Backup and security Watch the schedule for this Fall’s class.
  17. 17. Public Access Policy: Definitions • Public Access •Embargo • NLM’s PubMed • NLM’s PubMed Central (PMC) • PMCID •MyNCBI •NIHMS •Final peer-reviewed manuscripts
  18. 18. What does compliance look like? • Grants, and progress reports, include PMCID citations when appropriate • Any researcher with NIH funding--not just the PI--knows their responsibilities. No researcher signs anything from a publisher that prevents compliance. • Know your deposit method to PMC, or your journal’s method for deposit to PMC
  19. 19. Submission Overview
  20. 20. PMCID Citations • Available in PMC • Submitted but not yet ready in PMC
  21. 21. Be Aware • PI’s responsibilities • Publisher agreements are legal contracts • You have deposit options and deposit requirements
  22. 22. Options: Article Deposit
  23. 23. Which journals follow which method? • Method A Wizard: Look up by journal name • Select Deposit Publishers (Method B) • Method D Publishers
  24. 24. Regardless of Submission Method …authors should notify the publisher that the research falls under the NIH public access policy. …authors should, upon acceptance, begin tracking the paper. You are responsible for ensuring deposit to NIHMS immediately after acceptance. (Recommend MyBib in MyNCBI to track it) …authors should ensure a PMCID is obtained within 90 days of date of publication.
  25. 25. NIH Biosketch & ORCID IDs
  26. 26. This video focuses on features in SciENcv that help users connect profile and citation information stored in an ORCiD profile, where ORCiD is the free Open Researcher and Contributor ID system.
  27. 27. For More Information
  28. 28. Why public/open access? • Transparency and assessment • Prestige and impact • Taxpayers’ access • Global reach and leadership • Is it just the NIH?
  29. 29. Publishing Open Access •In terms of access to publications, TRACE:UT :: PubMed Central:NIH • NIH allows grant $ to be applied toward OA publication fees • For other publications, consider the Open Publishing Support Fund, or TRACE •Not all OA publishers are the same (DOAJ)
  30. 30. What help do you need? • Questions? • Suggestion on how to improve our services in the Libraries?
  31. 31. Partnerships The University Libraries are your partners in research and in securing funding. We’re here to help empower your research and increase your impact. Contacts Melanie Allen Rachel Caldwell Chris Eaker