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Scientix 11th SPNE Brussels 18 Mar 2016: Amigo

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Scientix 11th SPNE Brussels 18 Mar 2016: Amigo

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Scientix 11th SPNE Brussels 18 Mar 2016: Amigo

  1. 1. 11th Scientix Projects' Networking Event 18th March, Brussels Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  2. 2. Table ofContents 1. What it is IMAILE? 2. IMAILE Project’s Objectives 3. IMAILE’s Method 4. Who we are: Edebé, MyDocumenta & Gradiant 5. AMIGO: Management Structure 6. AMIGO project 7. AMIGO Design 8. AMIGOWork Plan Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  3. 3. IMAILE Pre –commercial Procurement – PCP Using dialogue between demand and supply side IMAILE (Innovative Methods for Award Procedures of ICT learning in Europe) new ICT solutions/services for personalized learning environments in primary and basic educational levels within the STEM subjects. Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  4. 4. IMAILE Project Objectives The IMAILE Personal Learning Environment (PLE) for STEM ◦ Solution providing smart services for the realisation of personalised learning including individualised learning paths, support of different learning strategies, and intelligent tutoring. ◦ Shall offer a single access point to repositories of freely available learning content, learning apps, services and tools for STEM education through the application of open standards. ◦ Provision of own communication and collaboration functionalities and the integration with widely used social media pages to enable students to learn, share and interact with their friends, teachers, and other stakeholders. ◦ IMAILE supports bring your own device (BYOD) through the provision of a device and operating system independent solution, and lifelong learning through the integration of an ePortfolio solution. It also provides a highly motivational environment for formal and informal STEM education. Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  5. 5. IMAILE’s Method Source: COM/2007/799 & SEC/2007/1668 Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez: Phase 1: Requirements and technical design 3 months 1Feb 2016 - 22 April 2016 Phase II - Prototype development 6 months 30 May 2016 - 02 December 2016 Phase III - Pilots, evaluation and validation 7 months 2 January 2017 - 31 July 2017
  6. 6. Who we are: Edebé, MyDocumenta & Gradiant    Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  7. 7. AMIGO: Management Structure Project Coordinator EDEBÉ (Raquel Mayordomo) Task Leader 1 EDEBÉ Task Leader 2 MYDOCUMENTA Task Leader GRADIANT Technical Manager Quality Manager GRADIANT MYDOCUMENTA Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  8. 8. AMIGO Project ◦ A new ICT solution in the educational sector addressing the need of offering to European schools, teachers and students with ICT based solution/services that foster personalized learning environments (PLE). ◦ An immersive environment that provides primary and lower secondary educational schools, with a Student Centered Learning Approaches. Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez: AMIGO (smArt steM learnInG ecOsystem) Full-featured Learning ecosystem Interoperability Personalized learning Quality learning resources Learning analytics
  9. 9. AMIGO Project MODULE1: STEM ENRICHED DYNAMIC PROFILE (EDP) It shows the advances of the student, interests, capabilities and skills along his/her lifelong learning and his/her educational career MODULE2: STEM PERSONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (PLE) Work Space, fed with multimedia STEM contents to work with MODULE 3: AUTHORING TOOL (AT) It allows teachers and students to create their own content, integrating any format and with a full customizable layout. MODULE 4: STEM SOCIAL NETWORK (SN) It is a social network to connect students and teachers with the final end to share ideas and contents related to STEM. MODULE 5: LEARNING CHART AND ANALYTICS (LCA) Provides the PLE with the intelligence to recommend the students and teacher the best path to continue the learning process and personalise the content according with the users’ preferences MODULE 6: LIFE-LONG LEARNING EPORTFOLIO (LLLEP) Offers student, teachers and schools’ the possibility to bring with them their EDP, or activity interactive resume (i.e. student after finishing school). MYDOCUMENTAGRADIANTEDEBE EDEBEB & MYDOCUMENTA MYDOCUMENTAEDEBE Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  10. 10. AMIGO: Design Phase 1 Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  11. 11. AMIGO:Current status Phase 1 – Selection results Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  12. 12. AMIGO:Work Plan • Phase II - Prototype development (6 months) - 30 May 2016 - 02 December 2016 • Integration of the modules with the analytic system. • Extended functionalities development • Multilingual adaptation • Lab demonstration - User evaluation & Standards compliance • User’s manual and training • Phase III - Pilots, evaluation and validation (7 months) 2 January 2017 - 31 July 2017 • Installation of the solutions and provision training with teachers • Fine-tuning and new advanced functionalities. • Running effective test phase with end users • Assessment – collection of feedback and reporting • Market analysis and business plan Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez:
  13. 13. Raquel Mayordomo: Alicia Jiménez: